Will's RAG

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We're talking about the guys from Duke West, Term II, 2005. Led by their fearless leader who for some reason understood all things about rap even though he was a skinny blond guy but was nonetheless the coolest RC (not open to arguement, it's official) at West. Home to the Tsars of no pants, and everyone at TIP knew at least one person from Will's RAG, especially the ladies! Their names are forever recorded in the annals of Duke TIP.

  • David
  • Ian
  • John
  • Luke
  • Maciej
  • Taylor
  • Thomas
  • Zach

If you are one of those great people then say hello here, or if you just adore them leave them some love.

Lauren: yeah, will's rag was pimpin'. <3 x 14 for each of you.

Now someone from here show THE MENORAHS some love on our page. ;)

Rita: haha much <3s to the kids who went to X-Treme Room Decorating, don't we all love STEVE!!!!! <3x14

now go show us love on our page (there are two, you want to go to the one with our names as links)