Zach toole

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Zachary Noah Toole. What is there to say? He is a TiPster and is currently forcing me to make this page. I don't know. I guess he's kind of cool, though, he was in Nathan's Hotdogs in 2012.

Lanyard Type: Sash. (Like slash without the 'l')(or splash without the pl)(or M*A*S*H* with an 's' instead of an 'm' and no capitals and no asterisks)

Zach is a hottie. Zach likes to live on the edge (many stories never to be told again exist). Zach is an army guy. Well he is in an Air Force ROTC, but he would prefer to be in the Marines. Zach will take care of it. Zach got moves(Not quite like Jagger). Zach's hips don't lie. Zach would prefer not to stop believing. Zach knows that you're toxic. Zach got low (low low). Zach wants to do some class.