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Belk Residence Hall

Davidson College is a TIP campus, often called a rite of passage. Located near Charlotte, North Carolina, it is attended by rising eighth grade and some rising ninth grade tipsters. Davidson college has air conditioning, indoor dances, Summerfest, and RCs who say "y'all" all the time and we can never take them seriously. Seriously.

Campus Information

Catalog Description

Davidson College is a nationally recognized, highly selective independent liberal arts college located just about 20 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the town of Davidson. The College enrolls 1700 students and to date, Davidson students have garnered 23 Rhodes Scholarships. The intimate, picturesque 450-acre campus in a small town provides a nurturing and supportive environment for talented young Duke TIP participants. Famous alumni include Stephen Curry, the fourth Musketeer Jacques Crusoe, the uncle of Andy Griffith, and Mrs. Bluesky.

The Duke TIP at Davidson program offers a broad curriculum including math, natural and physical sciences, introductory psychology courses, and a variety of humanities classes. Approximately 200 students attend each term. This TIP site is open to students in grades 7 and 8.


Davidson College is located in the town of Davidson, North Carolina, which, coincidentally enough, is not in the nearby county of Davidson. Here is the town's official web page.


Davidson is located near Main Street, which is similar to Ninth but much smaller.

Most years, TIP uses Davidson's largest dorm, Belk Residence Hall as the main residence facility; though in 2004, TIP used Richardson, Irwin, Akers, and Knox. These four dorms are recognized by Davidson students as the worst on campus. The last three are known collectively as Down the Hill. In 1999 and 2011, TIP resided in Cannon and Sentelle dorms.

Davidson's most notable feature is air-conditioning. It is so strong that leaving it on at the lowest setting all night will leave you freezing in the morning. (It is also quite loud!) If you can’t sleep with the AC on high but need to be cool at night, bringing your own fan is suggested.

There are sinks in every room, except in the dorms Down the Hill.

Belk has five floors including the basement. (The sub-basement contains the computer lab but no residential facilities. The sub-basement would be the sixth floor. There is another basement below that contains only the ice machine.) The basement, first, and fourth floors each have one big lounge, and the second and third floors each have two lounges.The fourth floor ,however, is for instructors and TAs only. The basement also has a few rooms with private sinks. Vending machines are located in the basement. The building is usually split up into two wings, East and West. (West points toward Main Street, while East points toward the Union.)

Laundry is located in the sub-basement of Belk. The machines are supposed to cost money, but they are free because they are prepaid by TIP.

Lights Out and How to Escape It

St Louis Missouri FTW

Lights out is at 10:45. However, if you really want to stay up (or especially have DEBATE speeches to type!) (Debate Class Click Here That's Debatable ) use these tips to get away from the RCs, and they can't get you busted: 1

The RC main lights out check is the "peephole check". Generally, peepholes have a reverse reflection, so when you look into one from the outside, you'll see light. This is is however actually from the hallway, so you never know if the lights are on inside the room or not, GENERALLY. At Davidson, the peepholes are translucent, so RCs will be able to see if your lights are still on. Dangerous. Solution: Put one piece of tape on a quarter, and attach above the peephole, so when the RCs look through, they can only see darkness. This also allows for easy access to see who's knocking because all you need to do is just lift the quarter. My personal favorite is to use a crumpled paper towel, however. It is a easily accessible item and can be used with ease


Continuation of the light check, even if your peephole is covered, the RCs can still get you in another way: under the door (light leaks out of the crack under the doors, so RCs will see. Solution: use a pair of black pants and stuff them under the door. Be sure to lock the door so the RC can get into your room just by turning the handle.


Sound: RCs put their ears up to the door and listen for a few seconds, then go on to the next doors. So starting at 10:40, YOU need to be quiet. Like silent. I was watching a Obama-Romney Debate to prepare for the next day's debate, volume at 1 bar, and I got frickin caught. Made up a quick excuse, but would've been better without. Solution: STFU and use earbuds. Don't turn on the water. Turn the A/C on high to make the loud fan cover up any mishaps.


Finally, if you're in the hallway, they'll get you in trouble, despite if it's going to the restroom. Solution: Turn you sink on for circulation on low so there's no sound, carefully use a rolly chair to mount and stand onto the counter. Aim, then piss into the sink. Very convenient when you have to type till 1:00 in the morning.

If an RC does knock on your door. 1. Turn off all electronics. 2. Turn off all lights. 3. Mess up your bed sheets so that they think you just climbed out of bed. 4. Messup your hair. 5. Make up an excuse and you'll be fine.


To be extra safe use the spy cam method. NOTE: This should only be used if you are staying up very late. 1) Take your phone and put auto lock to never 2) Find a piece of heavy duty tape 3) Position you phone's camera so you can see outside with the camera 4) Tape it down 5) Plug it into the outlet near the sink so you don't run out of battery I don't use this very often (duh) but you can use a simpler method. When you suspect that someone is outside, turn off the light and rip off the quarter or paper towel. Open the camera app and position it so that you can see the outside. Check to see if the coast is clear the turn on the light. This hack helped me pinpoint the RC who kept on checking on us at night. Use it to learn of your RC's methods to check on you after lights out.


Really, no one really tries to bust you, but just one tip. If you're wanting to stay up after, say 11:30, that's really when they start checking. As long as you're decently quiet, though, they don't really care.

Cheers as of Term 1 2015! Y

^You do realize that pretty much all of the staff from term 1 know about tipwiki because of all of the edits that were being made on the last couple of days

P.S. ALL: I do realize that, thanks for stating the obvious, keyboard. I felt it was a good chance to help fellow TIPsters who needed some assistance, doing my part on this wiki yo. RCs: If you guys want to put down some of your own checkin methods, feel free, but I wouldn't understand why because you want the kids asleep. Oh well.


Your RC group can choose to take trips to CVS Pharmacy or Target.

RC groups often went to Ben & Jerry's and did the Vermonster Challenge

You can occasionally visit the local coffee shop, Summit as well.

Classes take place in Chambers (main class building), Wall (Science-y building), and Dana (Engineering). Classes will visit the library frequently, as well.

Most meals take place in Vail dining commons.

A lot of activities take place in the Union (Davidson).

Also, don't touch the trees or the sacred grass!!!

If you're taking architecture, be warned!! Final project WILL BE STRESSFUL!!

2015 Term 1


Almost all of the Tipsters had sex.

Everyone wore drag on backwards day.

Trying to walk through the hallways during free time was like trying to walk through really thick mud - except the mud was fifty people playing ERS and Speed and Mao.

All of the lounges smelled really bad for some reason.

Beyoncé was a banned word in Creative Writing: Express Yourself (Davidson).(We called it the "B word" and we replaced "Beyoncé with BÆTOVEEN // Nacho)

We also managed to get the name Billy banned on one of the floors.

Somehow Aayush became a god and had people that worship him.

That sums up most of these 3 weeks... Don't forget about the illuminati

we also must never forget the wrath of Billy especially his time during Blue Team team time, practicing the chants.

floor 2 was The social hallway. it was always jam packed w people. -Lindsay

바보 ㅋㅋㅋ (Chris and Nacho)


I like how all the other terms are nicely in a row and some intellectual decided to put ours in front. And Term 2 2015 is missing entirely. What happened to them? Did we screw up so much they cancelled it? That would not surprise me at all, somehow.

2009 Term 2

In the beginning of the term, Keegan Dent (a.k.a. Spermicus) of Matt's RC group began the religion of Mathiscism, a religion with the goal of worshiping Judge Greg Mathis. Every day at 4:00pm, Matt's RC group would take the 4th floor (girls) lounge and watch the prophet speak. Second to Pope Spermicus was High Priest Michael Gohlke, who would hide in the cabinet underneath the television and wait until the words "The Prophet" were spoken. He would then Burst out of the cabinet and scream, "JUDGE GREG MATHIS!!!", thus scaring the girls "straight into menstruation." By the end of the term, the religion was widely adapted by the guys, and widely despised by the girls. Oddly enough, Pope Spermicus retired near the end of the term, handing most responsibilities to High Priest Gohlke. Pope Spermicus relinquished his duties for the courtship of one of the Amathists (Mathis Haters). The religion ended as quickly as it began. Watch out West Term 2... you're next for Mathiscism. (This TiPster remembers the aforementioned mathisicism, and is pretty sure that was term 1, not term 2)

2012 Term 2

Best Term Ever!

  • Ducks in a barrel
  • inTIPpropriate
  • dark dances
  • ruining the "It's the End of the World" spinning at dances
  • scavenger hunts
  • Forbidden Grass
  • Sacred Trees
  • The PopTart Song (Written by Abbey's RC group)
  • Neil Patrick Harris (Abbey's RC group)
  • Sheldon! (Abbey's RC group)
  • Muppets
  • Andrew Garfield
  • To the basement!
  • Soft Kitty Revolution

2013 Term 2

Lots of jokes around...

  • TIPuns everywhere,
  • Sweaty dances,
  • twerking,
  • SydnAustin and other shipping
  • Third Floor Stink,
  • Don't touch the trees~
  • Tennis players walked on forbidden grass!
  • Theory that tennis players would turn purple
  • We don't give a firetruck!,
  • Cheese fries,
  • Dan the man,
  • Man dress and pirate pants,
  • Frank's tutu,
  • Jesus,
  • Green team doesn't want to live in a yellow submarine,
  • flash flood after term two,
  • Tong's Rubik's cube,
  • I Knew You Were Trouble (feat. screaming goat)
  • U Can't Touch This,
  • 22,
  • Open your doors!,
  • Jeraldo
  • ZAP
  • The Great Rubber Ducky Race
  • firedrills?,
  • Crossdressing,
  • Rainy baseball games,
  • smart people at nerd camp waiting to Time Warp to next year.
  • and of course, The Society!

2014 Term 1

  • The Cult of Davidson consisting of Remy, Ani, Ryan, Elizabeth, Alli, Olivia, Nia, Daniela, Jesse, Rohaan, and Liz
  • Squad A5 - [1] Consisted of Kyle, Justin, Injoo, Jason, and other Justin
  • The D Crew [2]
  • Everyone go to Duke West Campus next year
  • Nicolas' Rubik's Cube
  • Destiny's Children (David's RC Group)
  • Puddi Puddi
  • The known canoodling students of Belk basement lounge *cough cough Remy, Elizabeth, Ani, and Ryan along with their cult (The Cult of Davidson)
  • MPS vs. EPS Frisbee Game. MPS won the first game and EPS won the second, but MPS scored more points total
  • Staff V Students Frisbee Game - Students scored 5 points, twice as much as the record, students led by the Dream Team
  • Dream Team- Justin, Injoo, Jeremy, Yasin (Shawn), Michael, Andrew, Robert (The Man), and Elias
  • Single Ladies
  • Devil's Piss
  • Maxley Cyrus won TIPSync. Maxley Cyrus, you're my hero!
  • [3] Eduardo will be in our hearts, forever
  • Rohaan's creepy basketball girlfriend, Allie, still haunts our dreams at night
  • Pedro's hot pink nails will always be the peak of Duke TIP fashion
  • The Richard Couple's nails were WAY hotter than Pedro's
  • China hunts all the couples down, so be careful when you cuddle(ITS THE CCC, CHINA CUDDLE COP)
  • Basketball girls asking to come to the Destiny's children dorms
  • Ryan's mad obsession with buttons (He had 90+)
  • 게세끼 사랑해요 (gesekki salanghaeyo)
  • If you wanna be my lover, you gotta first climb these stairs, These stairs last forever, you'll die in the ennndd!
  • Seriously, stairs suck
  • Jorge and [4]Eduardo do the seizure at the dance in turn down for what
  • Maaan
  • Jason's pecs
  • Jason's bald spot
  • Awkward slow dances:



  • I ship it like FedEx
  • Cute slow dances:





Jenna/Will C.

The sacred ritual of honey bun parties

  • The wheels on the bus go square square square (Ashley's RC group)
  • Cheetahs!!!!!!!! (Ashley's RC Group)

Cutest Couple: Ryan and Ani sorry i dont make the rules

2014 Term 2

  • Tina
  • Billboards and Scissors LLC
  • The Cafe
  • My Turtle Swims Sideways(From Zack's RC Group)
  • Patryn (it should've been real)
  • Engineering Problem Solving Gentlemen dance during the talent show
  • the wave of seizures during "turn down for what"
  • bye bye miss American pie (insert tears here)
  • Slytherin's cup domination during Summerfest
  • 2nd floor lounge is where it's at
  • two seals were lying in a tub of waaaaaaaaaarm crisco.....(this goes for all TIPsters)
  • turn down for bedtime
    1. TIPpression
  • time lord
  • cranberry satan
  • Ben and Jerry's +... The LEGO Movie?
  • very out of sync version of the Macarena during the last 2 dances
  • Slytherin, SlytherOUT (courtesy of Ashely's group)
  • black George W. Bush
  • I'm gonna find this OBE-city and nuke it, 'cause we have reasons to believe that it's a trading ground for Al Qaeda
  • you must wear shoes in the halls
  • CVS
  • TV
  • TIPSync
  • World Cup during break (and class)
  • The Writing Class's Screaming Bunnies
  • Mini Golfing (As a total par is 45 but Eleanor from Channon's RC group got a 95)
  • 1st floor AXE and airfreshner cloud of suffocation
  • 3rd floor girls giving the 1st floor boys makeovers

2016 Term 1

  • The jellyfish
  • Squid Squad
  • Axe/Febreeze bomb war
  • Death stairs
  • Tiara girl
  • the hole on the 3rd floor
  • no hanky panky!
  • Single Ladies + Chezus
  • Hula Hooping Indian Squad
  • Green Trains

2016 Term 2

  • Radicus
  • Hand Games
  • Modern Law Squad
  • TIP Cults
  • Annie's Tiara (google "Miami Tiara Girl")
  • Modern Law Squad (MLS)
  • Home Slice
  • The weird nail polish cult
  • Bobia
  • Rolly chair bumper car races
  • Can it be done?
  • Psychas/ American Pies (the best squad ever)

2017 Term 1

  • fork ice cream (it tasted so much better)
  • The iconic 'Coke' addiction where Emily collected bottles of coke because of the names but everyone was convinced she was ingesting unhealthy doses of coke. And then ... the coke funeral for over 30 bottles with different names where they were forced to be cremated into the recycling bin.
  • Con law's Vermonster challenge. yes, that's right. A BUCKET with 20 scoops of ice cream, 40 oz. of hot fudge, four bananas, three chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, 10 spoonfuls of walnuts, and four more toppings (all chocolate for us) with a mountain of whipped cream on top. But of course, the time was running out and we were forced to eat it walking down the sidewalk on the way back to the buildings.
  • diabetes 'Cell phone'
  • When everyone, and I mean EVERYOnE decided to kool-aide dye their hair red.
  • The rain decided to downpour on us right after the second dance and we still had to walk in it forever.
  • "Sexy shoulders, so hot, you could honestly orgasm"
  • "Hot Daniel"
  • That one, unlocked, unoccupied dorm room that was VERY unsanitary, if you read between the lines there
  • Receiving water pins for drinking water for THREE WHOLE MEALS!!
  • Chair rolling wars in the basement. Natalia, Emily, and Cindy vs the Basement Boys before Tyler the RC came to break us up, and then we just switched it to sock sliding wars.
  • Con law vs. Mathmatical Problem Solving In the greatest frisbee war ever had, but with the worst players
  • those guys that injected sriracha into the jello
    • banned at Term 2
  • Eleanor and her seemingly endless supply of gum due to her having a pack a day
  • when Maddi found Natalia’s phone that fell from the 3rd story to the basement
  • rainbow drink made at Veil Commons the idea was first seen from second-year Elizabeth Yang but was solely ingested by Natalia and Emily Hutchins, both first years. This was also attempted by Michael Panarisi throughout the third week.
  • chAd
  • Zumba with Anatalia
  • Josh’s performance of, “My Heart Will Go On”
  • Pi Chi Pi!
  • Martha, an Aleppian goddess
  • Josh’s Fiji water
  • Nairita's online shopping
  • ELLIOTT and DARYA <3
  • LIAM and ELEANOR <3
  • Greyden and the Great Glove Incident (I inhaled a glove and then vomited into it)
  • the ben and jerry's frisbee

2017 Term 2

  • Truly an amazing term
  • Second floor Belk was absolute chaos.
  • Lots of Kazoos, Fireflies and All Star
  • There was a scabies outbreak near the end of term.
  • Tip is a cult

2018 Term 1

  • Term 2 will NEVER LIVE UP TO US *EVIL LAUGH!!!* (You didn't. Staff, which I will not name, even said so. Not in a you guys are trash way, but we're too cool) *Excuse me we were way better than you we invented the ground you WALKED ON*
  • Planning to write on term 2’s tipwiki
  • Short Shorts
  • That dumb scavenger hunt
  • The massive Congo
  • Sam looking like Ryan from high school musical
  • Saachi's essay and her painting Sam's nails the color of the winning Field Day team (ANYONE BUT BLUE)(Essay link here http://www.tipwiki.net/wiki/Sam%27s_Nails)
  • The Enrique Cult (and shipping him with everyone)
  • is it sabigail or sail?
  • https://houseparty.com/add/be_gone_thot_2005
  • everyone's gay or an ally (or homophobic, lookin at you, spray tan)
  • #blueteamdidnothingwrong
  • #anyonebutblue
  • that kid who got kicked out on the first day
  • that girl who got her phone dropped in the toilet
  • The girls bringing Febreze to the boy floors when they came. #Febreze
  • The decades dance
  • Hennas
  • Sam saying not to write sabigail because it's sail
  • seeing the instructors as emo
  • Oilly is the otp
  • someone putting that girls phone in a toilet (Poor Abrea)
  • everyone has their nails painted regardless of gender
  • coffee break WHAT
  • Josh and Wes won TIProm
  • Brendon and Alex at the Talent SHOW!!!
  • Brendon DEATH METAL! #MyEarsAreStillRinging!
  • Grace’s RC group winning everything
  • The con law plague
  • The love of High School Musical, Sam you're the reason!!
  • debbie hi
  • when ryan eats 13 bowls of jello
  • beka gives everyone high fives
  • the “segway tour” feat. fake facts about the campus
  • saving the bees
  • ”bees are gay” -susan
  • Jack being judgemental
  • Everyone screaming"that's not TIPropriate!", to the point where it's a complete joke
  • Does anyone actually do the morning run?
  • Don’t touch the trees
  • Only one person ever getting phone jail
  • Caleb and Macey dancing at TIPprom
  • People climbing into the lounge trash cans
  • Meera
  • BLUE SHOULD'VE WON!!! #BlueForTheWin
  • The entire second floor became a sobbing room
  • the one raccoon
  • Yellow team winning field day (ANYONE BUT BLUE)
  • Free food please eat
  • Turning everything into a cult
  • worms in my poo
  • Loose bloody stool
  • Do you know the WEIYI
  • Jenna and Weiyi #goals (even as friends) #angelcouple #innocentcouple
  • my little potato
  • Sarah eating cookies instead of Fudge Pops
  • Nails for males by Sarah and Norah
  • Creative Writing “legally” marrying Josh to himself and Josh annulling the marriage the next day
  • every lounge smells bad in a different way
  • putting “TiP” in front of every word possible
  • the wifi being annoying
  • emptying the vending machines
  • The lemonade/sprite incident
  • Norah and Caleb bull
  • Sarah and Stanley 💕
  • Cheerwine being more water than cheerwine
  • the eighth wonder of the world
  • time literally doesn’t exist. the days feel like weeks, the weeks feel like days, the whole term could not have been longer than four days
  • Shipping Enrique with...pretty much everyone. Even himself.
  • Squirrels mating
  • Very friendly squirrels.
  • ”Davidson isn’t a place, it’s a people. YEET”
  • TIPression
  • Funtasticks bumper boats=literal heaven
  • The Con Law Plague
  • everyone hating norah
  • Meera achieving her dreams by touching Sam's hair
  • TiPromProsals bring the most extra things ever
  • No one actually dates anyone
  • Prom drama gis ting INCREDIBLY annoying and repetitive
  • D&D with Sage
  • The TIPprom drama mostly just being Norah asking Caleb to TIPprom even though she knew Macey was going to
  • All the girls having handshakes with Enrique
  • Everyone wanting Macey to ask Caleb to TIPprom
  • Sarah eating five pounds Twizzlers #5%Twizzler
  • Sam and Abigail or Alexis doing the Salsa
  • sacred grass
  • Soggy bits of sadness (fries) was
  • You can always rely on the chicken nuggets. Except for the last day!!!
  • Calling the people at the sport camps, human beings with athletic intent
  • Woody and his Versace glasses
  • When Woody shoots
  • Macey and Caleb arguing if the Earth is flat or spherical everyday for three weeks even though pointless debates was that first Monday
  • Random clapping in the dining hall
  • Third floor lounges smelling like Takis
  • Taking Will’s hat
  • Griffin almost killing people when throwing a frisbee
  • Z and his soccer ball
  • 'I know your name, I get a high-five!' -Beka
  • http://www.tipwiki.net/wiki/Caleb_and_Macey
  • james crushing on literally every attractive guy (this was typed by james himself😎😎😎)
  • Stephanie’s laughing fits after lunch
  • “[Insert adult’s name here], is the earth flat?”
  • Caleb and his word yesn’t
  • The moon isn’t real and the RCs are working against us theory
  • Meera always complimenting Alexis’s eyebrows
  • Mimi and Beth Beth, the unforgettable friendship
  • Constantly quoting vines
  • Everyone in Architecture having their own nickname
  • cool and popular too -Z
  • The moon isn’t real; THE WISCONSINIANS DID IT!
  • evelyn making everyone be tippropriate
  • there being like 200 norah disses

2018 Term 2

  • “I’m sorry, Mr. Unglo, but we’re gonna have to call your parents.” -My meeting w/Jeremiah the last week of camp
  • Engineering Best Class
  • When you are an introverted korean league of legends nerd and somehow start 2 of the biggest dance cults at the second dance (conga line and t-pose circle) but your RC group gets credit
  • Trying to use "I don't feel so well Mr. Stark" to get out of the second dance "superhero themed" (Regan wouldn't have any of it)
  • Anyone who stayed late (noon ish) got pringles (what can i say except your welcome? your welcome. . .)
  • Chanting "Ooga Chaka Ooga Ooga Ooga Chaka" while t-posing
  • Written version of Gonna fly now
  • dahdah dahdahdah dahdahdah dahdahdah
  • Doodoodoo Doodoodoo
  • Rainbow Sherbert Surprise Incident
  • Dear Second Term Tipsters
  • Knocking on people’s doors and yelling, “FBI OPEN UP!”
  • breaks blinds on first day
  • Tree police!
  • WeEeEeEeE!
  • I need to get back to the Monster World! Nived let me in your closet!
  • HAVE YOU TRIED ORANGE JUICE AND COFFEE YET!? -Luke H after drinking 4 glasses of it
  • ”the cutest promposal ever” .
  • TiPSync was rigged again and Connor H's group got 2nd.
  • Marie will always be the best awkward tall girl
  • casually leaves heat on all day in the middle of north carolina
  • Ryan is the true single lady (what about thiccums)
  • Luke is the true Rocky Balboa who runs through the hallways wearing American flag trunks and gloves, and blasting gonna fly now.
  • Friday night July 27th I promise I’ll do the run on all 4 floors, given that we can stay up till midnight
  • Psychology is a pseudoscience
  • Making up nicknames to talk about the cute boys but having to make new ones since we weren’t very good at keeping them secret.
  • Running to chambers in the rain
  • try walking to walk^^^^
  • Stacey’s performance poetry pieces
  • W-posing is the OG
    • Actually, no. X-posing is the ultimate :)
  • Ligma
  • boys lounges stink. wtf y’all doing in there? working out. doubt it (Ash's ranch?)
  • third floor acrade
  • marie dropping kyra when trying to do the dip
  • elizabeth filming
  • my life in a nut shell: depression Intensifies
  • zoey third wheeling everyone
  • zoey and nat pinky dancing
  • zoey and Nat finally hugging on the last night!!! Freaking legendary
  • I swear they timed us in the bathroom at dances..
  • the wheels on the bus go round and round round and round
  • girls sleeping in each other’s laps whenever they have more than 2 seconds of free time YES
  • ’you’re actually really pretty’ kyra to Gill
  • quack
  • ”and the jay z song was on, and he was singing let it go, in reference to Luke’s dating failure on sunday, where he asked out someone who was already taken.’
  • borrowing clothes is the way to go
  • pink shorts😉😉😉
  • Michael + Stacey being Lexie’s favorite students
  • Josh banning T-posing
  • Stacey hiding from Sam all the time
  • Stacey bringing a blanket, 2+ gatorades, and a box of crackers and breaking them out in the middle of creative writing class, and then the people 3 desks on either side of her asking for food and to share the blanket lol
  • Sam x Josh (let’s be real, that was adorable)
  • imma give this to you. my boobs look weird in it gill to kyra
  • never using the perfectly good common rooms to hang, just the dirty floor of debbie’s rc groups hall (fell asleep in that hallway a whole lot)
  • gill was BASICALLY part of debbie’s group. I mean, she knew her name but not morgans(who was actually in the rc group)
  • gettkng a bit...wet running from chambers
  • I thought you were one of those pretty bratty bitches that hated everyone -sophia @ kyra
  • ”debbie your children are out of control”
  • zoey 17-wheeling - a new record
  • who leaves the heat on ALL DAY. now I have to pack in the HALL.
  • term 2 had the best promposals. fight me
  • All women are QUEEN!
  • Chase gave Connor H like 10 hugs during one of the rc meetings
  • Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
  • If she breaths she’s a THOT!
  • Thanos did nothing wrong
  • Sand
  • Loss
  • ballYEET Benyeet***
  • thiccumssssss
  • great personality
  • big personality
  • Debbie not caring about her rc group but still yelling at them (it’s cool tho she’s chill ig)
  • Regan was Debbie's RC buddy and the first time it was Regan's day off we were late to dinner and we got yelled at
  • But hey you guys got yelled at the next time for not being early like us (tbh we were just scared of Debbie)
  • Oh god the week two RC group night when Regan was gone (can we get some 'f's for Ricky? also screw you Nikaia I will lean on your door. and akash stop being such as jerk. all you're good for is Despacito)


  • chase and macy
  • Jazz and Nat (back off Nat) (back off nat)
  • gillian and ryan big oof
  • sophia and jack
  • jk...jack and thrasher...(ooo looks like someone has a thing for sophia’s)
  • ben and kyra (benyeet)
  • mary and jonny boy(the best)
  • mad and jt
  • zoey and the soccer boissss
  • toby and kate
  • luke and rhea
  • Bailey and Landry
  • TA Kate and TA Will (When was this a thing? Willexis forever!)
  • TA Will and RC Alexis
  • TA Kate and Instructor Walker
  • TA Kate and TA Alex??????
  • Only two engineering ships (including Alex)?
  • Luke H and REESES PUFFS
  • Stacey and food
  • wait wait wait someone DIDN'T put Chris and Nikaia, Eleanor and Bao, or TJ and that other girl
  • zoey third wheeling everyone just to get those cringey pictures
  • bailey and her 8 babies (the big yellow ball)
  • ball buddies
  • hi i’m andrew olivier and i’m pioneering my schools math team to include younger students
  • 33,299 HEYS
  • jello therapy
  • mary is the best mom
  • going into each other’s rooms literally all the time and never getting caught
  • ’I have to pee!!’ ‘ofc you do’ gill to kyra
  • natalie was the best TA (ARE YOU INSULTING ALEX)(AND WILL)
  • ”i never really feel good. just different levels of bad”
  • tipression wnd tipplauge never mix well
  • luke getting rejected in the stair case
  • and by the columns of the lily gallery
  • just put ur arm around her ryan gosh MOOD
  • met ya at the ice box😉😉
  • stop being anti social jonathon!
  • Rudolph‘s friwnds were HOES
  • REESES PUFFS ( @ marie)
  • feeling down?Debbie’s rc group’s spinach therapy is sure to help you out in those hard times
  • Sharknado all day everyday
  • breakfast:cereal
  • brunch:cereal
  • lunch:cereal
  • dinner:cereal
  • snack: me
  • midnight nibble:cereal. (KYRA)
  • those soccer bois are HOTT
  • ~eyebrow wiggle~
  • change your shirt nikaia it. the same shirt to every dance? cmon now
  • when the room next to you has a sleepover with 7 people and they don’t eat caught but you have your lights on at 11 and you do.
  • thiccums and seoyoon broke the vending machines (😉)
  • almost all promposals involved food..js (goldfish and twizzlers, chocolates x2, lucky charm marshmellows etc.,)
  • IF U TAKE THAT SHOWER UR GUNNA DIE. (thanks bailey)
  • hearts!!!!-annie
  • luke asking out kyra ella elizabeth and rhea...in that order. poor rhea
  • cross your legs honey
  • "IM NOT WEARING A BRA!"-every sunday (more like every free time)
  • jazz trying to get nat to wash her bra (didn't happen)
  • Debbies hard core interrogations on her RC groups boyfriends
  • 3 strikes ben..rough
  • bonding seasons 1&2 featuring nat and jasmine with zoey sophia and gillian and then kyra and ben with zoey gillian nat jasmine and sophia!
  • sharkNAT
  • gnat
  • tyingshoes is the real talent here
  • AND U CAN WEAR MY SWEATSHIRT dance never actually happend btw
  • Sitting in the 2nd floor hall on Sunday for HOURS....oops
  • fight me
  • DESPOSITO on violin
  • if you don’t come i’ll die. like die die DEATH
  • the spirit world BROKE
  • Spicy
  • Kyra literally having everything in her room (ball pump)
  • ..........(getting ignore by woman)
  • Instructor Josh reverse TIPrmoposing to RC Debbie with a giant sign that said, “Debbie will you go to prom with anyone but me?”
  • that's attractive
  • Is she the one with the bra???
  • Is calling a girl thicc a compliment;yessssss
  • when 5 girls fit into one room for a sleepover on the last night...
  • TA Kate playing bachelorette with TA Will and TA Alex at talent show
  • 'Don't get any ideas!!!"-Zoey
  • "You smell like Old Spice"-Zoey to Nat poor nat
  • Did anyone ever drink Cheerwine before coming to TiP? Answer; NOPE
  • How long will the gc last after TIP??? TBD~update:its dying
  • spinach therapy
  • ”i’m not wearing a shirt but I heard my name. what’s up?’ We love jazzy
  • elizabeth having a fake promposal to get back at her ex (nicely)
  • thiccums being too scared to go on second floor even though nat did it ALL the time
  • DNA was a class????????????
  • coke for breakfast @kyra
  • sam and abigail were totally a thing even if they didn't admit it (THE SHIP HAS SAILED)
  • salsa and salsa was basically everyone third wheeling sam and abigail
  • TiPlague (Engineering has a confession: Nikaia literally got the rest of the class sick in the first week (thanks tsundere-chan, I was sick until right before school started), then Will and Ricky (and to a lesser extend, me) mixed the used and unused cups during the second dance and hid the good cups left)
  • second floor group cry in the common room
  • the plastic babies in lanyards
  • that one day when they didn't have chicken nuggets was a crisis
  • Drag queen (and king) makeup in the second floor hallway
  • UHD(unnecessary heterosexual drama)
  • it's not UHD if you say no hetero
  • i don’t get to sleep cuz of y’all, y’all never gonna sleep cuz of me

2019 Term 1

  • Dear 2019 TiPsters
  • Term two you can read ^that if you want (I am a Term 2 2018 TiP (alumnus? Is that the term for former TiPsters))
  • I’m warning you new tipsters out there don’t do or say any stupid shit, I did and I ended up having Jeremiah call my parents. And this was before Jason gave me the pass and I said the n word in the final rc meeting
  • Everybody crashed the basement in the first day
  • Started the weeb club
  • Watched Chicken Little
  • organ trafficking
  • "How do you sell your organs on the black market”
  • yeehaw
  • rolling the dorm chairs down the hallway
  • really sad country party :(
  • really sad yeehaw 😞
  • Cici failing at tips and constantly trying to get back into the circle. Also she got mad at *cough* people *cough* when they got her out.
  • Nobody knew whether it was tips or taps.
  • Projector busted, had to move
  • a lot of hangry kids
  • a lot of clapping and screaming during httyd3 and random shouting of cici and Vincent during a romance scene(idk)
  • creative writing teacher hating on the brain class
  • Brain class being targeted
  • ”We need to save the creative writing class,” -Brain TA
  • Debating differences in male vs. Female brains-made everyone salty
  • Faculty guy salty about practicing in chambers lounge
  • The time we got salt and pepper banned from all the tables (not sorry term 2) because we made salt and pepper lines and started snorting them like cocaine.
  • On the brink of a war rn
  • Trying to introduce anime to Sam
  • stairs
  • Davis having a seizure on the stairs :(
  • stairs are bad :(
  • TiPpression
  • super model Cici!
  • bubble girl and the bubble cult
  • TA Jess having no emotions
  • vines
  • anime club in the basement yeet
  • Watching beesexual porn in lounge
  • being forced to watch beesexual porn in the lounge
  • ”I have the power of god and anime on my side.”
  • Ben and Jerry’s
  • F E R G A L I C I O U S
  • Savannahs RC group kicking ass with Tricky by run DMC( fight me. Its true) but they stole marisas groups idea about the flip
  • Sweat shirt drama!
  • Tip Sync is going to be a hot mess but minus the hot and triple the mess
  • 2 hot for heaven, 2 cold for hell
  • Holy toast ritual
  • Brain class presentations (they were actually good)
  • Vincent singing a delicious original song about the brain that was produced by Davis
  • Being used as a Christmas Tree (rip Jackson or tol Tommy)
  • That one RC that stole the whole spotlight (you go! you were great)
  • Disco balls
  • We actually got songs people know ;)
  • Scratch that they didn't play Bohemian Rhapsody or MCR
  • Phone time after Breakfast? More like; getting your phone snatched or being yelled at lmao.
  • Tippropriate
  • The cafeteria coffee is so WEAK. WHAT BRAND IS THIS
  • cafeteria coffee somehow messes up Starbucks brand coffee
  • im the 1930's (Great Depression 1929-1936)
  • Blue team for summerfest has the loudest chant
  • fedora hat guy always holding the door for everyone, what a sweet kind soul :,)
  • michael??? does not have a backbone???? :0
  • yellow team finally getting a dub in tug of war 🏆🥇 carried by Vincent
  • In Tug of war Green placed 4th, Blue 3rd, Red 2nd(bc of Eric💪), and finally Yellow 1st, who actually one something.
  • Finger guns
  • Gabe’s card tricks
  • tato ack raw
  • Yee country time
  • Smoke trees
  • Sweet roasts by our judges, rest in pieces (or flames)
  • cowboy hats
  • sweet dreams kahoot music
  • going all out for the Tip Sync, yes please
  • amazing performance by the RC trio of Davidson
  • Okay but srsl they were amazing, so shoutout to Sam, Kate, and Savannah
  • Old time Road
  • Kahoot music and Wii theme is Davidsons theme song and you can't deny the truth
  • Danny Devito and eggs
  • "Please refrain from throwing Danny Devito's face."
  • Beard and Fedora is :)))
  • Fresh Jar of Skippy
  • Proud RC mom's over their flock of baby chicks
  • "Man's not hot" was quite attractive.
  • Annie picking up Cora yay.
  • Sams group was hella cute
  • Amazing guitar
  • Patrick was eating on stage
  • Wii music
  • T-posing is in season
  • Ben and Kate group in 3rd place. Have to imitate Rc, oml


  • "WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT RUNNING!?" - Kate impression
  • Savannahs group won Tip Sync like the queens they are
  • "If you didn't place, tough."
  • Sam’s RC group was the “most creative” tipsync performance
  • Marissa’s group would have won if Savannah’s group didn’t steal the lounge, except marissas group was hogging it.
  • Creating useless props in Myths and Legends
  • Que the Jeapoardy music
  • The hunter incident: where fellow Annie asked for a friend to Hunter for a fish shirt that they found really cool, but rephrased it so poorly it made the situation hella awkward, and probably a really confusing moment. They ended up apologizing profusely.
  • Hilarious prom ask out fails. It's like the funniest thing in all honesty.
  • Long Hair Jon and his cute French braids
  • Sam is bird lady from Rio :)
  • She facetimed her boyfriend and we chatted
  • sams bf says that he doesn't look like the bird lady's husband but that is NOT TRUE
  • josh hating literally everyone ESPECIALLY the engineering class
  • the basement is where its at yall
  • "thats tuff" - caroline 2019
  • Saying tough after every weird/you don't know how to respond moment
  • Kara can’t stop laughing during meditation
  • Cici giving Ryan Vincents number so he could spread his Sexuality. It was funny
  • Vincent finally understands why some random number was texting him that he was a gay parakeet. MIND = BLOWN
  • Christian is DUMMY thiccccc
  • Everyone pointing out how much thicccccccer Lawrence was than Cici
  • everyone being single and planning on going to prom unfazed
  • Jackson promposed to Madie and a crowd of Tipsters formed.
  • That’s Debatable singing a parody of All Star to help Jackson out with his promposal
  • Hitting trees with Frisbees and then hugging to apologize(thanks josh)
  • Frisbee going on top of vail commons and Saussy got mad at people for climbing up there and getting it when in actual fact, he should be congratulating them on their impressive strength
  • This kid took some LSD and overdosed on it causing him to somehow get trapped into his brain and hallucinate he was talking to his neurons??
  • C-3PO is relatable
  • "I need to rest before I fall apart" - like same
  • crying in Paychology
  • apologizing to octupus because SOMEBODY had flash on and the octupus ran away.
  • Eric v 5 2nd graders
  • Joshua playing and raging abt survive.io in class
  • Eric blasting Despacito & some random classical 💩 with his Viola at 10 O’Clock and getting three rcs mad at him😂
  • Ben is a fellow crabby patty
  • We feel old when were not actually old
  • everyone asking out Ahan to prom
  • Vincent promposed to Lillie by singing Jason Mraz's I won't give up.(drama happened on last day tho...)
  • stop running into and throwing frisbees at my family village like wtf bro leave my family alone im not trying to throw discs at your house
  • Dissecting sheep brains.
  • It was going to be human brains BUT MODERN MEDICINE GOT JEALOUS AF
  • Making thanos out of a dissected sheep brain, courtesy to Eric
  • Davis stuck 4 goggles onto his face
  • Jokes in brain
  • Isabelle, Vincent, Rayan, and Kamille cracking up dying in brain class.
  • Isabelle and Vincent being the only Wuban's (White Cubans) at camp
  • Litterly wheezing over comments made
  • Brain TA threatening us over not to say the Cranuim Nerves Acronym
  • "If you say that Is2g"
  • "Tired" after doing nothing
  • Still a sad party
  • That RC that dressed up in a Griffindor outfit
  • Tall Tommy singing + dancing
  • cute slow dancing (Komei & Cameron, Eric &Silin, Nico & Kara for five seconds, Vincent &Lillie, Keira & Christian,etc...)
  • The RC's running on the second floor and dancing
  • Romance drama? ;)
  • Cryptography pranked their TA
  • DNA inside jokes and Jess’s saltiness
  • poor Mathew looking for their little ducklings
  • Caleb broke up with Cici and Cici danced with Hunter.( wrong. )
  • don't lie. Cici broke up with caleb and if you disagree, no one cares
  • ok i'm giving up on being anonymous bc if ur reading this, u already know who it is. anyway, caleb literally came up to me halfway thru the dance and told me that u were telling him that he was spending too much time w u, cici, and in response i was like, ok it's prom night and ur gf is literally telling u to fuck off. just break up w her! then he was like, u know what, you're right, she isn't worth it. then he went towards u and I LITERALLY FUCKING WATCHED HIM BREAK UP W U. So please explain to me how the fuck u broke up w him. For real i wanna see how creatively u can lie.
  • also, if ur gonna put me down bc i still look at the tipwiki, thenat least have the brain cells to know that if u edit the page, then ur just as bad as i am.
  • Math presentations, don't know how to describe them rlly
  • Brooks derived literally everything in the universe and no one in the room understood including his teacher and TA.
  • Annie x Severus Snape
  • drugs
  • glitter man at prom
  • glitter man had to throw away glitter
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ft9rRADW0npyBxUDKWRw3L6Y7r9jnmd5/view?usp=drivesdk TOURETTES SONG
  • intense ultimate frisbee games
  • Nick Jake and Nithin all run into trees during frisbee
  • Chaud Dad
  • Amazing Ukulele and song play
  • Trash represents life
  • Viva La Vida
  • Friendship bracelets
  • "Friendship needs to be stable."
  • Henry won, true Disney Princess
  • Vincent sings "Break up in the End" to make Cici feel uncomfortable and it works. Everyone in the room was awkwardly staring at her
  • everybody screams Vinceykins when he went up on stage
  • "Make the sound bigger"
  • The music makes yo-yoing more intense
  • Isa spilled Tuna on the carpet over canoodling peeps
  • Kanoodling in 2nd floor lounge was a mistake
  • savanna not caring about canoodling in lounge
  • "Its dead but it's alive?"
  • Eavessdropping on the RC's
  • Truth or Dare
  • Slut dropping
  • Watch stairwell D👀
  • Josh rejecting people for signatures in termbook
  • Vincent taking up peoples entire page(I mean, if you have an entire empty page, i'm gonna use it)
  • ahan refusing to sign people’s term books
  • "Sam isn't here!" -two seconds later sliding across the hallway- "YES I AM"
  • Theres a knife in the library
  • No srsl there is
  • Josh coming into our final RC meeting and saying he doesn’t actually care about lanyards and phones and it was all just a persona
  • bittersweet endings
  • Very Romance drama
  • "Dont go onto other floor lounges." - we all broke the rule like.
  • Keep on yee-hawing you nerds
  • Delusion 100
  • Nico never said bye to Kara before he left:(
  • They weren't even dating he had a gf at home throughout camp.
  • even tho he told her that he and his gf broke up before tip^
  • Eric & Silin being all emotional and crying while hugging eachother. So saddd but SOOO CUTEEE(they were the only couple that stayed together.) *UPDATE: THEY STILL TEXT AND FACETIME EACH OTHER!!!! AWWWWWWWWW😍#COUPLEGOALS💕
  • Everyone left super early so Vincent was super lonely and everyone was pissed at him so he hid in his room and Ava made him apologize to lillie for like the 36th time
  • Who took down all the tea??????
  • Henry looks like the guy from
  • Vincents Harem™️
  • My wife left me (lol same dude)
  • lots of sobbing while people left
  • Suffering from tipression/tipdrawl
  • severe tipdrawl? yes ma’am
  • Silin, Hannah, Esther's dance group learning what is love
  • Swag yolo yeet
  • Don't write weird letters after tip to people.
  • at least i don't ghost people after camp...

2019 Term 2

July 7- 27 2019

  • playing dnd on the second floor lounge and yelling at each other
  • mock trial is lit
  • ewwww creative writing peeps
  • why do vision boards have to exist
  • lady yelling at lunch about "behavior" and "expectations" and sending us all home
  • ben and jerry's === BJ's
  • raw nose energy is a thing, ask the creative writing kids

-raw nose energy is a scale of 1-10, measured by how much nose you have. RNE is also measured in nolts, similar to volts. for example, the creative writing ta has a solid four nolts of raw nose energy, but she has a nose ring, which adds +5 nolts. do note that not every nose ring is worth extra nolts. -there’s a subsection of raw nose energy called radical nose energy, which is the same scale and also measured in nolts, but it instead is based on your nose accessories.

  • don’t eat the fries here they taste like nothing. nothing at all.
  • ”I will slurp your veins up like spaghetti.”
  • Casual Lesbianism = Communism
  • ”Tip or Treat”
  • shoutout to the basement girls because we watched the pants movie before anyone else lol
  • Julia makes terrible salads

-drowned in ranch -2/3’s of it is made up of carrots

  • ”My hot sardines are at stake”
  • The first dance theme was Under the Sea (Little Mermaid)

-The audio system kept giving out and playing snippets of lyrics while the beat kept playing

  • there was a group of guys at the dance who kept screaming “PLAY INDIAN MUSIC!!” until they did

-all the indian kids got in the middle of a circle but literally everyone else didn’t know what to do/didn’t want to be racist lmao -shoutout to one of the indian kids in the red shirt who got DOWN

  • -Art, the cryptography teacher, is dance confidence goals
  • -lol I’m gay
  • -me too
  • -hey, same!!!!
  • -the chicken nuggets taste like crap
  • -communismism
  • -It MuSt Be NiCe, It MuSt Be NiCe, To HaVe WaShInGtOn On YoUr SiDe
  • Only one girl group on the 2nd floor and they’re always loud

- the one communist kid in biochem with the russian hat who was ALWAYS BLASTING THE SOVIET ANTHEM

  • -drawing and playing cards instead of dancing at the first dance
  • - the briGAYde
  • -following a bob ross tutorial and screaming the whole time( angela’s RC group) “BOB STOP!!!1!1!”
  • - YES WE ARE
  • -“the opposite of a moth must be a patch of moss, else i do not know what i am.” -Famine
  • -watching the bee movie during free time
  • -fighting over the hdmi cord to watch said bee movie
  • -most of Madee's RC group yelling 'i love you Haley' at Haley during jeopardy
  • -exit sign jesus
  • -DND kids got kicked out yey
  • -guy eats 9 bowls of jello in under 10 minutes and then chugs a glass of suicide
  • -“whoever breaks Joel’s ankles in tag gets 2 dollars from Nathan”
  • DNA KIDS PLEASE READ if your TA is Jess please email me and tell her I said hi. If not then just ignore this
  • Boy group on the 2nd floor learned how to make towel hair turbans from the girls on the 2nd floor
  • -“13-7=3”
  • ”Brinda out of dorm” quotes are real and the best thing about debate
  • Erica’s RC group is superior
  • Debate’s new TA arrives, she’s the kind of person to bite the roll of Hubba Bubba
  • Select members of the That’s Debatable class are cursed after accidentally destroying girl’s shrine to the ants
  • The Family: Uncle Ben, Grandpa Giles, Auntie Ava, Auntie Sarah, Auntie Elikem, Auntie LaParia and all of their RC groups. Love y’all fam
  • Read between the lines of the Girl Scout sign, Glenda
  • The creative writing teacher yelling at everyone
  • That feeling when part of you wants to take over the world with play-doh but the other part wants to use communism
  • That really scary moment when you have to take your lanyard off for 0.227 seconds but Josh sees you with it off
  • (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) MR. FEEEEEEEESH
  • ”Can I get a yerrrrrrrrrr?!” - Elikem
  • Lorelei from Thats Debateable is forever in shame after losing a bet to Sam, also from That’s Debatable
  • Marissa’s RC groups making weird food and taking over the hallway
  • spontaneously dying your entire rc groups hair

( low key, term one kids did it too. ahem Cici dying everyones hair>)

  • The Gossip Table
  • purple hair dye in the first floor bathroom
  • the claddison promposal/poetry slam
  • bio-chem’s fountain of aids
  • Sarah Blen and her basic lulu lemon
  • Josh shaved his beard
  • Olivia is black Jesus and is walking on water
  • everyone circles Dashana during sweet Caroline at the last dance and screams “SWEET DASHANA”
  • GOODNIGHT HUGSSS- erica’s rc group
  • ”I wAs SlEeP TaLkInG!!” -Lleyton
  • the psych class asserts dominance by dance over everyone
  • Everyone is dating each other
  • T posing around Mrs Tracy and chanting
  • bio chem’s piss pennies

- bio chem is really weird if u can’t tell

  • Louisa has a twin sister she never told us about
  • “Jake from state farm”
  • Joel the Legend
  • Art and “his” beautiful poem
  • “Top 1%”
  • Julia flipping people off
  • Shower Mac and Cheese. Water Bottle Soup. And throwing raisins at people in the hall.
  • Tippresion: the feeling of depression one experiences after leaving TIP

Thomas Jefferson has really big hair don’t @ me

  • So basically I’m here to address Thomas Jefferson’s hair.

It looks very fluffy but at the same time I also feel like if I touched it, it would be really crusty and gross. No artist can do justice to his beautiful hair. Of course, I am talking about the actor who played Jefferson on the Broadway musical Hamilton, not the legitimate historical figure that owned slaves. Words cannot properly describe his glorious afro-thingy so I shall speak no more of it, at least until tomorrow when I have more energy to pour my heart and soul out into this section. -y’all the actor’s daveed diggs whaddya saying

  • tipial pursuit was fun lmao
  • chicken alfredo was like “phones in your pockets” at dinner idk
  • kendall was our rc, aka the resident crackhead
  • family feud gets broke after the first round

-nvm they fixed it lol

  • The seven deadly isms plagiarism, racism, ageism, sexism, communism, capitalism, and facism. I advise you to never bring these concepts up in camp conversations.
  • does anyone go to the morning runs does that even exist I must know
  • all DNA kids: is your TA Jess? If so email me and also tell her I said hi

TIP News

  • ur mum gae lul (enchanted with an anti “no u”)
  • People are still leaving laundry in washers and dryers overnight .
  • Kid gets cut playing soccer outside .His condition now is unknown .

Update: He is better. His stitches only opened once

  • The campus wide debate between communismism and capitalismism rages on.- poptartism joins the fray
  • Roofism has been founded by debate students ( roofism is the pursuit of getting on the debate classroom’s roof)


The following courses are offered at the Davidson Campus (as of 2018).

Important events

  • This a game of Concentration spreads throughout the camp
  • The finals premier

Other Dorms

Other Dorms include dorms in use by crazy sports camps (soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, swimming, and football) and the Love of Learning people who like to take our computer lab, and the program, which, without fail, is always in the library during Term II. (Never saw them Davidson Term 2 2012) You can always run into people giving tours of the campus as well as another program that sponsors foreign students. In Term II of 2009, the other dorms were used as Quarantine, or QuaranTiP, as some preferred to call it, for the unfortunate students that contracted flu or swine flu.

  • also please note that if you ever make fun of the boys at basketball camp by imitating their use of the word "dude" they will most likely reply with a clever "uh.. ur at math camp"

Traditions of Davidson

Screaming DIE Chanting sacrifice

Both Terms

Move a tradition to this section if you know it's common to both terms.
Likewise, if you see a tradition that's not in your term, move it to the other.

Other Traditions

Suggested items to bring that are not on the packing list

  • Handtowels and soap for the in-room sink
  • Kleenex
  • Nail clippers
  • Reading lamp/lighbulb for desk or to attach to bed as the only light in the room is overhead
  • Water bottles (a case or two)
  • Wipes to clean drawers and surfaces before use--lots of crumbs and gunk left behind
  • Bucket for toothbrush and toothpaste to leave at sink
  • Hangers
  • Febreeze or similar air freshener Note: this was banned at 2018 Term 1 due to misuse.
  • Plastic cups
  • Trash Bags (nah they have those in the bathroom above the paper towels)
  • bring a shirt for every color of the rainbow!!!!!!!


2006 Term II 2006 email
2006 The adventures of an RC group
2014 Toxic Yellow