Aerin Parker

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Aerin Parker was a fourth year fourth year (2013-16) who was just doing her best. She was known to always be either laughing, complaining about her scoliosis, or making scoliosis puns with Kaitlyn Mi to make themselves feel better.


  • "Obviously Team Humeri is better, Team Bushbabies just dug up a bee's nest. That's not archaeology."
  • "Let me live."
  • "I welcome death."
  • "I welcome our AI overlords. Remember what happened in Poptropica."
  • "Boi."
  • "'I was crazy once'? Are you sure it was a past tense thing?" when half of AI chanted about rats and being crazy for 3 days straight
  • "Why am I getting a syntax error?"
  • "Okay, fixed one error, but now there's like 20 more. Help"
  • "Y'all."
  • "Accreate."


  • Part of Team Humeri
  • DeGENErate and proud
  • Managed to essentially take the same class for two years (don't take both DNA and Genetics, kids)
  • AI 2k16 squad
  • Being bad at coding (but that's her only flaw)
  • Honorary member of Friendship Corner her 4th year, after being mistaken for a 2nd year for most of her 3rd year (rip in peace) (it was so tragic, my dude)
  • Part of the 1am Martyr Squad
  • Lived in a suite overrun by a roach clan
  • Most Lit Rap Playlist

Classes and RAGs

Year Term Campus Course RC Roommate
2013 2nd Wake Forest Stones and Bones Rupali Srivastava Lizzie Guo
2014 2nd Wake Forest DNA Erica Fain Niki Thomas
2015 1st Georgia Tech Genetics Hannah Whitt Amrita Sarker
2016 1st Georgia Tech Artificial Intelligence Angel Street Newp