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A class at Duke East. Centering around cryptography, it mainly contains incredibly long, boring powerpoints on computer security. At least we had the sleepy polar bear and his family emergencies to keep us entertained in Term 1 (08)

This class was taught by , with TA .

"Beware of Oscar!" was a common exclamation during Term 1 2008, due to the fact that 'Oscar' is the intercepting bad guy in cryptological scenarios.

  • AKA Bat AKA Bet AKA Met AKA Blo AKA kinda sucks
  • AKA Toni with an "i"
  • AKA Carlita
  • AKA Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  • Joanna Johnson AKA Jerman
  • AKA El Shorto
  • AKA Chopstix
  • AKA Sudden Painful Death
  • AKA Tex
  • AKA Nashie #1
  • AKA Nashie #2
  • AKA That Guy AKA Nashie #3
  • AKA Sun Goddess
  • AKA Robot Sex

Spy 101 was poorly named Spy 101. It should have been called Hoodamath 2.0. It was taught by . The TA was Faith Miller. She survived, but barely. We had an AIG who was a rockstar named Jamie Turnage, who is regretting her career choice after meeting us all.

Memorable quotes include: "Hoodamath, UHH!" "Team#gucci$w@qqMoney2012" "Steve Jobs eats penguins for breakfast." "NP-hard, YO!"

Memorable instances include:

  • The Navy "Code-talkers"...who failed horribly miserably at anything related to Cryptology or the English language.

Memorable stories from the Navy include:

  • "Bo" the pre-homo erectus
  • There's only 10 numbers in every Mathematical equation
  • Goats
  • 100 is reciprocal of 10
  • "It's not a boat, it's a ship. The Navy doesn't have boats."
  • "Hey, I have your number ;)."
  • "We will always find you. If you're hiding in a cave, if you're hiding in a haybale, next to the wagon no one's ever looked in, we will find you. If you talk, we will find you."
  • "Don't bring a fork to a soup-eating contest."
  • "Start at infinity and go up from there."
  • "We have weapons we cannot use because we lost the code to disarm them."
  • "I know. But I ain't gonna tell you."
  • Excessive random drawings on the board, including a jar**
  • Faith: "This was a bad idea." Taylor: "No, no! This is totally fine." Faith: "This was a really bad idea."
  • "Who wants to join the Navy?!" (No one raised their hand)
  • "We use people AND computers."--no duh
  • "We have a weapon that you throw in a cave and it sucks the air out. It literally sucks the life out of the room, HA!"-we were sad and creeped out by now
  • "We have weapons you control with your mind." "How?!" "Well...Bo (the pre-homo erectus)..."
  • Everyone's thoughts: "You can tell us about these weapons and you can't tell us if you get codes daily?" "Are you even trained to say this?!"
  • Spooks
  • "When we want to start a war, we call the Marines. When we want to end the war, we call the Navy." -- No.
  • "It wasn't just Seal Team 6!!!"
  • "You're the ones with boats, right?"

Memorable Panic Moments

  • Every time Andrew spoke
  • "Oh, hey Lou!"
  • "Lou's coming! Lou's coming! Lou! Lou! Lou! L--!"
  • When Spencer D slammed a chair into two cans and caused everyone to need to change pants.
  • When the computer crashed (because Faith was looking at appropriate things), Faith's supervisor walked in right after we finished hangman, and Duco (the awesomest person to have ever existed) saved the day.
  • Trying to take a picture for the Term Book
  • SPIDER! (in girlish voice)-- Matthew R
  • Lying in the wrong grass

Memorable YAY moments

  • When Taylor sang to everyone
  • When Andrew finally stopped talking
  • when Taylor and Faith brought in cupcakes and cookie cake and Duco and Kyle brought in Sprite and Cheerwine


  • lying in the proper grass

Spy 101.jpg

Spy 101 -- Cryptology and Number Theory Hoodamathers

  • AKA Puppy eater
  • AKA Reading Extraordinaire
  • AKA Some weird kid
  • Jack Briones ... When teamed up with Andrew, he makes Faith very sad.
  • ... The ONLY Linux advertisement
  • AKA German Sparkle Party
  • AKA Candy Handstands
  • Duco van der Beek AKA DISNEY PRINCESS!!!
  • Isaac Lutz AKA Yield
  • AKA Baby got backflips
  • AKA Clown Face
  • AKA Yoga Instructor Professor person
  • Henry Santer AKA Multitasker....he makes us feel inadequate
  • Stefanie Hotchkiss ... "Is she here?" ... "No. She's in the bathroom." TOPLESS THURSDAY
  • AKA Beyonce...No twins :(
  • Andrew Wright AKA The reason Faith was institutionalized
  • Matthew Ringheanu AKA Hoodamath UHH!
  • Sam Rhinehart ... Puzzle of Doomsday prepper

2014 Term 1 Spy 101


  • Instructor: Jeff Beyerl (rhymes with "spiral")
  • TA: Grace Silaban


  • Peter Gado
  • Tanuj Alapati
  • Matthew Shu
  • Aimar Negrete
  • Asha Mani
  • Renata Starostka
  • Preethi Narayan
  • Dennis "D-Money" Wu
  • Lauren Kosub
  • Marisa Schwartz
  • Gabrielle Costello
  • Joseph Reitman
  • Joseph Cochran
  • Niles Bernabe
  • Chris Terry (Previously known as Hal of an Indeterminate Surname)
  • Samuel Zhang
  • Chris Poston

Memorable Moments/Class Inside Jokes:

  • "Don't distract the otters" --- On the first day, Mr. Beyerl asked the class to come up with a reasonable set of rules to be the class guidelines. One of the rules was, "Don't distract the others," but in his handwriting, it looked like "otters." When Peter Gado was later asked to write all the rules on a poster, he purposely wrote "otters" to see if anyone would notice. Eventually the class did and it became the class joke, with the phrase "Don't distract the otters" being on the class shirt encrypted using an Autokey cipher with the key 14 (for "O" in "Otters" and for 2014) and an otter on the back of the shirt.
  • Marisa the Bully --- Marisa Schwartz was quoted with many mean sayings such as when she was asked, "Marisa, what do you think about true friendship?" her response was "No comment." Thereafter, a running joke was that Marisa was the class bully. Of course none of the students actually believed Marisa was a bully and would have stopped if asked, so it was all in good fun.
  • Social Constructivism --- On Thursday, June 26, Niles, Renata, and Joseph Cochran created the Grand Discourse, a conversation about the philosophy of Social Constructivism while passing notes.
  • The Cranes --- Somebody had been making origami cranes and putting them up all around the classroom. Every day they seemed to multiply, and they kept appearing in the strangest places. (By the way, if you know who was responsible for this (as I do), don't say so until the end of Term. It has to come as a surprise!)
  • "Wow!" / "You Huubuu!" --- Aimar Negrete and Peter Gado (Basque Buddies!!!) are known for shouting out "Wow!" during class along with Samuel Zhang. Matthew Shu came up with his own version, the "Strained Wow," in which "Wow" is yelled with a strained voice. Another saying, coined by Peter, is "You Huubuu!" In fact, this is his quote in the Termbook. ("Strained Wow" has also been misinterpreted to be constipation...)

2018 Term 2 Spy 101



  • Teach: tomkins anea
  • TA: quisteena chan


  • Ki
  • Katheren
  • Hather
  • Lick
  • Traecny
  • Dneny
  • Eleane
  • Kieth
  • oobey
  • Gorahn
  • Ruddy
  • Annekeit
  • kerrenea
  • leheri
  • vivieneh
  • emmmmmamlimmme

Class Memes:

  • Catherine and our TA Christina Chen being incredibly good at rhythm games
  • Christina Chen is always tired but makes the best cryptograms
  • Rick Huang from this class founded the Duke TiP Communist Party
  • The creation of and others
  • Playing unfeasibly long rounds of BS with >3 decks of cards
  • Our instructor "classified" government job (NSA for sure, amiright?)
  • Drawing long furbys and cursed images everywhere
  • Oliver Pellecchia accidentally renaming Govind as "Gohan" when asked by the instructor if he knew the names of everyone in the class
  • Making rock stacks in the fountain right next to Brockman Hall
  • Heather being a spy and wanting to turn everyone into cheese
  • Christina's iconic fedora
  • Rudy's arthritis in his left knee
  • The Imitation Game, a movie about Alan Turing and the subsequent memeing of the quote "I don't like sandwiches"
  • Pony Tumors
  • "NANI?!"

Georgia Tech

Instructor: Nitza Santiago



Class Memes, Recurring Themes, and Important Events

The Mutton Party: Mutton parties were the brainchild of Sam Powers, though Will Kaericher was by far their most enthusiastic supporter. Early in week one when the class was asked to break into groups and come up with ideas for a [pseudo]random number generator, the unclear instructions led Sam and Will's group to develop a series of random number generators based on numbering sheep. Several of these took grisly advantage of ovine mortality, and the Mutton Party was suggested so as to not waste that tasty, tasty mutton. The Mathematics of Distortion class was invited to a Mutton Party via messages encrypted with an online Enigma machine simulator, but they never showed up. Though it was conceived sufficiently early in the term, the Mutton Party was not immediately unanimously embraced, and no reference to it was made on the class t-shirt. Theo Hewitt designed several buttons, but his Mutton Party design was the only button distributed before class ended. Will's final research project had a slide detailing the several ovine random number generators that resulted in a truly random sequence of numbers and a mutton party.

57 is my favorite prime: In the first Storytime of many, Nat told the story of Alexander Grothendieck's infamous mistake of suggesting 57 as an example of a prime number. The phrase was the only meme that made it onto the class t-shirt, and was also commemorated with a button designed by Theo, but the button was never distributed to the entire class.

Vigenere Cryptanalysis: On Thursday of week one, Nat handed out a page of ciphertext encrypted with a Vigenere cipher and told the class to break it. She gave no help and it took several hours. The ordeal was commemorated with a button whose exact subject could provide a crib for any future classes, and so will remain secret, because if we had to spend all morning on this, future classes should too.

Diffie-Hellmann Steal the Bacon: A variant of Steal the Bacon where the call-sign is a shared secret key created via a Diffie-Hellmann key exchange played during week two.

Mango Season: Started by Cade, Mango Season entailed slapping people's calves and yelling "It's Mango Season!" This led the class to come to the conclusion that Wallace had the best "mangos."

Term 1 2019 (Rice)


  • Instructor: Juan Martinez-Alvez
  • TA: Timofey Kolenikov
Spy 101
  • Allicen
  • Ren
  • Lee
  • Ivy
  • Brianna
  • Ethan
  • Axel
  • Alan
  • Sydney
  • Julia
  • John
  • Alex (left after first week)
  • Annamaria
  • Coco
  • Roma
  • Vivek
  • Rachel
  • Abby
  • Jack (David)
Inside Jokes/Memes:
teeth train
  • leaf piles
  • "higher not wider"
  • teeth train
  • bananas in places that bananas should not be
  • David
  • smite sticks
  • Tim's Tunes
  • using Juan's name as the keyword for every cipher
  • n u t
  • "ruber cubers"
  • "epic 4"
  • "bruh moment"
  • oH mY WoRd!
  • Alan Turing
  • invisible frisbee
  • "turn up for evening study!"