Theo Hewitt

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The best Theodore in all of Texas

Theo Hewitt
Pronouns He/Him
Campus(es) Georgia Tech
Attended 2017, 2018
Course(s) Forensic Anthropology (2017), Spy 101: Cryptology and Number Theory (2018)
RAG(s) Taylor Coleman (2017), Ivy Evatt (2018)
Roommate(s) (2017) Caroline Roswog, , , and (2018) Dustie Beaubien
Social Media

Georgia Tech Term 2, 2017

Theo took Forensic Anthropology, and was voted Most Likely to Actually Become a Forensic Anthropologist. Theo was one of the two guys in RC Taylor's Tyrannosauruses where he was voted Most Likely to Die in Georgia. This was his first year at TIP even though he was a third year. His team (blue) won Swarmfest. He was also major person in The Breakfast Squad, as well as a member of The Shlurpp Buds (see: The Shlurpp). He took Arman Tavallaei to TIProm.

Georgia Tech Term 2, 2018

Theo took Spy 101: Cryptology and Number Theory, and was voted Most Likely to Death by Balloon. (Allergic reaction at TIP Sync don't ask.) He was the only boy in Ivy's Frat BOIZ despite the name. He was voted Most Likely to be The Best. Sadly, this was only his second year, but it was his last. Yet again, his team, (red this year) won Swarmfest. He didn't really have any notable friend groups except what could be called "The Homo Squad" or something along those lines. He took to TIProm where she walked him down the carpet as his "beautiful, perfect wife."