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Pegram is a dorm at Duke East that is historically used when Bassett, Alspaugh, or Brown is closed for renovation. Its inhabitants are called Pegramites, and it is located between Baldwin Auditorium and Alspaugh. Originally it housed first years, however the transfer of all first years to Davidson led to its current role. Traditionally, Pegram held the youngest TIPsters on East Campus, but over time Pegram came into its role as go-to dorm in lieu of closed dorms until after 2017, when it was remodeled and became the second and third year boy dorm.


In 2003, Pegram was closed for construction, and so second years were housed in Alspaugh.

In 2005, Pegram held the third-years on campus a two RAGs of fourth years. Angered by their forced exile from Bassett, these fourth-years planned to start a rebellion, including but not limited to a plot to steal the Llama and barricade it in the fourth year room till we were allowed to reside in our true fourth year home.

In 2006, Pegram was inhabited by third years with a few second years mixed in. Pegram continued its Quadfest winning streak, upsetting the 4th years in Alspaugh - although the Alspaugh 4th years threw quadfest that year.

In 2007, Pegram was not being used by TIP.

In 2008, Pegram was a mostly 3rd year dorm sprinkled with a couple second years and a 4th year. They almost won Quadfest in the first term, if it hadn't had been rigged, and DID completely annihilate the competition during the interpretive dance competition due to the amazing talents of Christine, Ray, and Aaron, thus securing the win of Quadfest. The Pegram Common room was by far the coolest place to hang out during the sparse free time TIPsters are given. During term one, this room witnessed the creation of the epic sport of Nut Ball by Calvin (AKA Sugar Nips), who was also the reigning champion of the sport. It was not uncommon to find more then one layer of people per couch, and relationTIPs abounded.

In 2009, Pegram was under construction and therefore not used.

In 2010, Pegram housed the TIP staff and administration.

In 2011, Pegram was home to all 60-something fourth-years, as well as two third-year RAGs (Betsy's and Wyatt's), and it was llovely. Pegram as a whole won TipSync by way of the Creepers, the TriTipster tournament by way of Ravenclaw (Jay's and Josh's RAGs), and Quadfest. It was epic. Also, there was an intense rivalry between the Seagulls (the nickname bestowed upon Gabe's slightly obnoxious RAG) and Megan's Bro Pack (not at all the same as Terricia's Bro Pack of 2010) that resulted in stealing Pokémon posters -which seriously upset Gabe for some reason- and impromptu shirtless dance-offs. It is rumored that there is an awesome adjoining closet connecting two of the girls' rooms on the third floor, which both was not locked -like is standard for shared closets at East- and managed to escape notice for the whole term.

In 2012, Alspaugh was being renovated, so Pegram was home to only second years, and contained about 4/5 of the second year population. Pegram lost quadfest...

In 2014, Pegram was home to all of the second years, in addition to 2 RAGs of third year, and Sebastian Babis, a third year who was placed in a second year RAG. They once again lost quadfest

During Term 1 2015, Pegram housed all 2nd and 3rd year girls. In the early morning of June 13, around 3:45 am, the fire alarms of Pegram went off. These alarms did not wake all of the girls and RCs, so only about 3/4 of the dorm waited outside and watched as fire trucks pulled up and the alarms were inspected. During this time, many girls suggested running around the quad and screaming to wake up the guys, since "it was only fair," but this was never done. Those waiting outside were finally allowed back to their dorms around 4:30 am, though no one got much sleep after. Many Pegram residents were spotted later that day shuffling around with tired eyes. We were eventually told that the year-round resident and her partner set off the alarm, but the exact cause is still unknown.

During 2017, Pegram was not used, presumably for renovation.

During Term 1 2018, Pegram housed the second and third year boys. Although the AC was not the best, the dorm was undoubtedly the nicest on campus. Marble bathroom counters and a full glass common room, similar to that of Brown’s, were some of its best features. A “fire” broke out( someone forgot to turn the oven off) around 8:00, after Fundatory, and all the residents of Pegram were out on the quad for about thirty minutes. This led to a very large group of frisbee throwers on the circle quad.

During Term 2 2018, the second floor of Pegram housed third and fourth year boys, as well as Lucy de Lande Long (atleast for a few hours anyway). Wells Bussey and Colin Hinze, both second-floor Pegramites, were the only TiPsters kicked out during the term, leading to the creation of the "Second Floor Pegram" chant by Jack Trahan and Vineyard Bryant.

During 2019, Pegram was used again as the second and third year boys’ dorm.


Rumor has it that room 202 on the second floor is haunted. In Term II 2006 the girls that shared the room, Cally and Alyssa, reported several supernatural events.
1) The smoke detector briefly sounding off for no apparant reason on several occasions [generally in the middle of the night, or right after lights out] despite the fact that it did not need new batteries.
2) The very locked door opening on its own late at night and early in the morning.
3) Various items disappearing, then reappearing, in mysteriously obvious places, days later.

"We Got Smokes"

A play on the East Term 1 2007 now infamous "Alspaugh Knife Incident," the term "We Got Smokes" originates from an incident that took place at East Term 1 2008 on Pegram's second floor, where third years were residing due to Brown being under construction.

In the first week of the term, a smell reminiscent of incendiary devices wafted from second floor Pegram. Over the next few days, countless interrogations took place, including a night where all 16 members of Blake's G.O.A.T. rag were questioned at once in the office of the new OSC, Kelly. Because they could find no evidence of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or any of the other illicit materials that were rumored to be prevalent on Pegram, no one was kicked out, put on lockdown, or had any sort of punishment placed upon them. (Though the only evidence of anything was the circumstantial evidence of cigarette smoke.) While "Alspaugh: We got knives!" is the original cheer, the Pegram-Smokes debacle is a treasured memory that will not fade from the minds of East Term 1 Pegram 2008 inhabitants. It was Kelly the OSC's initiation into the TiP community.

Blake's Term 2 G.O.A.T. RAG of 12 did not get into any situations that would illicit the use of any punishment.

It was awesome.

Pegram Bench

Pegram Bench During Term 1 2008
  • In 2004, the Pegram beach was a redition of Van Gogh's Starry Night.
  • In 2005, the bench was rebuilt, and simply stained red-brown.
  • In 2006, the Pegram bench had undergone a paint job. In addition to the boring stained red-brown color, a pirate's skull and crossbones had been painted on it along with the phrases "Surrender the Booty" and "We're the ShipT"
  • In 2007, the bench was black with little blotches of multi-colored paint all over it (very druggy, resulting in the nickname "The Shroom Bench")
  • In 2008, the Pegram bench again became a rendition of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Can you say, back to start?
    • The Bench was used by Chris and Ralf Popescu as a place for "Hippy Thoughts". The two individuals made observations about social patterns of groups of people walking along the quad. The two individuals were having "hippy" thoughts.
  • In 2010 the bench was a rendition of Andy Warhol's famous Campbell's Soup can painting.
  • In 2011 it was splatter-painted, and, if we want to compare it to a famous artist's work, we could compare it to Jackson Pollack's famous paintings. It had "PEGRAM" written in big letters on the floor part, but the paint had mostly chipped off by the end of tip.
  • In 2012, there was no Pegram bench.
  • In 2014, the Pegram bench was blue with the picture of a basketball court.
  • In 2015, the bench was black with the seat painted in the style of a piano and "Pegram" written on the bottom in gold with a music note. It was also stained with the remains of silly string.
  • In 2019, the bench was white with a painting of a painting set.

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