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The last night is basically another way to say “anarchy.” You let out your inner self, get drunk on Cheerwine, play beer pong, intentionally break property, have wild sex with your relationTIP, stay up all night, and sleep in the next day. Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble if you do this, this is 100% safe!


In 2014, a harsh crackdown and reduction on East's normally laizze-faire policy on curfew during the Last Night by the arrival of dictatorial West-originated admin staff led to several Tipsters rebelling and violating the absurd new laws, which spat in the face of years of tradition, covertly gathering whilst the RCs were unawares. One Alspaugh Rag, [Redacted]'s Rag, managed to smuggle in over 80% of their fellow ragmates into the largest dorm and enjoy the night they deserved for two hours! before their revolution was quietly and mercifully put down by their RC. (At Term 1, this was not the case. The RCs were very lenient and only patrolled a few times, allowing many people to sleep in others' rooms.)

In 2011, one 2nd year was caught on the roof of Alspaugh.

At East II, 2010, a group of 3rd and 4th year Tipsters were seen at the bust stop quad in the far corner sitting in a circle. Both RCs Kathleen and Gabe continued to visit this mischievous group to see what was going on in the darkness. Though the Tipsters claim no sketchy business was going on, they remained in the shadows of the night for over two hours, laughing and sitting around on a blanket. What was really going on was a crazy game of truth or dare involving butt grabbing, clothing changes, and tree humping, eventually turning into a game of pure making out dares. There were no drunk Tipsters in the circle, contrary to popular belief, though there was a water bottle filled with vodka that tasted like licorice present. The fact that there was lots of making out does not mean it was inappropriate, I mean, the RCs should have been checking on Marni and Dominic in the common room, who probably hit a few bases that night. But nevertheless, the game of dares was fun for everyone who came and went.The group was eventually broken up by Kathleen, who threatened to "smell that bottle". What was not pleasant or appreciated were the horrible looks given to the Tipsters involved by Peter Sloan, RCs Kathleen, Gabe, and Andrew, and all other Tipsters chilling at the bust stop quad. You were all young once and looking for a good time. Lighten up.

As for the 2nd Years of East II, 2010, everything was as crazy...maybe not so much, but still. Many making out games were played, including Truth or Dare, chinese couples, and Spin the Bottle. Allegedly, this was the night that two 2nd year girls made out after dared to do so. They should be applaudded for being so legit. (edit: I was there for all of this and said making out games soon turned from boy on girl to anyone on anyone except boy on boy because they were too chicken. However, most of the girls involved in these games did end up kissing the other girls at some point. )

At East I, 2008, Two tradegies put the last night in jeopardy. The Union closed for 4th of July weekend which limited supply to five hour energies and caffeine... Kelly warned us about how the last night is still a night at TiP... All rules enforced... TIPsters were too fly to let kelly screw the fun away. She deemed that beyond 1AM you needed an RC that would come by every 30 minutes(It became almost an hour at some points) to escort you between dorms. This lead to many TIPsters doing barrel rolls and climbing trees to avoid detection while sneaking to other dorms. A large amount of people watched mean girls in basset. While alot of people watched star wars in Pegram. All in all, it was banging good fun.

AT East II, 2008, TIPsters were told that all rules would be strictly enforced through the entire night. We aren't the smartest kids in America for nothing... TIPsters talked outside while loading up on the caffeine after the closing ceremony until 12, when they were ordered to stay inside. Thus marked the second phase of the night, with energy drinks, passion drops, and general hysteria. RCs took TIPsters to different dorms every 30 minutes. 2 o'clock marked the slowing down. TIPsters enjoyed the ridiculously strange "Stardust" in the Bassett commons. Many could feel the drop in energy and engaged in skips around the commons to ward off the tiredness. Four marked the crash of the energy. Many had fallen asleep on chairs, on sofas, on the ground, etc. Others could be found lying in hallways, particularly those of 2nd floor Bassett, coloring termbook covers while listening to The Final Countdown on repeat and discussing sexy men. With the sunrise, many were out. In the arms of friends we slept.

At East I, 2006, TIPsters were deemed "crunk" enough to stay up all night by Sam the OSC. TIPsters wandered the quads, etc, until 2 AM. The Dominos pizza delivery guy was kept busy going back and forth, as Dominos stays open until 1 AM. But after 2 AM, an RC escort was required to go in between dorms. After 2 AM, (at least in Giles), the girls were ordered to stay on their own floor, and the boys were ordered to stay on their own floor. However, the two genders could mingle in the 1st floor commons room. TIPsters were often sighted sleeping in the following places: in the opposite sex's study room, in the snack/drink machine room, on the chairs/couches/floor of the common room, any empty patch of floor, a flight of stairs, etc. Quite a few TIPsters finally gave up a little bit before dawn and turned in at 5 AM; they were promptly slapped awake by their RAG-mates right before breakfast.

At East II, 2005, TIPsters were allowed to stay up all night and roam the grounds as they wish (at least until 3AM, at which time TIPsters had to be escorted from commons to commons until they return to their individual rooms). While on the Quad, many TIPsters piled on one another, placing their heads on each other's stomachs and thus creating a "florgy." This was, naturally, a fabulous last night bonding experience. Additionally, TIPsters were allowed to sleep in the commons, although speculation suggests that alternative quarters were used. Edit: Like at West II '05, many people went to watch the sunrise. Many of the 2nd years protested from 6 A.M. until 7 when the RCs finally let them go sit on the steps of the Lily library to watch the sunrise. It was too cloudy, but a memorable experience nonetheless.

At East II, 2004, a small group of TIPsters returned from Honey's at about 5 a.m., and an RC let them stay outside until sunrise. During this time, the sprinklers went off on the quad, and the TIPsters went running through them.


Term II 2012, it was the first year the last night was restricted to 1st floor only (what a drag), this gave the RC's and TA's recognition to stop 99% of all sexual activities (one couple managed to hit 3rd base lol), O commons was used as a place to watch Ghost Hunters. K commons was used as a hang out place for many tipsters to stay. The chanler posse stayed at Katies corner. Elevator was where Jordan Serenaded SWAG GANG. Also, Cannan, Emily and others hanged out at Sam's nook. So many Cold PIZZA. I CAN STILL SMELL UNUSED PIZZA AND DEAD DRINKS.

At West I 2006, the Followers of The Luke bought all the Vault (Get to it!) and stayed up on caffeine and, quite often, their own... stomach produce (Caffeine does that in quantities exceeeding 5 lbs.). Many a TiPster experienced the infamous "caffeine hangover", which does exist, despite what the government says... *shifty*

At West II, 2005, and West I 2006, TIPsters were also allowed to stay up all night an roam the grounds (within boundries). However, unlike East, they were not escorted inside at 3:00 and many a drunken-type TIPsters(*edit* There were a few drunken TIPsters, thanks to one RC who just felt like "celebrating" that TIP was over) (*edit* some TIPsters who feel they were unfairly accused of being drunk would like to point out that nothing was ever proven) were still roaming around high off red bull. Also, many TIPsters attempted to go see sunrise in the gardens, which needless to say, failed miserablly because the sky was cloudy, however, a few bats were seen. The most eventful part was when the first bus took kids to the airport at 6:45 am Saturday Morning. Everyone who wasn't dead showed up and cried and hugged and emotions were high. Then everything crashed as we realized we were all going home.


Term 2 2018: Kids blaring music, food being distributed, term book signing tip 12:30am (was I the only guy here who was scared to go onto floor 2 for termbook signing (I eventually did do it though)). Theo just hid in his room. Come on man. Not to many tears that night everyone was just hanging out by the 2nd floor stair well. Most people still had TIPplague so not much (known) action. 5 girls had a sleepover only to panic and reevaluate their life choices when the room next to them got busted for having their lights on. All 5 slept through the alarm and one girl almost missed her bus but the bus waited though so it was fine. Someone tried to kiss a girl but she said no. RIP. Lights out was at midnight which is unfair because as I'm reading the terms before us had until 2...but it's fine. Sadly, many couples failed at doing the arm thing aka rite of passage for all couples, but they still had lots of fun on their last night, even if the lounges were under surveillance when ever it was co ed. Even though lights out was 12, whose to say things didn’t happen in the rooms... Sadly, no known kissing happened.

Term 1 2018: It wasn’t as wild as they say it is, but things got weird. We got to stay up until midnight and go to any floor to get termbook signatures and see our friends one last time. In fact, on the second floor, Abigail’s RC group circled up just to cry together. Everyone was in tears. Well, not everyone, but be assured, EVERYONE WAS SAD. There was a free food pile in one second floor lounge, and it lasted a surprisingly long time. Lots of noise was made, and lots of music was played. No one cared whose food was whose anymore; we just ate. It was a chaotic yet somber night, with all the laughter and tears. No one made out, as far as I know. Finally, at midnight, all was over, and we slept.

Term 2 2016: It was all primed to be a fun (if sad) last night, till it was shut down. Y'all know what's up (*cough*annie*cough*). Before it was, plenty of people had piled into the first floor lounge. Originally, Olivia had texted Creative Writing kids to come downstairs, share her monstrous piles of food and sign term books. At one point, Shakespeare kids turned up, and then everything became chaotic. Many people were crying. Those not crying were either comforting the distraught or simply judging them. It was a beautiful sight to see, if the tears didn't blur your vision.

Term 1 2015: Due to Blue team's prize at summerfest (stay up an hour later after lights out) the OSD made sure to honour that prize by enforcing regular on-floor times of 10 and lights out at 10:45, much to the dismay of the green team who was up at 6am playing Yao Ming. However, all of the 3rd floor was having a great time jousting with chairs until 11:30 regardless whatever team they were on for summerfest. Yes, even the red team. ^^^^^ that aint fair im gonna scream now ^^^ It was great. Also, the Red Team's pizza came like twenty minutes late, and it wasn't really all that great.

Term 1 2014: Everyone can stay up until 1:30, but have to be on their floors aafter 1:00. Canoodling is strictly forbidden (in a weird fake accent, too!) but is probably happenning anyway. Nothing much is happening and it's really boring(2nd floor anyway). Various foods are available on the second floor for exorbitant prices. Edit: selling food has been forbidden. However, only the 2nd floor RCs know this so people will probably start selling food upstairs. Surprisingly, no pizza deliveries have been made yet(to this tipster's knowledge). RCs are known to shoot couples canoodling/kissing with water guns (Amar, Quinten, David)

Term 2 2014: The last night was particularly depressing this year in Davidson. It involved a lot of crying (most of which coming from Emily) and a lot of heartbroken GUYS following girls around like kicked puppies. TIPsters were permitted to stay awake with the lights on until 1:00. On hall time was 12:30 and on the 3rd floor, China made it very clear that she wanted everyone out by storming up and down the hall shouting: "GET ON YOUR HALLS! ON HALL TIME! GET OUT OF HERE, IAN!" (We love you, China!). A lot of pizza was ordered, and the basement was the place to be if you wanted any food. It started out as a food pile where anyone can add and take food, and ended with a bunch of pizza from Dominoes. RC's were pretty lenient with the relationTIPS; however 'hand checks' were not at all uncommon. Much smeared mascara, and screaming of "Baddest of them all". Basement lounge full of crying MCR fans listening to MCR, FOB, and P!atD.

Term 2 2012: 11:30 (I think) was the last official RC group meeting, and midnight was lights out. No last night sleepovers were allowed.(Except in the basement) During Term 2, most RCs were extremely strict. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors were still instructed to observe the 12:00 AM lights out rule. No one was allowed in lounges, off hall, or in another room. However, the basement got lucky and was allowed to stay up till whenever as long as they on hall and in a room. However, with the help of Jordan, Frankie and a friend of his snuck out to streak across the "forbidden grass"

Term 1 2012: 11:30 was the last RC group meeting, 12 was last nights, although a lot of people snuck into other dorm rooms or to the lounges. Although it wasn't technically allowed, most RC's were pretty chill. It just depended on who you had. Also, the fourth floor has been off limits for 2012.

Term 1 2017: People signed each other's legs and termbooks. Everyone took out their uneaten food and shared it which included an entire pack of FIGI water, a party-sized bag of lays chips, and lots of ramen. Almost everyone cried (mostly girls). All the boys said they wouldn't cry but most eventually did.

At Davidson, TIPsters were allowed to stay up until 1 am. It is not official that students be able to stay in each others rooms, however, if you get the right RC... it varies. Lounges have been slept in.

Also known as the 'all-nighter,'many TIPsters will binge on caffeinated drinks thus becoming uncoordinated and extrememly hyper (this TIPster has certainly experienced this).

  • A Guide To The Last Night At Davidson
    • if you're looking for the party floor, 3rd is where you should head. most couples not involved in groping each other and other non residents can be found here.
    • if you're looking for the hyper floor, 2nd floor is the place to go. free food, drinks, and candy, along with headbangers and linkin park can be found here.
    • if you're looking for the game floor, 1st floor is competition central. from poker to twister, all games can be found here. (note: ERS can be found on the 3rd floor lounge, where Daniel, The ERS Master is found)
    • if you're looking for the insanity floor, go on over to 4th. beach balls, water guns, and John totally disregarding his RC duties can be found here. (note: RC watergunning is strictly prohibited. That being said, find Zach (2nd-3rd floor, various stairwells) if you need tips on how to most effectively drench them)NOTE: DO NOT GO TO THE FOURTH FLOOR IN BELK, OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED BY THE HIGH COUNCIL ITSELF.
    • if you're looking for TVs, the basement is open. but be warned, Aimee is on this floor and patrols it like a shebeast.
    • If you're looking for privacy, though, a stairwell is best. just remember, crazy irish spidermans are known to run around in very form-fitting costumes...
  • last minute warnings
    • you can be in the opposite sex's room, but some RCs may be a little against this rule, so watch it.
    • you'll have to clean up whatever you trash!

As of 2007... TIPsters were allowed up until 2am, no one was allowed in anyone of the opposite sex's rooms, however they could hang out in all the floors and the lounges until 1:30am. Also there was pizza everywhere... Dominoes eventually refused to take more orders and even Pizza Hut was getting plenty of action.

Wake Forest

Term 1 2014: Lights out was 2 AM. You had to be in the common area, not upstairs, unless you were going to bed. EPS got some snacks and spent the rest of the night fiercely guarding the kitchen. People were chugging Red Bull on the way downstairs. People ordered pizza, and one person ordered wings, with free Coke in the fridge in the kitchen. There was one kid who had to leave for the airport at 3 AM, and ended up staying up until 2 AM anyway.

Term 2 2014: Had to be in your room by 2 am. (really ended up being 1:30 because they knew it would take at least half an hour to get everyone upstairs) You also had to be in the common areas, unless you were going to hang out in the hallways/room (not strictly enforced) as many tipsters just hung out in the hallways. The business ad engineering kids got food, more food than anyone else. and it was pretty awesome. Supreme Leader and Jason bought like 2,000 donuts for everyone and kids were seen walking around with boxes of donuts. At 1:30 they ordered everyone upstairs, but a lot of hugging and tears were exchanged (especially by the people that were leaving early in the morning) but by 2, everyone was upstairs. (PS, I am very sad that the 2015 wfu tipsters have not yet discovered the tip wiki... so any 2015 tipster from wfy, PLEASE UPDATE WFU STUFF ;( it's making me sad. (We found it.. Just not much went down that could be accurately put into words.)

Term 1 2015:Had to be in our rooms at midnight. At 11:30ish, RCs were pied by tipsters in the common area, much to the dismay of residential staff. Term books were not issued until Saturday morning, so tipsters walked around adding people to their phone contacts. While many Tipsters decided to socialize, "The Brotherhood" proceeded to play chess throughout the night. Lots of food was eaten and shared, and someone shared a lot of delicious Korean food. Meanwhile, "Danielle's Philosofurs" sobbed in the hall and stayed up in each other's rooms until 2 AM. At 6 AM, the girls woke up to say bye to one of their friends who had an early plane to catch, and they ended up sleeping in the hall together for the next couple of hours.


Term One 2008

First, there is the talent show and slideshow. Also, if you were stuck there on the Fourth of July (like me), you might catch three fireworks. After that, the fun begins.
You are allowed to stay up untill 1:00AM, and last RC group meeting is at 1:30AM. You are also allowed to stay in the dorm of someone in your RC group, but lights out are at 2:00AM. Ordering times are also extended, and thus several parties are also going on. People any food they havn't eaten, particuarly those who fly and can't take food on the plane. Thus, if your friends are the right people, you will get more food than even you can handle. The "Diet Coke and Mentos" experiment was also tried, but alas, as we only had a regular Coke it didn't work, and apparently tasted horrible. Music will also be blasted at some parties. There will be lots of picture taking, lots of food, lots of fun, lots of crying (or stating of the phrase "Y'all are gonna make me wanna cry!"), lots of random people (okay, one random person; the person who is writing this right now) singing sad songs. Fourth years go to IHOP at one. Most peple get hugged at least once. Some people collect contact information from all of their friends as well. Eventualy, we go to sleep, wake up, pack up the last of our stuff, and continue saying good-bye and hugging everyone before being taken home.

Term One 2011

Everything was the same as above, with the exception of the time. This year, the lights out time was supposedly 11:00, with the exception of the 4th years who went to Denny's.

Term Two 2012

Basically same as above. Lights out was at 2:30. Floor time 2:00. Though no one actually slept...

Trinity University

  • Term 2 2012
    • After the Talent Show, Tipsters proceded to party back at the dorms...lots of sugar and caffiene were involved, as well as dumping food stashes into the hallways...
    • The amazing after-party in the third floor lounge had to end because SOMEONE turned the stove on and burned the plastic and paper plates... T^T it was moved to the first floor lounge after much debate.
    • There was food, music, and well as...*ahem* couples...yeah...
    • All in all, it was AMAZING

New College of Florida

  • Term 2 2012
    • After the Talent Show we all went back to the and signed termbooks. At some point, the staff started putting what seemed like hundreds of different kinds of cereal on the tables and we ate cereal and milk. And cookie dough. Pounds of cookie dough. <<<<hold up. There was COOKIE DOUGH?!?!? Say whaaaa???

Marine Lab

  • 2009
    • It was permitted this year for groups of the same sex to stay in the same room on the last night. , Max, Stuart, Stacy, Graham, and several others stayed in one room and threw a suspicious looking bottle of white shampoo into a girls' room.
  • 2010
    • The regular Last Night policy was in place, but students were allowed to get up to see off the first airport group.

Georgia Tech

During Term II 2014, after the Talent Show, TIPsters had free time until 2 am. 1am to 2am was on hall time. 4th years went to IHOP at 2AM, as is tradition. They returned at 4AM speaking very loudly and generally woke anyone who was sleeping. Around 6am, people began going down to the Hefner Learning Center (Hefner Basement) to begin saying goodbye. This is where the 4th years were sleeping/waiting for people to come down.