William Loughridge

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William Loughridge
Pronouns He/Him
Campus(es) Rice
Attended 2018
Course(s) Ideals in Action
RAG(s) Desmond's RAG
Roommate(s) Samuel Walls
Social Media @william_l.1

William is known for his french-ness, his memes, and his pure centrism. He once scored the exact origin (0,0) on the Political Compass test. He was one of the only TiPsters in Desmond's RAG who actually listened to poor Desmond...


Oakdale Middle School Edmond Memorial High School

Ideals in Action

William attended the best class at Rice in all of 2018. He and made the best Team France ever seen in the game of Diplomacy. He is also credited with the title of "Best Kuwaiti Representative on the UNSC Ever" due to his influence of many resolutions (none of which were successful, due to the stubborn UK...)