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New College of Florida is a college that hosts Duke TIP Summer Programs. It started hosting in 2012. It is an amazing place for TIP because of the wonderful staff, decent food, and great classes (it should be noted that regular-sized cups were not part of the decent food). New College is in Sarasota, Florida. Alas, it was also known for its harshly enforced rules. It taunted you with the community hammocks which you were not allowed to get into, punishable by loss of much free time and possibly being sent home. However, there was one hammock, located on Z green, that one could lounge on. Then it broke. And we all know who you think it was. And no, it wasn't upper V. Only Conrad, Preston, River, and Jack were there from upper V. The other 4 people were girls (and yeah we were pimps). There are 4 guys' dorms: V,W,X, and Y, and one girls' dorm, Z. Other important locations on campus include:

  • The Sudakoff (Sudoku) Center- where registration, all the dances, and signout are held.
  • The Ham AKA the Hamilton Center AKA the cafeteria
  • Z Green- the main grassy area where we go after meals and to play ultimate (and where dances should have been :P)
  • The Bridge- well, it's pretty self-explanatory, but it's where we walk across to get to classes from the dorms. (wait, what. say that again. im really confused. why would you WALK on a BRIDGE?)

Unfortunately, New College was only a TiP campus for one year due to what some might refer to as a mild to moderate tropical storm.

one rc at east who went to new college during its sole year of existence claims that a large number of traditions (notably tradition songs) were absent from it. f in chat.


Term I


  • TiPlympics
  • PalmFest
  • MOSI trip
  • TiPsync
  • Ultimate Tournament
  • Talent Show/Slideshow
  • SeƱor Guapo
  • Crossdressing Day
  • Fabroreos
  • Watching Tangled and singing :)
  • 1st Dance: Blackout
  • 2nd Dance: Treasure Island
  • 3rd Dance: Formal


  • Modern Medicine
  • That's Debatable
  • Pure Math
  • EPS
  • Creative Writing
  • Intro to Lab Sciences
  • Frogs, Bogs, and Pollywogs
  • Web App Development
  • Myths & Legends

RC Groups:

Term II


RC Groups:

  • Amandics
  • DJ's cereal daters
  • The Jeffites (obviously whoever wrote that wasnt a Jeffiite. 2 i's, not 1.)
  • Mak 'n cheese
  • V with the hat (Zach's RC)
  • Jessie's Girls (We were actually the coolest... Don't deny it)