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Georgia Tech is a Center campus that was used for the first time in 2014. It houses all years except for 1st years, who are not physically capable of the 4-6 mile class walks. UPDATE: As of 2017 the dorms are moved, from as far west as possible to the east side of campus, the classes are on the east side, so the walks are a lot shorter. The walks consist of an arduous hike up the notorious "freshman hill", which features a steep incline. Certain classes, in addition to the hill, climb several flights of stairs to reach their classrooms. Despite the size of the campus itself, Tech is home to a smaller amount of Tipsters, and it's a good option if you want to enjoy a close-knit campus.


Woodruff Residence Hall (2014-2016)

In 2016, TIP began using the George Woodruff Residence Hall (aka 'Woody), which is physically connected to the dining hall. Woody has a suite layout with 2 bedrooms & a bathroom all opening into a foyer that is connected to the main hallway. Each bathroom has a sink, toilet, and tub with a mirror. The sink does not include soap when you arrive. The dorm rooms contain 2 loft beds, and underneath each there is a desk and dresser. The loft beds are five feet above the ground and are accessible by jumping or climbing up the back of the beds. There are no railings. Beware.

Each floor has 2 hallways of rooms, plus one suite in the center. There is a lounge room on each floor and another lounge area between the hallways. In 2016, one RC (Daniel) brought a Wii U and games to his floor's lounge. There are 5 floors at Woodruff. You will take the stairs, but they are not that bad. Spoiled kids from Wake Forest will be abhorred to discover that no microwaves or fridges are inside the room, but if you ask your RC they may allow you to use one in the No-Tipster kitchen areas.

Georgia Tech's air-conditioning is very schizophrenic. Your lounge may feel like the surface of the sun, while your bathroom mimicks a meat locker. It is not that bad, but you should bring as many blankets as you need to survive if you end up with a cold room.

Sinks have no amenities such as paper towels, rag, or soap, so bring those. UPDATE: Again the dorms are different as of 2017, they are now shared bathrooms on each floor, with soap and hand dryers instead of paper towels.

Towers Residence Hall

In 2017, TIP moved to Towers Residence Hall on the East side of campus. It has 4 floors plus a basement connector (connecting Towers to a bigger lounge, used for Evening Activities and other meetings). 1st floor is Admin, plus 2-3 RAGs, so beware. Each floor has a dedicated lounge (except 1st because that's the staff lounge). Lounges host a fridge, 2 microwaves, an oven, an ice machine (none of the ice machines worked on the second, third, and fourth floors in 2018), and a TV. There are also "study rooms" which function as places for gatherings etc. They only have a table and some chairs, one has a whiteboard. As of 2018 the windows on the doors of the study rooms were replaced with wood.

Laundry is okay, though some of the breakers were fickle and you'd have to change floors for the dryers. The door opens itself with a handicap button, allowing easy in/out access to this facility. Laundry is paid based on how many minutes you want your cycle to be. (Around 30 cents for 10 minutes)

Rooms have a bunk with dresser/desk under, closets, and an AC unit in each room. Rooms are typically 2-person. Corner rooms have 4 people.


WiFi is offered as of 2019. GTVisitor 30 day accounts are provided. WiFi is throughout the campus, in every building. It cuts out at times but is usually pretty okay. The max download speed of the visitor WiFi is 3MB/s (valid 2017). This has since increased from 2017

Food and Dining


The dining hall is ALSO called Woodruff, and it is about a minute's walk from the dorms. Inside Woodruff, the tables and chairs are arranged such that it is nearly impossible to get into a seat without having to squeeze in. There is, however, the option of sitting in the balconies, which gets rid of all of the problems with the chairs and tables. It is also much quieter. Whichever RC group gets there first gets to claim it. Surprisingly, the competition for the balcony, for the most part, remained civil throughout the years. Unfortunately, it was banned for most of Term 2 2016. Beware. (There weren't even tables on it for the last few days of Term 1, instead form everywhere as if someone had torn up the seats.)

Woodruff has a soft-serve ice cream machine that offers chocolate, vanilla, and swirl soft-serve. It is never known which flavors are working, whether there are cones, or which toppings are available. Woodruff has 2 Coke Freestyle machines. The line for drinks takes forever and is often longer than it takes to get your food.

Pizza Nazis do exist at Woodruff. The cafeteria staff generally will not help you acquire pizza and insist that you serve yourself; however, they are watching intently from afar to make sure that you only take one slice of pizza. In Term 2 of 2016, TIPsters discovered the rare species of Cheerio Nazi, which will approach and attack you for taking over half a bowl of cereal. We responded by organizing a mass Cheerio consumption event.

Vegetarian and vegan options are spotty at best.

For transgender tipsters: there are no gender-neutral bathrooms in Woodruff. Plan accordingly.

North Ave

In 2017, Tip moved to East Campus. Consequently, this leads to the changing of dining halls. North Ave has the following stations: Pizza, American Food (Hamburgers + Fries), Wok, and 3 other entrée stations. At the Wok, they let you pick vegetables and they stir-fry them for you. Tipsters are notorious for taking all the fries. Fries at every meal, every day. If you run into other camps, seating may be tight. 3 Coke Freestyle machines and Soft-serve (perfect for The Shlurpp). Vegetarian/Vegan/Kosher is occasionally tight, but they always serve veggie burgers so :).

It should also be noted that North Ave. has gender-neutral bathrooms, and wheelchair accessibility.

In Term 2 of 2018, Tech decided to bring in about 3-4 other camps and crammed them all into North Ave, which meant that there was limited seating and long lines for food. Eventually some camps left, but that was during week three. Later into the second week, a baseball camp came in for a few days. About the second or third day there, they broke the ice cream machine, so TIP and the other camps were without ice cream for almost all of the third week. Of course, the staff tried to fix it by providing temporary fixes. But it was temporary, so the baseball players ended up breaking the ice cream machine again. The staff decided to retire the ice cream machine except for one day. Near the end of the term, they had fixed the machine and turned it on for one single day, but they once again turned it off for unknown reasons. One time someone had dropped their dishes, and a small group of tipsters start clapping. This spread like wildfire, and soon everyone eating in North Ave began clapping for the poor kid. Ever since then, tipsters have attempted to get the whole cafeteria clapping again, but failed almost every time.

In 2019, few updates were made to N.A.A. dining hall. For maintenance reasons, the FreeStyle™ Soda machines were replaced with standard, 8-drink dispensers; the former Soft-Serve machine was also removed.

Brittain Dining Hall

In the 2019 classes, the closer Brittain Dining Hall was used in place of N.A.A. dining hall on Weekdays. In previous years, this dining hall has been shut down over Georgia Tech's Summer break, but has since reopened for Weekday service. In this dining hall, there are usually four main lines (Burgers/Fries, Pizza, "Subway", and something of the Manager's choice, usually meat and pasta), a salad bar, and a dessert bar. Unlike Woodruff or North Avenue, there are no designated groups to access this location due to its proximity to Towers Hall. Therefore, TIPsters may go as they please.

The dessert is especially good. The Oreo pie remains legendary.



The classes at Tech in 2016 were held at the IC and at Clough. Lab classes are taken in Clough, while every other class is taken in the IC. If you have class at the IC you will walk 3.45 miles a day. If you have class at Clough you will walk 5.55 miles a day. Clough is a modern friendly building that looks amazing and was featured in the movie The Intern. If you have a nice TA you will go to the Starbucks in Clough frequently.

Sometimes classes are held elsewhere including in the Wing Zone (extremely nearby) and in Skiles (sort of far). Evening Activities are sometimes held at the IC because Woodruff Hall does not offer that many lounges.

In 2017, classes were at Clough and Skiles. 4th floor holds biology labs, while 5th floor hosts chemistry labs. Not as long of a walk as previous years, but about 10-15min nonetheless. Clough has an area with vending machines for breaks, a roof garden, and Starbucks. It is also right next to the quad, so that's an option. To get from Towers to Clough and Skiles you either have to go up freshman hill, or simply 'The Hill", or the scenic route.

In 2018 all trips to Starbucks/the student center were banned for safety reasons.


We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or violations due to reading and following these lists. Please act on your own risk, as participation these activities are strongly discouraged, and can even be against TIP rules or even laws.

Georgia Tech isn't known for having many traditions, but thanks to Rylee Holland a few traditions have been reignited and continue to be passed on.

Major Dookie Season

Very similar to “Dub SZN”, Major Dookie Season is a celebration of human greatness and their capacity for excellence. Through the external outburst of this phrase, a given person is able to announce to the world their excitement and utter uncontrollable glee of their being. Their are variations of this phrase, such as “Monsoon Season” which is basically the value of 2-1. Press “F” to pay respects.

Changing of the (Guard) Name

Every day of the extraneous term 1, the members of Daddy Big Boss’ RC Group travels afar a great distance to the well-known and saught after vending machines of the zeroth floor. Here, a ritual occurs where a sacred bottle of pop is both bought, and worshipped prior to the changing. During the changing, the great and mighty Brad’s name is a changed to something which does not conform to his attire which consists of a vineyard vines shirt, a Gucci belt, combat boots, and ray ban wayfarers. The sticker from the bottle is then removed and stuck onto his door which is covered in names which have been forgotten and are out of use.

The Sceptre

The Sceptre (a Georgia Tech mascot toy strapped to a long plastic stick) was created by Griffin Mercer in 2016 before he was deported by The Great Osa for Griffinghazi. Before he left he passed the Sceptre to Andrew Egge, who adopted it and raised it as his own.

In Term 2 2016 Egge was on Grellow and blessed every player on Grellow before their activity with the Sceptre. Grellow won gloriously, and the team celebrated by chanting around it and touching its holiness. The Sceptre may or may not hold special powers for Swarmfest.

It did not return in Term 2 2018.

Those who have possessed The Sceptre:

  1. Griffin Mercer

The Royalty of the Breezeway

The Royalty of the Breezeway is a flower crown passed down every year to a third-year who brings all Tipsters together, much like the breezeway in the original dorms of Armstrong and Hefner. It was originally owned by Gabby Herrick and passed down for the first time at Duke east T2 2016 to Nicolas (Messi) Ho who then returned it to its original home at Tech when he could not return for his fourth year in 2017. It left Georgia Tech with in 2019, who went to Duke East Term 2 for his fourth year, but it was not passed down at East due to the presence of 19 other very official traditions and remains lost to this day.

Those who have been deemed The Royalty of the Breezeway:

  1. Gabby Herrick
  2. Nicolas (Messi) HoRylee Holland
  3. Marie Boudreax

Squad Mom Bandana

The Bandana is passed down to those who take care of the TIPsters especially the fourth years. They are also responsible for directing each year.

Those who have possessed the Squad Mom Bandana:

  1. Hannah

Red Army Tank

During Swarmfest, TIPster Maximus Ross, on the Red Army, created the Red Army Tank. He passed it down to fellow Red teammate and Third Year Nick Landers. The Rules are as follows:

  1. It must be passed down to a Red Team 3rd year only.
  2. You must make at least one modification each year.

Those who have possessed the Red Army Tank:

Slap Master

Rylee Holland created this tradition and passed it unto Alex in 2017 Term 2. It is called such because in ERS, one must have mastered the ability of the slap. Cards are the strongest bond between Tipsters, other than those many relationTips.

Those who have been deemed Slap Master:

  1. Rylee Holland

Popular Songs at Georgia Tech

  • "Arkansas Traveler"
  • "Panda" by Designer (Panda by Designer is officially the new Georgia Tech TIP theme song. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.)
  • "Country Roads" by John Denver


Every TIPster has a physical key to their room, and a Buzzcard for entering various class buildings, including the residence hall, laundry rooms, etc. There are cabinets in each room that fit a padlock if so desired. For additional security measures, if the doors leading into the Towers Residence Hall are left open for too long, they start beeping.

In addition, there is a terminal for depositing physical currency into one's Buzzcard account near the entrance of/inside the North Ave Dining Hall, but money may be added onto the buzzcard via online through the online site.

RC Groups & Staff


Term One

  • Livy's Living Legends
    • Ally, Emma, Sophie, Lilly, Nancy-Kate, Sam, Fiachra, Pranathi, Vanessa, Ashley
  • Josh's Sperm Whale Activist Group (S.W.A.G.)
    • CJ, Josh K., Timothy, Daniel, Ribhav, Holden, Spandan, Bradley, Aaron, Timofey, Nicholas, Will, Arvind
  • Sonja's RC Group (S.S.S.L.P.A)
    • Katherine, Hannah, Ashley, Tara, Charlotte, Anna, Aleya, Jenny, Marley, Alexis, Hannah
  • Caroline T's RC Group
    • Elaine, Ally, Elizabeth, Sara, Camille, Ashley, Lili, Allison, Becca, Emma, Julia, Jessica, Grace
  • Dan The Man and His orginal Clan
    • Abhinav, Hayes, Arman, Mitch, James, Sam, Brian, Jason, Nikhil, Austin, Raymond, Wasabi, Devin, Decker
  • April's Girls
    • Taylor, Bryn, Francis, Kaili, Joy, Sammie, Faith, Nisha, Katherine, Caroline, Anna, Emma
  • Kyle's Krispy Kreme Krew
    • Jacob, David, Will, Lucas, Sterling, Jonathan. Hunter, Kenny, Conor, Gabe, Bryce, Chris
  • Hammy and the Hamiltones (hamilton's RC Group)
    • Kabir, Stripes, Trevor, Evan M., Jared, Carson, Carter, Lukas, Logan, Sumer, Evan G., Michael, Tolson, Dominik
  • Josh's RC group
    • Sam, Cooper, Shaun, Scott, Andrew, Ben, Grant, Eric, Harry, Shiva, Justin, Will, David
  • Young Bulls (Adrian's RC Group)
    • Rhett, Jake, Shresht, Andy, Alex. Spencer, Lee, Matthew, Siddarth, Zach
  • Caroline's Cuties
    • Roopsha, Megan, Jessica, Sharon, Elizabeth D., Elizabeth M., Maggie, Divya, Asha, Olivia, Sarah Michael, Caitlin, Alex
  • Ebuka and the 19 Year Olds! (Rob's Mob)
    • Avanyish, Daniel, Nikhil, Tom, Leaf, Alex, Patrick, Joe, Andrew, Richard
  • Sarah's RC Group
    • Tyler, Mia, Catherine, Katharine, Nisha, Shruti, Vanessa, Mahima, Haniya, Cristina

Term Two

  • Josh's Shady Gang
    • Lawrence, Wilson, Shane, Aditya P., Dylan, Aditya B., Nicholas, Benjamin, Peter, Philip
  • Caroline T's RC Group
    • Yewon, Genevieve, Sithara, Rachel, Mehal, Kaitlyn, Annemarie, Willa, Emily, Lucy, Francesca, Katie
  • April's Crew
    • Jordan, Tristan, Ben, Grant, Chase, Keaton, Anton, Jabin, Brandon, Kevin, Phillip, Stroud
  • Josh's RC Group
    • Jack, Ravi, Wills, Daniel, Tanishk, Alex, Jonathan, Alexander, Jared, Andrew, Harrison, Eric, Josh
  • Dan the Man and his Clan
    • Paul, Connor, Andrew, Chris, Micah, Robert, Michael, Charlie, Namit, Richard, Eric, Graham
  • Allison's Fresca Friendz
    • Max, Nathan, Alex, Elias, Srivats, Woody, Justin, Ehsan, Griffin, Ryan
  • Hamazon Warriors
    • Jun, Ivan, Justin, Ethan, Wrigley, Alex, Jameson, Max, John, Paul, Erik, Griffin, Vicente, Jamerson (the headless doll)
  • No Ragrets (Sonja's Rag)
    • Abby, Sarah Beth, Mary Helen, Michaela, Eashaa, Tatiana, Sarah, Jordan, Stella, Elizabeth, Sarah Clair, Rebecca, Naomi, Lacey
  • Caroline's Swag Rag
    • Christina, Ashley, Khaya, Jordan, Kira, Sneha, Mack, Alex, Julia, Madeline, Slater, Brenna, Tiffany, Katrina
  • Kyle's Rag
    • Mason, Amit, Tevin, Genie (Nathan), Joey, Levi, Dylan, Francisco, Trenton, Alex, Sam, Kuber, Tuttle
  • The Chill Bros (Noah's Rag)
    • Adam, Andrew, Armaan, Joseph, Peter, RJ, Stephen, Surya, Victor, William
  • Sarah and Chris's fabulicious humans
    • Neha, Megan, Ruby, Alaina, Kirti, Havi, Brooke, Leia, Lily, Gabriella, Catherine, Emily
  • Livy's Tiger Cubs
    • Raegan, Averi, Meg, Rachel, Lucy, Emma, Jessica Yen, Clarissa, Miranda, Mattingly, Claire, Manuela, Camila


Term One (Before the Shitstorm)

  • Katie RC Group
    • Emily, Anna, Jessica, Sara, Bex, Audrey, Katie, Annabell, May, Ratna, Hannah, Elizabeth, Zan, Allison, Renata, Emma
  • Kyle's RAG
    • Sidharth, Nathan, Jameson, Andrew, Jared, Rishab, Ashley (She/Her), Alexander, Elliott
  • P.D. Squad (Matt's Rag)
    • Graham, William, Justin, Rohith, Eric, Mitchell, Andrew, Evan, Alexander, Abhinav, Nathan
  • HAMVP's
    • Kip, Brandon, Eli, Arav, Elias, Matthew, Andy, Ethan, Ehsan, Alex, Sid, Mahip, Colton Wellnitz, Bryan
  • Hannah's Hedgehogs
    • Olivia, Caroline, Emma, Neha, Julia, Katherine, Adhya, Sandy, Kelsey, Jennya, Ashley, Bethany, Amrita, Aerin
  • Bina's Baes
    • Noel, Mary, Leilani, Julia, Julia, Yannie, Lucy, Camellia, Maya, Kylie, Natasha, Eva, Talia, Audrey, Mira, Louise, Bina
  • The Papa Smurfs (Chris's RAG)
    • Hari, Paul, Danny, John, Andrew, Graham, Nick, Sean, Gino, Nicholas, Chris
  • $alty$quad (Callie's RAG) see: Friendship Corner
    • Dru, Melat, Ellie, Kaitlyn, Abby, Ella, Emily, Ashley, Kierstin, Maya, Allyson, Alison, Charlotte, Claire
  • Joon's Happy Family
    • Noah, Jason, Ian, Sam, Angus, Davis, Dovid, Nathan, Atticus, Gavin
  • Door NAS
    • Alexander, Alessandro, Lawrence, Woody, Zach, Nathan, Owen, John, Adam, Shane, William, CUllen
  • The Incredible Rob and His Only Kind of Okay Squadobots, Who Would Really Like For Me to Call Them Fantastic, But I Am a Firm Believer In The Virtue of Honesty, Friend.
    • Tupelo, Neel, Carson, Quillan, Joel, Sidarth, Jeffrey, Freedom, Nas, Jason, Jack, Michael
  • Spencer's friends
    • Johnathan, Samuel, Vinit, James, Andrew, Conner, Carter, Alex, Liam, Sam, Matthew, Ethan
  • The Actual Cannibals (Rob's RAG)
    • Lawrence, Cameron, Ananda, Russell, Cole, Dalton, Ethan, Nikhil, Sage, Jake
  • RLC
    • Cherrish
  • OSD
    • Angela Gay
  • Academic Coordinator
    • Beau Branson
  • Office Assistants
    • Melissa Rettig & Tricia Johnson
  • Psychological Counsellor
    • Daniel

Term Two

  • Dr. Haynesworth's Severely Underpaid Workers:
    • Jonathan Zhang, Marco, Trey, Noah, James, Derrick, Poojan, Alex, Abhi, Jonathan Zao Shirom, Samuel, Louis, Brandon, Jonathan D.
  • Joon's Jooniors
    • Samir, Shamik, Collin, Messi(Nic), Nick, Johnathan, Ben, Michael, Jason, Will, Ryan, Donovan, Martin, Shawn,
  • Bina's Babes
    • Naomi, Manuela, McPherson, Madeleine, Alex Hurley, Leah, Ashley, Jasmyne, Katie, Elizabeth, Mirabelle, Peyton, Abby, Kirby, Kira
  • Super Sparkles (Aubreys Girls)
    • Helena, Tanvi, Kathleen, Praise, Caetana Ricci, Louanne Hood, Grace


Term One

  • Sarah's Rag
    • Grace, Emma, Maggie, Eva, Hanna, Emily, Hannah, Izzy, Hayes, Sophie, Sophia, Katherine
  • Andreas's Group
    • Henley, Kyler, Paul, Gabriel, Logan, Isaak, Everett, Anant, Stephen, James, Ansh, Jay, Erik, Johnathan, Macray
  • Candy Girls (Candace's RC Group)
    • Kat, Allison, Hannah, Toria, Anna, Sophie, Nishka, Shivapriya, Amy, Ellie, Nicole, Ali
  • Bekah's Ballers
    • Anna, Ellie, Cassie, Damilola, Audrey, Bethany, Sophia, Kylie, Anjali, Dristi, Quinlyn
  • A B C DEEEEEE (Dee's Group)
    • Hannah, Ashley, Viktoria, Rishika, Radhika, Olivia, Alex, Suzie, Cori, Morgan
  • Duckies Ducklings (Duckie's Group)
    • Alex H, Alex J, Jabari, Roland, Hayden, Rohan, Andrew, Sean, Evan, Kushaan, Jack, Kevin, Joseph, Eleazar
  • Alex's Rag
    • Sterling, Kyle, Robert, Nathan, Advay, Michael, Ben, Mason, John, Jay, Rishab, Harris, Daniel, Miles, Jonah, Houston
  • Rags to Riches (Christian's Group)
    • Roma, Lauren, Morgan, Emma, Fugi, Ellie, Emme, Jordan, Caroline, Camille, Lela
  • Andrew Clark's Group
    • Chunjin, Zach, Eric, Teddy,
  • Angel's Angels
  • The Natertots
    • Art, Daniel, Nicholas, Danny, Kenneth, Calvin, Zach, Nathan, Noah, Iain, Sam, Vihaan, Andrew, Liam
  • Dan's Dank Bois
    • Jacob, Eason, Spaghetti, Paul, Ian, Kip, Matthew, Joseph, Atticus, JD, Adam, Sam, Surya, Frankie
  • OSD
    • Beth
  • RLC
    • Osa
  • AC
    • Tom
  • OC
    • Alysha
  • APA
    • Danielle
  • OA
    • Hannah

Term Two

  • Duckie's Duck Squad
    • Kyle, Nate, Prayaag, Jack, Luke, Henry, Parth, Collin, Ethan, Matthew the Hoe, Thomas, Hari
  • Rebekah's Rebels
    • Ashley (sent home Thursday of week 2), Jennifer (left Sunday of weekend 1), Julia, Annie, Isabella, Isaac, Rachel, Gabby, Cate, Allie, Sydney, Tharini, Maya
  • Andreas' RC group
    • Ben, Jimmy, Gavin, Max, Daniel, Wyatt, Benedict, James, Sharil, William, Devon, Ivan
  • Andrews RC Group
    • Edison, Nicholas, Saahaj, Victor, Max, Skyler, Robin, William, Christopher, Jacob
  • R2-D2
    • Quinn, Mary, Charli, Millie, Isa, Beccca, Elizabeth P., Meghana, Blake, Kayley, Elizabeth B., Anna, Cathrine, Brooke


Term One

Term Two


Term One

  • RC Hayes' Women Respectors
    • David Rodgers, Justin, Ash, Brewer, Alvin, Elliot, Jack, Jason, Tate, Sam, Harrison, Eric, and Jacob(against Hayes' will)

Term Two


Term Two

  • RC Christina's Hooligans
    • Jonas, Nick Popescu, Alex, Sahil, Rags, Sean, Luke, Nicholas Gray, Ben, Cooper, Zeb
  • RC Emily's All Stars
    • Ananya, Seoyoon, Leah, Sonya, Holley, Chloe, Lauren S., Julia, Caida, Madeleine, Lauren T., Ami, Sydney, Eleanor
  • Sarah's RC Group
    • Alex Z., Alex H., Eddie, Julien, Ryan, Khizar, Ben, Demetri, Evan, Alexander, Elvin, Josh, Zakiy, Chase
  • The Loafers (RC Madeline's Group)
    • Autumn, Caitlyn, Catherine, Colleen, Gracie, Irene, Ivy, Jameson, Lucy, Lyndsey, Mary Newman, Melanie, Olivia, Sandra
  • Sara's Space People
    • Marie, Mycah, Sophia, Gillian, Dawson, Jocelyn, Catherine, Elaina, Macy, Amanda, Saipriya, Kyra, Chloe
  • RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Mattingly's Hunniez
    • Lili, Claire B. Aryma, Claire Danielle, Annika, Eleanor, Victoria, Iris, David, Austin, Shubhi, Shane, Skyla, Maitri, Elyce, Sameera, Kacey
  • Miguel's Bois
    • Kelvin, Colm, Roshan, Josh, Jack, Dean, Will, Abhi, Ben, Nat, Sky, Jin, Rikhav, Roger
  • Mac and Cheeses
    • Atticus, Coulter, Jack, Hunter, RJ, Brian, Alex, Jared, Kevin, Dale, Andrew, Ryan, Ethan, Adam, Kyu, Daniel, Mac
  • Maggie's Swaggie Kids
    • Arushi, Ivy, Nina, Abigail, Elizabeth, Sophie, Ava, Jasmine, Winnie, Ariana, Beth, Marina, Nithya
  • CeBest and the Cool Kidz
    • Andrew A, Sidd, Adam, Andrew B, Liam, Nathan, Mason, Harrison, Watson, Evan, Wyatt, Andrew S., Xavier
  • John and the Lads
    • Dylan, Tony, Max, Mickey, JJ, Owen, Adam, Thomas, Mike, Griffin, William, Alex, Vinay
  • Eddy's H2Omies
    • Brandon K., Kevin, Charlie, Adam, Henry, Ricky, Brandon B., Noah, David, Melvin, Colin, Patrick, Jordan, Vinny
  • Wasted Potential
    • Michael, Sam, Alex, David, Cole, Jackson C., Myles, Carl, Jackson D., Tommy, Ajay, Mathew, Gabe, Dylan, Edward



Term 1

  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Energy, Conservation, and Green Technology
  • Genetics
  • Literary License Without Limits
  • Mobius Strips, Klein Bottles, and Fractals: The Mathematics of Distortion
  • Physics of Energy
  • Spacecraft Mission Design
  • Through the Wormhole: The Past, Present, and Future of Science Fiction

Term 2


Term 1

Term 2


Term 1

Term 2


Term 1

  • Neuroscience
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • International Relations
  • Historical Epidemiology: Plagues, Pathogens, and Patient Zero
  • Laboratories of the Mind: Thought Experiments
  • Molecular Biology & Genetics
  • Social Psychology
  • Mathematics of Distortion

Term 2

  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics
  • Applications, Algorithms, Computers: Modern Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Criminal Minds: Psychology and the Law
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Laboratories of the Mind: Thought Experiments
  • Neuroscience
  • Programming Robotics
  • Spacecraft Mission Design


Term 2


Term 1

  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics
  • Artificial Intelligence 1
  • Artificial Intelligence 2
  • Biology of Cancer
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Engineering for Fun
  • Mobius Strips, Klein Bottles, and Fractals: The Mathematics of Distortion
  • Neuroscience
  • Pathogens, Plagues, and Patient Zero: Historical Epidemiology
  • Psychology of Decision Making: Behavioral Economics
  • Spacecraft Mission Design

Term 2

  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics
  • Architecture in the Urban Environment
  • Artificial Intelligence 1
  • Artificial Intelligence 2
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Global Finance: Crunching the Numbers
  • Engineering for Fun
  • Forensic Science
  • Game Theory: Economics
  • International Relations: Global Conflicts
  • Neuroscience


One important thing to note about Georgia Tech is the laundry situation. Although the Duke TIP handbook says (and it very much elaborates on this) that you will need about a thousand dollars in quarters to even make it in this world, the laundry at Georgia Tech is done through the buzzcard on your lanyard. Your buzzcard gets you into the dorms and pays for meals, but you also swipe it to pay for laundry. Before laundry day you must load money onto your buzzcard. The machine that does this DOES NOT TAKE QUARTERS. (If you did take quarters, you can also spend them on vending machines or pay for things in all quarters. A few people did this during Term 2 2014, notably Emily Sallade. Also, the money you put on these buzzcards is non-refundable. So if you only have 20-dollar bills, and you put 20 dollars on your buzzcard and do laundry two times (which is like $3.50 in all), you have a lot of money left on your buzzcard. Luckily, the soda machines around campus take buzzcards. So you can always buy $16.50 worth of sodas and snacks to keep for yourself, or buy food for your entire class to eat during evening study (as Scott did for the Science Fiction class Term One of 2014).

A couple things to note about the machines: They do not work very well. Do not use too much detergent, or it won't come out of your clothes; there's a poster on the wall telling you how much to use. If you want your clothes to become actually dry, you're out of luck, unless you add like 40 minutes to your card. IMPORTANT: After you do this, you must press whichever Start button you are using MULTIPLE TIMES until your dryer has loaded all your time. If you do not, you will likely end up wasting a dollar or two. After your load is finished, your clothes might still be damp. We recommend hanging them on your bedframe by the air conditioner. They might be dry in a few days. (I recommend doing pretty small loads whenever you can, that way they actually get dry.) Alternatively, try making a clothesline between bunks (as long as your roommate is cool with it) and hanging clothes directly in front of the air conditioner. Turn it on ALLL THE WAY. Your room will be colder than the ice kingdom but your clothes will dry. Slowly.

Another note: All of the laundry machines broke down during Term 1, 2017 (and Term 2, 2017) on floor 1 and all the dryers but one broke (on EVERY floor) so bring at least a week and a few days of clothes just in case. Alternatives for drying that were taken included but were not limited to:

  • Putting the clothes under the hand dryer
  • Just laying the clothes out in a REALLY hot room
  • Just laying the clothes out in a REALLY cold room
  • Hope

During term 1 (and Term 2) 2018 all the dryers broke on the second and third floor and they suck.

Another note: The machines accept tide pods PSA: DON"T EAT TIDE PODS


The OG Bless Boys

The amount of L’s taken by this group is unfathomable; however, I shall do my best to respect their high tally of L’s. Firstly, the man who has broken the record for most L’s goes by the name of Aneesh. Aneesh is most definitely the fastest, most agile, moisturizer human being in this planet. His knack for speed and lotion usage are known throughout Georgia (the country, not the state). Secondly, Nick, who has accumulated multiple rejections on his resume throughout the duration of the past few weeks. Such a blatant sign of success will undoubtably lead him to VERY big things (such as reaching aneeshs peak pace). And lastly, Patrick who is definitely the ringleader of this bunch of bozos who are speedier than a jackrabbit in steroids and LOTS of monster (in talking to you, hayes). OG Bless Boys, stay hasty, stay supersonic, and stay moisurizer and be sure to use chapstick and LOTS of sun lotion coupled with a giant can of gummy worms. Rethinking it, however, Nick, you actually are definitely the fastest.

The Broken Record

The day of the 26th of June, the Women Respecters, led by RC Hayes/Winston/Kyle/Daddy big boss, broke the record for most women respected with an impressive count of 52. Such a feat was surely difficult and an overbearing challenge, yet the women respecters managed to stay focused and absolutely shattered the previous record of 14. This was surely a great feat as it was a small step for people, but a giant leap for people.

Elevator Incidents

Standard use of elevators is not permitted at any location at Georgia Tech without accompaniment of a Staff Member. Most of the elevators at the Georgia Tech campus are that of very good quality (such as that of CODA in Technology Square), while some others have some issues. Though there is known quality issues with Towers Hall and Skiles, the most reported incidents occur at , when TAs were known to take their classes from the lower to higher floors to prevent forcing TIPsters from having to walk from the 2nd floor.

The Elevator Incident of 2016 (A Testimony)

Spacecraft Mission design took the middle elevator from the fifth floor of Clough, and right as we passed the second floor, there was a loud bang and the elevator stopped. Police were called, and it took around 20 minutes for them to pry the doors open and gets us out. Cards were played while there.

Capacity Issues on Elevator #1

Elevator #1 is the elevator at Clough that is on the far left-hand side of the main bank. In 2019, a problem has arose where classes had to be separated when using this elevator. The standard capacity for elevators at Clough is 4500 pounds, meaning that a supervised, 25-person class could use them without issue (assuming everyone weighs under 180 pounds). Elevator #1, was infamously known to temporarily pull an emergency stop just above the 2nd floor when used with an entire class, acting as it was unable to run correctly over half-capacity. These incidents, however, are only a short, temporary problem, unlike the 2016 Elevator Incident. This occurred numerous times on over 2 classes on the 5th floor.

The Foosball Table (2015)

On the last night of Term I 2015, after everyone had gotten back from the talent show, and after the 4th years had gone to IHOP, William Jackson decided it would be a good idea to put the plastic handle of a foosball table in the microwave in the 3rd floor lounge in Hefner. This caused the lounge to fill with smoke, and the dorms were evacuated. We had to spend around 20 minutes outside waiting for the fire department to give the OK to go back inside. The water bottle that many report in the microwave was actually added after TIPsters were reallowed into the building, Will has gone on record saying he does not condone putting water bottles in the microwave as "that would be stupid."


During 2016 Term 1, the epidemiology class held a social experiment. They created a disease called TiPfluenza. Infected TiPsters attached a clothespin to their lanyard with the number patient that they were. If a TiPster had been infected by TiPfluenza, they could spread the disease by asking if anyone else (that wasn't infected) wanted it. During lunch, you could go to the epidemiology instructor and TA to receive a cure, denoted by a foam sticker attached to the clothespin. After TiPfluenza had been spread, the class then mapped the outbreak.

Burnt Popcorn Incident (2018 and 2019)

During 2018 Term 1, and in 2019 Term 2, someone severely burnt popcorn in the second floor lounge. The instructions specifically said, “Do Not Set On The Popcorn Setting,” yet still decided to burn it to a crisp. He soon forgot about the bag and rushed back to the microwave which was smoking profusely. He opened the already smoking microwave, which created even more smoke, enough to set off the alarm and everyone had to go outside and wait for a long time. Fire department arrived shortly after the alarm sounded.



Term One

During Term One of 2014, Swarmfest was split into two parts and completed over two days, with Ultimate, Blob, and Boat Race on the first day, and the remainder of the activities on the second. Events included Jello Snarfle, Partner Pudding Feed, Dizzy Bat, Water Balloon Toss, Rock Tree Bridge, Battletanks, Clothespin Win, Cheesy Poof Toss, Mummy Run and more. Many rules had been put into place to make sure that people who were doing Jello Snarfle and the Pudding Feed could not then do Dizzy Bat and vomit up all their Jello and Pudding. Some people argue that this makes Swarmfest less fun. The green team won the competition and received 20 minutes of extra free time, and the term book cover is green in their honor. The blue team came in second and received 15 minutes of extra free time. It's not like the extra free time ever happened.(I would like to state that Josh Ys group did use the extra 20 minutes of free time in the last Thursday because we are awesome like that and play Iris because they did not play it at the dance. Ham's group used it to play smash bros and it got wild. Several people in Livy's group used it to watch Netflix. Sonja's group apparently used it even though it wasn't really our choice because our RC meeting ran long and she never told us to go to bed. Further use of the extra free time is unknown). The red team was third, and the yellow team was last. The prizes for third and fourth places were numerous slices of cheese and a loaf of bread, respectively. No one knows whether or not these prizes were ever distributed, however. (They were, both terms. Ham the RC saw to it himself. He doesn't believe in empty promises. Tipsters need their bread and cheese).

Term Two

The red team won during term two (it's rumored the teams were stacked) (they were, the red team was all guys and a lot of 4th years as well). The green team came in second because of their win for the cheer. The blue team came third, although they won 1st and 2nd in nearly all the games (the cheer was worth a lot, and we didn't do the best there). The yellow team came last. (How did the red and green team use their free time?) ( (The red team had a massive pizza party. Ham's groups just used it to make their meeting last an hour and 15 minutes long because brah to bro time is crucial to the development of a good RC group. Sarah's group tried to order pizza but failed, so they just quietly hung out. It is unknown how the rest of green team used it.)


Term One

In Term One, the red team got first place, winning 6 cans of NOS and the term book in their color. The yellow team got 2nd, receiving the opportunity to pick a song at the last dance (Which didn't happen) and a box of Cheezits. Blue got 3rd, and won not only 5 slices of cheese, but also A LOAF OF BREAD!!! Last place, green, just got a loaf of bread. Because of Atlanta's non-cooperative weather, Swarmfest was cut short, and most events that involved water were removed. However, the classic events (tug-of-war, ultimate, cheesy poof toss, etc.), remained. Scroll down for "the shitstorm"

Term Two

Term 2's activities remained pretty much the same as they've always been. In term two, the Grellow team got first place and got the term book in their color and A LOAF OF BREAD. Blue team got second, the Red team got 3rd, and the Green team got fourth. Second place was supposed to get a party w[[ith all the RC's, and third place was going to get a serenade at the last dance, but neither of the two actually occurred.


Term One

This followed the trend of campus wide activities being poorly planned out. Ended by rain (Rain dance by Teddy) with only four events completed: Rock Tree Bridge, Jello Snarfle, Dizzy Bats, and Life of a Tipster. 4 hours of freetime followed. Even though Red team won, Blue would have won in the end ("I believe that Green will win!"). Blue was cheated out of a victory in the Jello Snarfle because the staff never said that the participants had to swallow the jello. Members of blue team sucked up the jello and swallowed it once back. The staff then announced that Red won even though they were a long way behind Blue. Also, the blue team had the most original team name, 475 nm (the wavelength of blue light). Green team, however, did have the best cheer and were disadvantaged in Rock, Tree, Bridge because they had significantly more members. This would have been advantageous in tug-of-war had we ever gotten to the event.

Term Two

During term two swarmfest took place friday night, at the end of the second week. Grellow team one, Red got second, Blue third and Green Last. Caroline's RAG won TIPSync, and the frisbee tournament was canceled because the ground was moist.

Roof Testimony

My name is Colton Wellnitz and I attended Term 1 2015. My RC was Hamilton Way and we decided to try to go to the roof on the Last Night. On the staircase landing for the 3rd floor of Hefner, there is a roof access hatch. A group of people successfully released the ladder but couldn't unlock the door, despite having Ham's BuzzCard and key as well as a lock picking set. If anyone goes to the roof in the future, please post your experiences below.

      • I am not condoning illegal activity!*** () 23:43, 29 September 2015 (EDT)

Term 1 2015 Staff Drama

At the end of term 1 2015, there was an incident revolving around RHLs Kyle and Katie, which resulted in the firing of Kyle, the transfer of Katie to Trinity, and the firing, transfer, or resigning of most of the staff. The RHLs felt that Cherrish, the RLC, didn't fulfill her duties, wasn't present around the students, and removed RCs from active duty thus allowing the TIPsters to run around unsupervised. Cherrish claimed that Kyle, Katie, and the other staff had difficulty speaking to her because she was black, older than they are, and a woman (all of which were untrue). In the end, Kyle was fired and Katie was forced to transfer to Trinity University or be fired. Beau, Rob L, Houston, and Calvin resigned in protest. Matt and Tricia were fired later in the week between terms. Nas decided not to do a second term before the shitstorm. Ham and Bina were given a warning and stayed second term. A few other TAs resigned or were transferred.

Tech T2 2019

One particular highlight of T2 2019 at Georgia Tech was Res Life Coordinator Bacarri Byrd’s cruel and unusual punishment of the fine young men in Christina’s RC group by way of silent lunch, silent dinner, and even silent free time. As a way of rebelling against this, LukeyIce would often lead the RC group in making song parodies about Bacarri and her extensive punishments. One of these parodies was “Discipline Too Hard,” a Parody of Gunna and Lil Baby’s “Drip Too Hard,” and its lyrics are listed below:

You can get your phone confiscated at any given moment And also your AirPods, if Bacarri want it But I brought two devices and Bacarri don’t know it Playing my Madden, I’m be up until the morning She ain’t thought it through, that I’ve prepared for it Device confiscations, happen to any of us If I’m in the dining hall, I’m on my gaming grind, man The new season just launched, in Madden 20 We’re in Atlanta, at Georgia Tech, bro Bacarri be hating when we on our cellphones Whenever she comes near our table, we hide em Cause we can’t be on our damn phones when dining

Discipline too hard, gon take your phone Bacarri don’t fuck around and play, she gon say “Do you want silent lunch, or maybe dinner” She keep punishing us long as she get paid Your free time, it’s prolly on the line If Bacarri Byrd has any say She takes it all the time, this ain’t no surprise Every other day another silent lunch for me

In addition to “Discipline Too Hard,” LukeyIce wrote another Bacarri parody, “Lunch with Bacarri,” with this one being a parody of “Whole Lotta Money” by disgraced wide receiver turned rap artist Antonio Brown. Itslyrics are listed below:

Lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, man I hate getting punished

Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri, uh

Word around town, yeah she’s really mean She takin’ our free time, that shit killin’ me Bacarri took my phone, and my Madden team And she threatens everyday “Silent lunch with me” And I be confined to the office when you all are free Got cameras all up on me, yeah she target me “Need 50 minutes in the office with me” But I skipped punishment to get back free time

Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Man I hate getting punished

Crazy what Bacarri do She find absurd ass ways to punish you Rearrange free time, it ain’t fun for you Go to Waffle House, she phone home for you I got punished hard, and so did my homie His name is Rags, and he said whack to Bacarri He meant it as a compliment but she didn’t know it Wish I was in the dining hall, silent lunch feels so lonely

Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Got silent lunch with Bacarri, lunch with Bacarri Man I hate getting punished

The T2 2018 Davidson crew returned, most them coming to GT. We consider ourselves a family and are so blessed to have met so many new amazing people. Please continue to be yourselves and love each other. The number of tears shed the morning of July 27th, was huge and there was not a dry eye to be seen. To the Davidson boys, thank you for being our brothers. To the Davidson girls, I love y’all more than you will ever know. To all the new amazing people, thank you for being you and the best. To the 4th year boys we lost this year-Kevin, Charlie, Colin and Patrick, we love you so much and wish you all the best, don’t forget about us. Just remember that it’s never a goodbye, it’s always a see you later.

Every year Gill makes a list of quotes that people say and here is the one for GT this year. Also please add to this list!

-But wait let me do fish lips -He already knows what I look like, he knows I’m cute -That’s your mom? Oh jeez -Macy cussing in front of roommates parents -“When I grow up I want to have a crystal meth lab in my basement” -I swear to god if he gets me ducking ice, Do you like ice or no. -Can you check if there’s purple lettuce -*catches football* “homerun” -People are looking at me again, why does this always happen -Why are we like this lol -But wait look what our acid does to our syrup -Is this like a race, bc uh like I don’t take L’s -You can use my eggsssss -I wonder what it’s like to have a boyfriend -Oh Macy’s just flirting... Macy has a boyfriend 1What is this trash -Can The Whole world see my underwear 1Goodnight... I hate people -Knock off Taylor Swift -I swear to god, if you eat my muffin, I will report you 1My brothers rehab costs more than tip -Is that a prostitute -Ew you’re nasty... can I have some more -Girls are digusting -He’s on a rollercoaster prolly milking himself...yolo -It’s snowing! -Omg I got a legendary Pokémon -I’m genuinely upset -He’s very attractive... I have a boyfriend -Do y’all have the HIV juice -Sorry I was making a tik tok -I’m not a quirky teen I’m just mentally ill -Imagine calling Beyoncé trash -At least I didn’t kiss my cousin -Can I show you an inappropriate meme -I’m getting a cramp on my lower inner rib - “What would life be like without toes” -Who’s mans, to the guy riding the motor scooter -What can I say, they’re irrelevant -I want to literally Kashoot someone -I thought this was a turkey Burger, but no it’s falafel -If anyone steals my clothes, it’s gonna be a girl with my cropped pants -It will all collapse so fast, you wouldnt even be able to say oops -The world will go ape crap -People are dumber than boxes of rocks now -You’re more comfortable than chase bc you have boobs -My hair smells like fresh aloe -It’s crack duh -Being sad is a fake emotion -So yea fast cash -I’m vaccinated and uh I don’t think I’m autistic -Well tbh all of us in this room are probably on the spectrum -Play death metal and talk to anti vaxxers -Spike their food with polio and watch team suffer -She’s more famous than any of you all are -That got deep fast -A case of tetanus and a vaccine walk into a bar -When you eat fish, you are basically eAting a thermometer -this is a democracy and i’m the queen -i’m pretty sure I just ate your toenail -i’m not a quirky teen i’m just mentally ill -if I was a food i’d be a cashew so if people ate me raw they’d die -here’s the thing about tech fest.... we could just not do it -I think u would look good as a puddle -and as I originally stated, it resembles the size of my penis -I have a lowkey god complex -it’s funny bc wyatt ans chase are like bad -can you put foam in my coffee because one time I had a chai tea latte and it had a lot of foam in the bottom and it was really good -i’m a big memer - daddy katz -I love the way the curves of ur body fit into the curves of mine -of course I know you i’m sleeping in ur bef -how are you doing eb. my names zeb. where’s the Z where did it go -‘that’s not where eye shadow goes’ diD i aSkKkkK -I could tell it was you by ur white crocs -Ohio...jeez -that’s a carpenter bee they don’t sting i’ll slap that shit right out of the fucking air -‘can I do ur eyebrows next year ‘ -macy @chase -Oh my Jehovah -We need more drugs, I mean good drugs -Someone stole my adderall -You gotta threaten them *cracks knuckles* vaccinate your kids or ill vaccinate them for you *pulls out heroin*