Arman Tavallaei

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Arman Tavallaei
Last Day of Georgia Tech Term II with The Breakfast Squad - Shoham
Pronouns He/Him
Campus(es) Trinity University, Georgia Tech, Rice University
Attended 2016, 2017, 2018
Course(s) , Neuroscience, Historical Epidemiology
RAG(s) Navid (2016), Gaston (2017), Sam's Club (2018)
Roommate(s) Matthew Ruff
Social Media Snapchat: R.man14, Instagram: Tav.arman14

2plus.png Cross-Campus
This TIPster has attended TIP at more than one campus.

Unique person from suburban Houston, TX. An ambivert who always falls for people not interested in him.

Went to TiProm 2017 with Theo Hewitt and in 2018 with Me, Myself, and I.

Dedicated person of The Breakfast Squad and prominent undergrad at the Super secret Duke Tip boarding school.

Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate RelationTIP
2016 1st Trinity University I Web Applications Development Prassel Navid Cole Not interested
2017 2nd Georgia Tech II Neuroscience Towers Gaston Evyn Tynnekoon Theo Hewitt
2018 3rd Rice University II Historical Epidemiology McMurtry Sam Unger Matthew Ruff Sad Boi Hours
2019 4th Duke West II Social Psychology Few Te'Asia Accepted Truth

Trinity Term 1

Lived just down the hall of the Paper Plane Incident. His RAG watched Lord of the Rings throughout the entire three weeks, thanks to AJ. For TipSync, his RAG performed Demon Kitty Rag by the alt rock music group Katzenjammer. Arman was on team Grellow and came in a place that was not last ;) For his first time at Tip, it was a great one, esp for meeting Jacob Wielhower, a closeted gay TIPster who would only reveal himself the spring break following Tip that year.

Tech Term 2

Georgia Tech was one of the best years of Tip for Arman. the RC was cool and ensured Blue Team's victory at . Indulging in a milkshake stolen from Arman's roommate on amnesty night was Totally Tubular. Arman hang out with The Breakfast Squad and discovered the mysteries of The Shlurpp. In class, Arman touched a human brain, sheep brain, went to Yerkees Research Lab, and met Margaret LaMarche and Ananyaa and therein became close to MARZ, especially because he was also on Blue Team. Amnesty night was definitely the best! Arriving at his looney state around 4 in the morning and noticing Spencer's Parmesan Legs. After shoving Theo Hewitt in the closet and leaving his butterfly cards with Marie, Arman spent the week after Tip seein Atlanta and the Coke Factory with his fam, only to come to Tip another year.

Rice Term 2

At the Dawn of Term 2, Arman already knew he was in for it. His friend Carly McDonald who attended Rice Term 1 had already notified Arman that this was the strictest campus he'd ever go to. Not to his surprise, the banning of the Thot knot ensued. And thus, The Infamy of 2018 had made itself known. However, Tipsters were ironically allowed to go to breakfast on their own, or at least with a buddy (Perhaps this was simply because it was so close). Throughout the term, Arman made friends like Christie Vernon, , and , and frequented The Closet. Pushing past semi-forced crushes on the only two openly gay TIPsters on campus, Arman eventually went to TipProm as a Trio: Me, Myself, and I. At the conclusion of the term, Arman received an Acceptance Letter allowing him to become one of the original students to attend the Super secret Duke Tip boarding school. Awaiting Duke TiP 2019, he hopes and prays for a boyfriend.