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Below is a list of the many ridiculous and inspirational quotes that were spoken by the Tipsters of Georgia Tech term 1, 2016. We feel as if we should mention that about 90% of these quotes were said in various 4th year group chats, and about 50% were spoken after TIP ended.


"There should be a tipwiki of just the quotes from this term. You could fill a book with that shit." - Maddy Malik.

"I undiddly done it." - Sam Higgins.

"I promise we weren't doing anything...crazy?" - Maddy Malik when the 1AM Martyrs were caught.

"My only flaw is being bad at coding." - Paul Kim.

"I welcome death." - Katie Greene and Aerin Parker.

"Kai Meme." - Joseph Hardin. (Aerin Parker originally said this, but Joseph is a meme stealer.) (He's a cute meme stealer tho so it's ok)

"Oh heck." - Tristan Cozier.

"OH HECK." - Most of the fourth years at some point probably.

"Rest in rip in peace." - Joseph Hardin.

"We woulda gotten killed." - Aerin Parker.

"Or worse, expelled." - Maddy Malik.

"Sam, don't do stupid shit." - Kaitlyn Mi.

"Classic Hummus."

"How bout we kill him. Then just leave his body in his room." - Tristan Cozier.

"I welcome our AI overlords." - All of AI.

"Dead as the AC in Woodruff dead?"

"Wiggle like you tryna make those ping pong balls come out of the tissue paper box during a scavenger hunt that is neither scavengery nor hunty." - Joseph Hardin.

"Tears everywhere." - Kip.

"I'm porch pice." - Aerin Parker.

"TOASTED." - Charlotte Kiehn.

"I'm a little bitter." - Charlotte Kiehn.

"Pokemon dick measuring contest." - Paul Kim.

"It's called a hustle sweetheart." - Maddy Malik.

"BREXIT AT TIFFANY'S." - Joseph Hardin.

"Two seals were sitting in a bathtub filled with waaaaaaaaaarm crisco. And one seal turned to the other and said; "Hey, can you pass the soap?" To which the other replied; "What do I look like, a TYPEWRITER?" Two Seals

"Boi." - Literally every fourth year every minute of every day.

"Bruh." - Surya Korrapati upon waking up to a fire alarm.

"Crazy? I was crazy once! They locked me in a room. A rubber room! With rats. Rubber rats! I hate rats, they make me crazy!" - AI.

"I got stung by a bee." - Katie Greene.

"Uh, Spaghetti." - Dan attempting to remember Tristan's name.

"Joseph is just a meme stealer." - Aerin Parker.

"How did we get from beating up RCs to identity theft?" - Kaitlyn Mi.

"I can't leave I have to assert my dominance." - Charlotte Kiehn.

"See you in August, you owe me $20 @Maddy Malik." - Kaitlyn Mi.

"When ya boys practice, for like 26 HOURS, and they don't PLACE. Now I'm mad!!!! Let's!!!! Go!!!!!" - Maddy, Kaitlyn, Aerin, and Katie after TIPSync.

"My roomie @Spaghetti the Meme Thief and I watched that in sync from across the room #roomategoals." - Surya Korrapati.

"Fuck y'all I'm perfect." - Spaghetti.

"*Does intricate slapping dance* BOI." - Surya Korrapati.

"This gm is a sin." - Maddy Malik.

"Double chocolate chip frappuccino for Anus." - That starbucks lady.


"OK JUST LIFT IT UP AND I'LL STEP ON IT. ONE...TWO...THR - HOLY SHIT." - Maddy Malik, just before the whole suite screams bloody murder.

"Top notch." - Charlotte Kiehn

"Y I K E S" - mostly Kaitlyn Mi but also probably everyone else, too.

"U rite." - Kip, Aerin, Katie, and basically everyone else.

"#justiceforsalt" - Aerin Parker.

"I'm salty about Tipsync, and we won." - Aerin Parker.

"If you say "y'all" you're not emo." - Joseph Hardin.

"Spaghetti can't twerk for shit." - Paul Kim.

"Ready 2 die." - Maddy Malik.

"Well if you're a trash bag, then he's the trash man, because he's about to TAKE YOU OUT." - Kaitlyn Mi

"Get off of the ceiling!" - Dan

"Sam's a pretty shit sugar daddy" - Kaitlyn Mi

"What did you say to me punk?" - Maddy Malik

"Kinky" - Everyone

"Why am I the dude here?" - Katharine Turnbull

"And when you see my face, hope it gives you heck, hope it gives you heck" - Maddy Malik

"Are you with a female or some shit?" - Tristan Cozier