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Xiao's Fantastic RAG Meeting - Max is not pictured, because he died.

Residental Counselors (RCs,) also known as blue necks for their blue lanyards, supervise each RAG at TIP. They are the only admin that are actually good. RCs have groups of 9-16 TIPsters that they (are supposed to) care for and look after during the duration of the term. RCs do things such as hold RAG meetings every night, make sure that none of their TIPsters are in bed on time, talk to distressed TIPsters, and organize RAG nights for their TIPsters. Some RCs are more strict than others. If an RC is required to leave, the buddy RC takes over.

RCs have every day off every week. This day can be every day from Monday-Thursday. When it is an RC's day off, their RAG is supervised by their RAG buddy's RC.

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