The Infamy of 2018

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In 2018, Fourth Year privileges were changed to where an RC or other staffer needed to be supervising any group, regardless of how previously Fourth Years could go elsewhere on campus during free time as long as they stayed in groups of 3 or more. There seems to be a trend that there have been changes to all campuses, not just Rice or Tech, thus the association of a change in Main Office administration/policy. In addition, Amnesty Night was removed and a curfew was set.

The Infamy of 2018 is a page dedicated to the changes made in 2018 across all campuses and concerns regarding the changes.

Duke West

  • As of Term 1 2018, the fourth year privilege of traveling 9th street was revoked. 4th years were only granted a trip in large groups on Sundays from 9-12. This was only due to a very vocal group of angry 4th years.
  • Apparently Admin and OSD was awful

Georgia Tech

  • Admin was awful
  • 4th and 5th Street Privilege was revoked for Fourth Years
    • Fourth Year privileges were "replaced" by weekly privileges that were either already supposed to happen or were almost entirely mentioned (Term 1 included choosing the movie for movie night, cutting ahead of Green Lanyards in line (mostly unmentioned and unused), and the traditional trip to IHOP on the Last Night)

Rice University

Term 2

  • Revolution against Dr. Ally and the Dress Code
    • Started by girls wearing Thot knots
    • Proceeded by the mishandling of Dress Code violations in which girls were forced to bend down in front of a staff member
    • Proceeded by several emails and complaints sent to Main Office / the Dean
    • Proceeded by a campus-wide meeting on 7/20/18 in the Spaceship in which no policy was changed. The night before, the RC group meeting were supposed to discuss "comments, questions, and grievances" with TIP policies. Only Sam's RC (and Julia's because it was her day off) seemed to actually discuss the matter because all of the questions were nearly word for word what that group said. The RCs performed a variety of skits in which they nearly quoted the TIP official website. "All of the TIPsters knew the policies: they didn't want them repeated in another medium, they wanted them changed".
    • "The entire term has been a mess and a disgrace to the TIP community and what it is supposed to be. The Administration has shown a pattern of disrespect, aggression, and inappropriate behavior to Staff and Tipsters alike. Notable examples include those previously stated, unprompted aggression towards students without justification, blatant misuse of authority, politically or socially charged statements, reprimanding staff for not complying with/verbalizing concerns or disagreements with clearly unsound or morally wrong decisions, and much more. (These examples are intentionally left vague to maintain anonymity due to fear of unjust reprimanding. Duke TIP is supposed to be not only a safe and friendly environment for everyone, but a community, and the administration has actively abused their authority and manipulated individuals in a way that goes against this in pursuit of their own goals and motives. This is a complete disaster and a disgrace to Duke TIP. Many students and staff alike have voiced concerns only to be shot down or brushed off. The environment has been toxic and uncomfortable for everyone, several Tipsters have voiced their displeasure, discomfort, disgust, and fear to no avail. This has even caused many students to voice a desire to not return to ANY Duke program again, this is an unsafe environment for everyone at this camp, and reflects terribly on Duke TIP as a whole" -Lucid.