Vineyard Bryant

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1st Year: Wake Forest Term 2 2015

2nd Year: Duke East Term 2 2016

Commonly known as "Vineyard Vines" , "Vineyard Bryant" , or the "Second Year Who Drank Bleach Once". He is less known for, but still semi-famous for, deep-throating various items with surprisingly good results. RC was Brandon, RAG was Raisin Bran. Notable friends include: Backflip Colin, Leighton Carpenter, Irwin Deng, Ayush Krishnamoorti. He took International Relations and became close with Harrison Siders, Melody Lee, and Rebecca Fox. Very chill, casual RelationTIP with Kristy Wang. Spent most of his days in class coding a bot for Pokemon Go.

3rd Year: Duke East Term 2 2017

Bryant got out of various bouts of trouble during his third year at TIP, including multiple run-ins with RHL Matt. Made many knew friends and reunited with old ones, including but not limited to Kate Adkins, Backflip Colin, Jack Trahan, Matt Mohn, Elizabeth Stern, Mckenzie Mchugh, Jules Vilanni, Mira Thakur, Casey Epstein-Gross, Dylan Philbeck, Gabe Deng, Ayush Krishnamoorti, Izzy Leonard, Samuel Bender-Prouty, and Margaret Kirchner; with Kate and Colin being the closest. Friendships out of the main group including reuniting with Harrison and Rebecca, as well as a new friendship built during the year with Madison Clubb. RC was Andrew Lee(former holder of the Shazam hat, class was Creative Chronicles. Much more social this year, made great connections and friendships, didn't deep throat as many breadsticks. No RelationTIP, he stayed loyal. Third year was super lit, Bryant actively participated in the cuddle puddles put on by the big third year group. He didn't receive a tradition, although some 2nd years thought Vineyard Bryant was a tradition in itself.

4th Year: Duke East Term 2 2018

A shock to a lot of his friends, Bryant somehow didn't get kicked out! He had the time of his life fourth year with his beloved friends (OG) - Colin and Kate being the closest and Lucy being his girlfriend. His RC was Michelle but he maintained a friendship with Joseph Oh and had a bunch of RC/TA friends (including Andrew and Shelley). He was in POT with Kate but he didn't really go for the class but for his homies. As expected, he had a memorable time -- tiger balm with the fourth year guys, some stuff went down in conference rooms, he rocked a dress on wasw, was in the front of for the boys' TipSync to TiK ToK and upheld his rep as Vineyard Bryant by wearing a bunch of Vineyard Vines (but also a ton of YSL??). But he's so much more than a rich kid who wears VV a lot. Named mlt to be "unexpectedly wholesome" by his class, he is one of the sweetest, most incredible people you could ever meet and you're lucky if you got to spend even just 3 weeks with him. He is so loved and already missed by everyone who had the pleasure of getting to know him this term or at tip in his four amazing years at the program.