Xander Garanzuay

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Xander Garanzuay
Soon to come.jpeg
Campus(es) Rice,Austin College
Attended 2013-2016
Course(s) Algebra I, Cold War, Policymaking On A Global Scale, Engineering Prob Solving
RAG(s) The Basement Club,Engineering Squad, Study Room Suqad, Superb Stallions
Roommate(s) Lily, Maria Maribell, Grace Olson
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Xander Garanzuay was super lit af.She attended Rice Term 2 2016 and was popular with many.She was in the Engineering Problem Solving class.

Notable Deeds

Karen B RC Group Xander was in karen B's RC group her second year at Rice University. They were super close and it formed the Superb Stallions.

Superb Stallions Xander was one of the founding members of an on going chat and family called the Superb Stallions. members consist of Ava, Connie, Natalie, Madison, Grace, and Xander Garanzuay

Policymaking 2k15 Xander garabnzuay was a large part of the coolest class to ever exisist at Tip run by Matt and David.

Study Room Squad Every free period in 2016 a group of kids would congregate in the 4th and 3rd floor study room at Rice University.

Basement Squad After roasting someone, Fox and Xander needed to share their life and death experience. So, we decided to all go down to the RC basement in Rice.

Xander's 4th year Will

"I,Xander Garanzuay,being of quiet mind and peaceful body,bestow the following to;Madison-My whole TIP experience.Ava-Better affirmation circle compliments.Grace-Patent's on your favorite sayings,and night dancing.Zane-My love for your aesthetics.Princess-Sports Medicine.Jordyn-Ha.Ha.Ha.And all my love and our friendship forever.Emily-A one way flight to Houston.Diamond-Boys for your island.Drew W-Ice cream sharing.Fox-Our life and death bonding,and the pee-saster.Leo-Soo rip?And a chameleon.Erick-Big Texas and forever young.Izzie-Your amazing looks.Melanie-Indestructibility to sports injuries.Coach-Cookies,bleh.Noah-Our 7 ever friendship.Connie-Your amazing hugs.Natalie-TT wars.Sierra-Deep talks,and TT pics on Snapchat.Basement kids-Our roast sessions.Engineering problem solving class-A better class description!!Policymaking2k15-The best summer of my life."