1am Martyr Squad

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At around midnight on the second to last night of Term 1 2016 at Georgia Tech, 8 fourth years met up in the the second floor lounge in Woodruff. Originally, the "plan" was to get Chinese food at two in the morning. (This was *****'s ridiculous idea.) They decided that was a terrible idea, and so a second plan was proposed to go to Sublime instead. The vote was tied four to four, so eventually, the eight decided to sit around and play paranoia and talk about their feelings. But as they were settling in for a chill night, the door to the stairs opened, and on June 30, 2016, at 1 in the morning, 5 fourth years were caught awake after curfew in the the second floor lounge of Woodruff's. The tipsters who were caught were severely reprimanded by Beth the next morning. In addition, they had to call their parents to explain that they had "broken the biggest rule of Duke TiP". Angel, the fourth year girls' RC, did not enforce any extra punishment on the martyrs, but Dan, the fourth year boys' RC, told the boys that their curfew was 10:45 rather than the 2:30 curfew that had been set for the other fourth years. Subsequently, the office decided to make all 5 tipsters' curfew 10:45, and took away any free time after the talent show as well as IHOP rights. Those punished got around this by skype calling each other and having fellow ragmates purchase IHOP for them. Remember there were 8 people in the lounge when this happened. As the fourth years heard the footsteps outside the door, a mad dash for cover ensued. While a few tried to move around and others hopped over the couch, some were more fortunate than others. When the RC, whose name is omitted for his safety, opened the door, 5 people walked out but 3 held their ground. Out of a combination of self preservation, courage, and luck, the survivors decided to stay where they were. To their benefit, the RC stayed in the doorway and didn't investigate. As the martyrs left down the stairway, the survivors scrambled to get back to their rooms, with Ian and Tristan taking the off limits back stairwell. Once safely back in their rooms, guilt and panic set in, but in the end they got off scott free.

1AM Martyrs

The survivors

  • Tristan Cozier
  • Cara Li
  • Ian Matejka (it should be noted that Ian wore a white morph suit and a gold chain the entire night)