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General Background

A dorm on Duke East, Giles has not used by TIPsters during most of the past several years (excluding 2006, since Bassett was closed for renovation), ever since the scattering into other campuses. Other TIP programs, such as TIP Leadership or great debates, use the dorm. It is faithfully home to the G-Spot, a really cool foosball table in the common room (if you get the chance to go in there), and a couple TAs.

Oooh and it's also fun....because every Buffy fan knows that Giles is Rupert Giles, the coolest watcher ever! (sorry wes)

History of Giles

Giles was first opened to TIPsters in the summer of 1998. Term I triumphantly welcomed the dorm to TIP use by winning Quadfest. Giles residents used purple to signify their royalty and dominance over other dorms, and even went so far as to kidnap a fellow camper named Gilles, naturally using him as their mascot for the term.

In 2006, Giles was used for second year dorms and two mixed dorms of second and third years because Bassett was being renovated. Despite the third years' obvious seniority, they were stuck on the third floor of the worst dorm in all of East, with some little tiny second years due to the overflowing-ness of Pegram (because there were fourth years in Pegram. Why can't we just be separated by year?) Even more sadly, the super rad foosball table is falling apart. You can however play Wultimate foosball, using the handle that fell off as the ball. It is far more Wultimate and so much better. (Noting that Christine and Sally ferciously beat Alina and John Michael in the championship at Term 2 2006.)

In Term 1 of 2017, the 'Big Screen, Little Screen' class regularly used the Giles bench as a meeting spot, and as a symbol for their class.


Dan: Giles was in use for TIP at least as far back as 1989.

Karen: Actually, Giles was used as a dorm at least once in my TIP career, and my fourth year was '97. But I don't remember which year, although I'm pretty sure I was in it. Hm, if I did live there it would have to be '95, my second year, because I was in Bassett my 3rd year and Brown my 4th. And I was at Davidson my 1st. So that narrows it down.

The second floor hallway of Giles dorm was a hangout for two different groups Term 2 2006.

The first group of people, also known as "The G-String", were made up of members of Calla, Karla, Jordan, and sometimes Andrew's rags and hung out in the duct taped area dividing the girls' and guys' sides, which was in the middle of the second floor. They would have incredibly crunk music wars, play cards, gather around Jordan during the nightly story time, play and talk about things such as: edible body paint, sexy clowns, how everything is kinky, Mary's six track mind *4 of which lead to sex, drugs and alcohol* , and amazing pick up lines (i.e. do you like fireworks? and if you were a pirate, would you have your parrot on this shoulder, or this one?). Like 3rd floor, we also liked to play obnoxiously loud music, but more of the Vanessa Carlton/Britney Spears variety. People in the middle-hallway group included: Mary M., Shannon, Kris, John Michael, Alegro, Canice, Darrell, Morgan, Katie, Hannah, Sally, Christine, Erica and others.

The second group of people hung out on 's hall. They were edgier, older, and more Xtreme, coming from faraway places (like...uh...the third floor of Giles). They engaged in games of truth or dare, candy fights (which ended with serious injuries to someone's face by a Twix bar, see Candy Wars), science experiments (which is why the spot on the carpet turned from dark blue to light blue, see The Carpet Spot), and more. Their music was from a different era and of a different quality; more often "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Living on a Prayer," and "Eye of the Tiger," blasted from speakers borrowed from Mitch, though "Every Time We Touch" was a classic from the Writing for the Stage members of the group (which, incidentally, got stuck in everybody's heads and resulted in random singing around campus). People from the group included: Alethia, Brian, Alyssa, Cailey, Rashmi, Maxine, Corwin, Zach, Grace, Soorya, Rhett, Katie, and Joseph (and Sarah from time to time). They lived to annoy Andrew and Swedish-Fish-Robert and Zach's Whore Fan was always plugged into Soorya's room, keeping them cool in the sweltering dorm.

It is interesting to note that, during the (I believe) second week of Term II, the third floor girls were banned specifically from walking around in their bras and panties, due to an extremely whorish second year. Also, there we multiple sightings of one occupant of the end room on Rebekah's Hall in a towel, and only a towel [Edit by Spencer: Not that you'd ever see that anywhere else...*Alspaugh*], in various places in the dorm, excluding the first floor.

Giles and Global Pandemics (i.e. SWINE '09.)

EDIT: Term I, 2009, Giles, the second floor, was used as quarantine for the kids with H1N1 (swine flu/hiney flu). It all started when John Vaughan came down with a fever on the first Wednesday, then was diagnosed with the Swine Flu and sent to Giles. Over the next two weeks, Tipsters with fevers and flu-like symptoms were sent to Giles. They were put there for 7 days, when they were released back into the real world. The sick kids literally had nothing to do, so they often resorted to watching hours of movies, a favorite being The Best of She-Ra. Also, at first, they talked through the screens to their healthy friends, but were informed not to by the staff.'Don't hang out the window' was the only rule. People crossed thresholds, made out, stayed up in the lounge until all hours of the morning, and were always on the phone. Almost everyone had fries with their meals, due to the fact that it was the only thing that they were sure was in the cafeteria. There was no ketchup. One of the most notable events of quarantine was when a couple students ordered a Ben and Jerry's ice cream cake, which stated "FOL [Swine]". It was Eliza Rothstein who coined the phrase "FOL" upon her first day of arrival in Giles. While reflecting on her life in quarentine by saying "FML", the epiphany was made, and FOL (Fuck OUR Lives) became the motto of the Giles family. The Swine '09 kids made CNN news, as well as the Duke press. When asked if what they were doing was a good idea, campers would often answer, "What are they going to do? Quarantine us?" It's interesting to note that several quarantined campers did not actually have any form of the H1N1 virus, and several campers not in quarantine had what they suspected were cases but managed to escape the clutches of Giles. It is also important to note that this spawned a great many catch phrases and bouts of rebellion among non-quarantined tipsters. For example: I survived Swine '09 and FIGHT THE QUARANTiP!

When TiPsters were taken off to the Main Office because they weren't feeling well, their friends would exclaim, "NOOO! Don't let them take you to Giles!"

Notable Quarantine Survivors:

  • John
  • Kristen
  • Robert
  • Brett
  • Girl Alex
  • Boy Alex
  • Irene
  • Nina
  • Wes
  • Julianna
  • Hunter
  • Duncan
  • Eliza
  • Dan
  • Wendy
  • Davis (for about six hours)
  • Mary Liza
  • Cappy
  • Scotty
  • David

It has been told that other students also had the swine flu, but were picked up by their parents, or simply taken into hotels by their parents as long as they were sick. This was done to avoid being drafted into the infamous Giles.