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The Cult of Zimbardism was created during Davidson Term II, 2009 by some members of the Psychology class. It was founded by Colin (High Priest of Zimbardism) due to the fact that Daniel, the TA, hated Philip Zimbardo and his Stanford Prison Experiment. His High Priestiness decided to then found the Cult of Zimbardism. The cult had many battles with the evil Daniel, Garrison, and other adversaries of Zimbardo and his dyed beard (Which shall lead us to Paradise).

The Crusade Against Daniel

Daniel was against Philip Zimbardo's "unethical" behavior during the Stanford Prison Experiment, which lead the awe-inspiring 2009 Psych class to create the cult in all of it's awesomeness. Daniel said multiple times, and even put it in his superlative for the term book, that he would destroy the cult. But if he did, it wouldn't have a TiP Wiki page, would it? He eventually caved in and showed us a lecture by Zimbardo. Needless to say, it was awesome.


(Feel free to add in people I forgot to mention)

  • Colin (High Priest :O)
  • Spencer (High Priest :O)
  • Allison
  • Caroline
  • Corrine
  • Connor
  • Adam?

There are definitely a lot more people...