Sacred grass

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The sacred grass is an ancient artifact found in Davidson College, near the chambers. The exact year the sacred grass was created in is unknown to humankind, but legends tell that God himself created this mystical landmark. The grass may never be stepped on, as if it gets stepped on,the order of all life is broken. If one steps of such sacred grass, the punishment is to mow the grass with one's teeth. To keep the peace on the land of sacred grass, Obama occasionally sends grade A military personnel disguised as civilians to patrol the grounds and keep everything in order. TIPsters who break the law are exterminated immediately. However, on the Last Day, many tipsters choose to step on the sacred grass all they want. This is not recommended- you will surely receive divine punishment.


The sacred grass is split into two sections: the east section on the left and the west section on the right. Between the sacred grass is the great bridge which is the only safe way to get to the chambers without risk or injury. The creation of the great bridge can be dated back to 200 B.C.E. It is widely believed that the sacred grass was split as a result of Augustus the great signing a peace treaty with Abdullah Jabber To split the territory. Augustus and the Roman Empire received the east section and Abdullah Jabbar and the Ottoman Empire received the west section. Both armies were killed horribly in the second coming of Papa Quon.

Annual Sacrifice

Once a year on the 20th of March, everyone are allowed to step on the sacred grass. One virgin woman must be sacrificed on the grass to satisfy the 5 gods of nature. Everyone gathers around and starts to chant "SACRIFICE! SACRIFICE!" Over and over until all the blood has been removed from the victim. What will happen if people stop the annual sacrifice is unknown, but experts suggest that the reign of Papa Quon will begin if a true virgin is not sacrificed.