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Wink is a game native to Tip's East Campus. It was frequently played during both first and second term during the early 2000's (not sure if it is still played). It involved a circle of people from one campus making a ring around a smaller circle of members of the opposite sex. All players would sit on the quad (indoor attempts at this game proved to be a little dangerous). Members of the outer ring would sit with their feet on the ground and their knees up with a member of the opposite sex inbetween their legs but not touching the member of the outer ring. One member of the outside ring would not have a partner. This person would call out a characteristic like "All the blonds," "all the people that think (insert tipster name here) is a douche bag", ect. and all of the members of the inner ring that that characteristic applied to would crawl across the circle as fast as they could toward the person on the outside with no partner. The person who kissedthe partnerless player first (on the mouth or the cheek but more often on the mouth) would get to be their new partner and the partner that they just left would be the next person to call out a characteristic. The members of the outer ring were allowed to prevent their partners from escaping as long as they did not use their hands (aka had to use their legs).The RA staff was technically suppose to prevent this game from being played, but they often sat at the edge and cheered.

RA and TA only games of wink were whitnessed on by tipsters looking out of their windows after lights out. The sexual nature of this game lead some of the staff to call it "the sex game" or "the orgy game", but most staff members were supportive. Some RA's would even plann it as a mandatory fun event but call it "poetry in the gazebo" or something to that effect.