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Residential Hall Leader.

Basically, one RC out of each dorm is chosen to head the dorm. Usually, this means there are 3 RHLs per campus.

During Duke East 2006, Rebekah was the Giles RHL, Julia was the Pegram RHL, and Zach was the Alspaugh RHL.

During Davidson 2005, the three Belk RHLs were Allison, Jeff, and Kaleen.

During Texas A&M 2011, the two RHL's were Barbara and Harry.

During Duke West 2011, there where two RHL's (with their fourth years in fierce rivalry) by the name of Samantha ("Sam") and Sean.

During Duke West 2014, the two RHLs were Erin and Mike.

During Davidson 2014, one of the RHLs was Channon. I don't know the others.

During Georgia Tech 2015 Term 1, the RHLs were Kyle Dzwonkowski and Katie Willis they were wrongfully removed from their positions after a dispute with the RLC

During Rollins 2015, the two RHLs were Jo and Brandon, with Brandon being replaced with Guy-Who-Looks-Like-Brandon, Brad the last week. (It was Brandon with a shaved beard)

At Duke East 2015, the three RHLs were Chris for Alspaugh, Erin for Pegram, and Shawn for Bassett.

During Davidson 2016, the two RHLs were Annie and Deion.

Kevin DUML 2019, a very cool guy slept in dorm 6.