12:30 Fire Alarm

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This is what happened during the 12:30 Fire Alarm.

During Term 1 at Georgia Tech 2016, the dorms had just been changed to Woodruff Residence Hall. This was not the newest building and there was literally a sticker on the window talking about major renovations. The fire alarm was also pretty old. It was 12:30 at night and many of us were pleasantly sleeping. Then the fire alarm started to go off. At first, many people thought their roommate's alarm clock was going off. This was changed after many realized what was happening and saw the fire alarm light blinking outside their bedroom door. Those who weren't in clothes to go outside grabbed whatever was closest and threw it on. The RCs also went door to door telling everyone to go outside. Everyone all came down the single narrow staircase that went up the floors and across the street to the basketball courts that lay there. Everyone met with their RCs and started to complain about waking up at 12:30 am. After the two firetrucks came and left, about 20 minutes, we began to reenter Woody and go back to bed with no garuntee the alarm wouldn't ring again that night. Some were lucky (maybe unlucky) enough to sleep through the whole thing and not learn what happened until the morning. Unfortunately, this would not be the first time the fire alarm went off randomly.

Despite this event, Georgia Tech decided that we still needed a fire drill so one was scheduled for that day. At 9:00 pm that day, the fire alarm went off again in a drill. Those in the shower or about to be grabbed the nearest clothes and left, some with towels around their bodies. Once Georgia Tech was satisfied with everyone, they said, "Everyone go." which was a mistake. Everyone proceeded to enter Woody in a giant wave all at once spiking hallway traffic. This was still not the last time the fire alarm would ring.

This 12:30 A.M. fire alarm was also referenced in a TiPsync dance performed by Sarah's RC group, in which a fire alarm was sounded and the song "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash began. In this dance, Grace Coram slept all the way through. At the end, she woke up and shouted, "You forgot me?! Again?!?!" This banter was not appreciated by the judges and did not win the competition.