Wilson Morse

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Wilson "Willard White The IV" Morse

Wilson Morse is a third year tipster who attended Duke East Term I in both 2k14 and 2k15, having previously attended Wake Forest Term I in 2k13. He has made many friends in his short two years and is en route to being a TiP legend for being a top frisbee player in only his second year.

Wake Forest Term I - 2k13

In 2013, Wilson was in CJ's Rag, who housed his many other best friends Wyatt, Julian, Sumer, Mark, Kyle, and Sean (Original Big 8). Wilson was part of the class Engineering and Problem Solving. He FBGM'd on most days with the help of ripped Indian, Sumer. He also had the magnificent joy of being roommates with none other than Perrin Mele, whose goal to spread atheism through TiP was stopped by Jesus' third cousin, Rush Limbaugh. While at Wake it was discovered Wilson was a frisbee powerhouse, arguably being the best player on the Average Joe's, who lost to staff because Jeff. Aside from athletics, He, Julian, Mark, and Wyatt would contemplate the collective love for JAILOR, a sort of hybrid between Patrick Star and a Scientologist. At the dances he and Julian were dedicated to hooking Wyatt up with a sociopathic ginger named Ella. He also originated the chant á la Come and Get it, "Kyle is gay" (When you're ready come and get it, "Kyle is gay, Kyle is gay") He and Julian also tormented Wyatt by changing his username multiple times.Then further more, made a fake Instagram Police instagram account, and charged him for distribution of children. In a panic, Wyatt deleted his account. That was the end of it. Him and Kyle also shared a basketball rivalry, with Kyle blocking his shots when they were on the same team. Wilson went 1/32 on 3s in the one game they played.

"Duke East Term I - 2k14"

In 2014, the best year so far, Wilson was on Peter's Rag, who had other chill people like Aidan (neé New Wyatt), Aniketh, Ethan, and Alex (neé Kyle). He was part of the Criminal Minds class where he supposedly beat Julian in the jury selection activity. Nonetheless they later destroyed the prosecution in the final project as a team. Outside of class Wilson was the undisputed TIPS champion, and also Master of Yeet, a title he shared with Aniketh. He was featured in the Watercolors vs. Dream Team game, later migrating to Dream Team following a loss. He had a RelationTiP with Kaleigh which was easy prey for Julian. 2014 was coincidentally the year Wilson peaked, since the odds of him being a tool next year have exponentially risen by 42%. We wish Wilson luck in his future years, no doubt he'll get AIDS.

Duke East Term I - 2k15

Wilson returned to Duke East in 2015, this time with Wyatt and Aniketh as his only 2 prior companions. Wilson continued to cement his legacy as a tip athletics legend as he dominated the frisbee tournament. Wilson formed many lasting friendships with notable peers such as John Fraser Davis and Brody Whalen. Wilson also had a relationTip with none other than Kaiti Carpenter, the 3rd year grill from the land of corn. He received the watercolors disk from Ryan O'Ruorke and hopes to lead watercolors back to its former glory.