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Yaddy was a phenomenon of Georgia Tech Term 1 2017.

Origins of Yaddy

One day, during 4-5 free time, members of RC Taylor's Dabbing Dudebros were in the 4th floor lounge watching Curious George. In one of the episodes they watched, the Man in the Yellow Hat was trying to rescue George from a hot air balloon. He jumped on a horse and lassoed the balloon down. After seeing this scene, Lydia insisted on how hot she found the Man in the Yellow Hat. It was then suggested by someone in the RAG that he should be called "yaddy" and the name stuck. :/

The Spread of Yaddy

Yaddy quickly spread through the 4th years. It also spread to the Molecular Biology and Genetics class due mostly to Lydia, but also contributions by other 4th years. Yaddy was frequently referenced and joked about, especially when Curious George was watched.

MC Yaddy

The day of the talent show, Amanda and Caleb (the nominated MCs) decided that they needed MC names. Amanda chose MC Big Shmood, and Caleb decided on MC Yaddy. He had bought a yellow Georgia Tech hat recently before that, and wore it while MCing the talent show.

Yaddy Debate

In the 4th year GroupMe, Yaddy was frequently referenced (due to both Lydia and MC Yaddy). A poll was then started asking whether Yaddy was a thing. 17/20 people voted yes and 3/20 voted no.