Constitutional Law

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Constitutional law, or Con Law, is a subject available at Davidson as of Term 1 of 2018.


Con law students learn about law, the constitution, government, and the SUPREME Court of the United States.


2018 Term 1


Mrs. Collins (Instructor) and Ms. Kerechanin (TA)

TIP students

  • Kyan
  • Joshua
  • Max
  • Woodford
  • Francesca
  • Melanie
  • AlessandroNT
  • Reece
  • Janet
  • Anna
  • James
  • Abrea
  • Isabella
  • Sydney

Inside Jokes

The following are inside jokes that only a TIPster from Con Law would get

  • Blue pickup trucks solve midlife crises
  • Alessandron’t
  • The Con Law Plague
  • Woodford’s shoes (or lack of)
  • The winning t-shirt design
  • T-pose trapping people
  • ”Lasagna envelope is a vulgar term for an imprisoned Italian”
  • ”The real treasure is love”
  • Consider the Coconut (which sometimes referred to Alessandro’s head)
  • ”Prepare to be smoted”
  • Always rigging the game against Alessandro during Monkey in the Middle
  • Anything Max and Joshua do together
  • Canadians invading the US via the Great Lakes
  • Anything and everything James does in the hallway
  • I dO nOt ReCaL