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A class in which you write. Kind of self-explanatory.

2019 T2 (BETTER THAN T1)

Class Members

  • Josh (Instructor)- Hates architecture, likes to uninvite classes, very proctective of Eugene, eats young childrens' hopes and dreams for dessert.
  • Snyriam- Too good for this world, always lets us lead the chant, could definitely start an ASMR channel
  • Sophie B.- Does she even exist? Holds doors, most likely to be accused of homophobia. Was shame once though it wasn't her that did it, it was Elena.
  • Louisa- Taylor swift stan, has her fan account, loves Taylor by Taylor Swift. Was shame twice.
  • Seoyeon- Is still afraid of the peepee grandma, has given up on shoes, lost her name twice. Was shame once.
  • Sophie F.- More canadian than Myriam, says sorry for everything and anything.
  • Angelina- Super innocent, is shamed for the dumbest stuff, must be protected. Was shame four times.
  • Annemarie- The Dabbit speaks through her, she makes shrines and sacrifices and high priestesses. Was shame once.
  • Charlotte- Keeps the Illuminati in business with her skin, very creepy child sometimes. Is a meme. Was never shame despite strange going-ons.
  • Elena- Had a secret hate crush on Jake from State Farm, was always hurt in some way, addicted to ketchup, holds record for most shames. Shamed six times.
  • Elizabeth- Definitely just three raccoons in a trench coat, deep poetry, biggest Hamilton and HP nerd. Has never been shame, and will never be.
  • Merritt- Definitely not basic, No.1 cheerchild, is a Founding Father. Has never been shame.
  • Maya- Thinks everyone is hot (except for MR FARM), eats paper (and almost anything else) was shame three times (or was it four?).
  • Sara- Resident class VSCO girl, but not a thot. Was never shame, she is a good child.
  • Kate- Made evryone cry but we love her still, deserves the world. Surprisingly, was shame once.
  • Sarah- She's chill, kind of like a cool older sister that puts up with all the class BS. Was never shame (shes too nice).

Bruh Moments (Memes)

  • Elena's name tag snackbar
  • Eugene (just Eugene, no explanation needed)
  • Snenglish
  • Angelina's lullaby (pronounced lulla baby)
  • Maya's gum wrappers
  • Snyriam x the boy next door
  • the kissing chapter in the nonfiction textbook
  • "That's not very cash money of you"
  • Jake F.S. Farm
  • Causual lesbianism on the way to class
  • singing Phineas and Ferb on the way to class
  • Dabbit sacrifices during break (Annemarie was the og)
  • "Hi Josh!" "NO!"


BECAUSE IT'S IN THE COURSE DESCRIPTION! (also because everybody hates us)

2019 Term 1 (THE BEST CLASS)

Class members

  • Josh (Instructor) - just a really big fish; aka lanyard & phone guy "PUT YOUR LANYARD ON" "GET OFF YOUR PHONE"
  • Myriam (TA) - a very nice Canadian :) CAPTAIN CANADA
  • Kimber - not afraid of josh, apparently revised the dabbit story but we all know thats not true (kimber dont kill me) legit doesn't know how to eat an ice cream sandwich
  • Josie - DEEP free writes, likes to yoink people
  • Jolie - makes squeaky noises, intrigued by squirrels, is an actual firefly
  • Lorelei - creator of the banned pta moms :(
  • Audrey - also creator of the banned pta moms :(, mOsT LiKEly tO nOt GeT shAmEd (gets shamed)
  • Grace - ALSO creator of the banned pta moms :( FLUFFY
  • Maddie - secretly karen, wants to be president of the pta (josh dont kill me) has a matthew
  • Emma - secretly susan, drives around a prius and owns a kid named matthew (josh if you also see this dont kill me) eats green bananas and mayonnaise together!!!!
  • Yejun - only successful one out of us all (but she terrifies me) CEO of the universe
  • Annabelle - probably the sanest one in the class
  • Nathan - has a good speaking voice aHEM; award-winning interpretive dancer; wearer of tasteful sweaters including yellow, red, and Perry the Platypus
  • Olivia - one word: airpods
  • Mackenzie - giggly + bubbly but says shes emo and dark inside; watermelon enthusiast
  • Camille - is indeed a slytherin
  • Komei - ultimate frisbee boss; least likely to assemble

Inside jokes

  • Dabbit - is it a duck or a rabbit? It's booooth
  • Interrogation questions & Josh's weird, weird stories
  • PTA moms but apparently josh banned it :(
  • "pfffft look its the engineering class"
  • "there's no free lunch, dang it!"
  • josh's sarcastic comments
  • josh asking henry to prom (HE SAID YES)
  • josh not giving us the answers we want during interrogation because hes just josh
  • “Where are we going?” “NO”
  • ben and jerry's chant
  • trying to get beyonce banned
  • the yonce language
  • Grace, Emma, and Mackenzie leading Yoncé to victory in the Literary Olympics
  • ^ Biggest comeback of the season
  • Record for being Shamed for the shortest period of time: Emma
  • “There’s no free lunch, dang it”


  • take off your lanyard within a one mile radius of josh
  • swing it around and chant "JOSH JOSH JOSH"
  • 99.9% of the time he will come to you :)


  • Say Yoncé after every syllable
  • Make sure you do it around Josh
  • Carry on the tradition
  • PRO TIP: Accept the shaming that is to come

2018 Term 2

Class Members

  • Josh (Instructor) - hates us all, but that’s a Russian hug. We hate you too, Josh ;)
  • Lexie (TA) - Stacey helped her to embrace her inner Madame Hawk
  • Miller - sick raps + art on people’s workshop pieces; the og shame
  • Karen - oh kAREN, your Ninja reactions are the best haha
  • Stacey - the new Madame Hawk, also supplying everyone with snacks and screaming yeet all the time, also frantically waving at Josh and calling Lexie everything she didn’t want to be called . (poor thing) also always calling everyone NERDS simply for fun (we are, aren’t we?)
  • Kendall - always either questioning everything or forgetting her questions
  • Michael - really thiccq also betrayed us all on crunch vs munch, also dating BOTTOM TEXT MEMES
  • Peter - always texting in the chat after tip: WHAT ARE WE IN THE HALLWAYS CLASS at about 6pm every day
  • Seoyoon - soy oon
  • Ainsley -> Toby -> Tobias - always walked in with more writing on skin and clothing than before, aLSO was the best distraction ever ~yOWL~
  • Reagan - deepest darkest thoughts, talking about torture methods with Kendall at lunch
  • Marissa - probably the most innocent one of all
  • Julia - really good love poem + using Skype during class
  • Awo - kept Tobias from going insane
  • Phoebe -
  • Neha -
  • Audrey -

Inside Jokes

  • Absolutely silent > absolutely nothing > absolutely > abs > abdominal muscles
  • w-posing
    • x-posing
  • psych started hating us lol
    • ”sorry, I don’t speak psycho”
  • Josh: “NO”
  • Lexie is a beautiful, beautiful hawk
  • One-word stories
  • One-word poems, which were even worse than one-word stories
    • Once a day I am bewildered

Lawkions fly through the sky Ravens build a foundation for iHob Wolves dance at the moonlight DOOR

  • being shamed when walking back from chambers for he final time as a class
  • ”everyone, don’t buy smoothies or milkshakes”
    • everyone ordered smoothies or milkshakes
  • Lexie and Love Crunch are in a relationTIP
  • Stacey is literally a meme
  • screaming YEET
  • sharks and snakes
  • we were all sh00keth when josh and briana said they aren’t cousins (they always will be in our hearts though)
  • CRUNCH OR MUNCH & “that kid with the phone”
  • when Phoebe and Reagan and Kendall went around throwing the puffball at everyone (mainly Miller and Michael)
  • Tobias’s MWAOWAOWAOWAAO thing (yowling)
  • the theories about Arnold Friend (HES A GHOST)
  • THE LITERARY THROWDOWN (go queenz of $a$$!)
  • interrogation. every. day.
  • everyone trying to figure out Lexie’s band name and asking for credit card numbers or CVV’s to eliminate the veto (Michael I’m looking at you you little snake)
  • when Seoyoon brought a ball and Reagan turned it into a game of “hit Michael and Miller and really everyone in the face”
  • Julia eating cereal at lunch
    • and Miller arguing about how wrong it was
  • Josh actually gave us his credit card number
  • what are the past and future tenses of yeet?
  • if you’re a real crunchie you spell thicc with 2 c’s and a q =
  • basically becoming term 1
  • Lexie’s fresh dumpster fashion!1!1!1!!1!1!!
  • ”hi ma’am”
  • NO
  • CATS
  • making 60+ memes at midnight for the class
    • Josh not letting us show them
  • being the writers that we are, everyone enjoying the time spent in computer labs

2018 Term 1

Class Members

  • Josh (instructor who hated literally all of us.)
  • Lexie (TA with copious amounts of talent. Also a beautiful, beautiful hawk.)
  • Grey (once forgot what the floor was.)
  • Danielle (makes an excellent replacement Josh.)
  • Gates (writes good fantasy and has a fun name.)
  • Samantha (obsessed with Beyoncé even though it was illegal.)
  • Matthew (who could not invite the Flat Earth Society to the picnic. Made the most iconic Instagram page of all time.)
  • Sarah (legally ordained minister, published author, and niece of... interesting... uncles.)
  • Kaitlyn (laughs like the dog from the Vine.)
  • Macie (apparently phobic of balloons.)
  • Jeanna (makes abnormally colorful drinks.)
  • Elena (dutifully mothered Grey on multiple occasions.)
  • Pixley (can play Africa on guitar.)
  • Allie (also writes good fantasy and probably the least hated by Josh.)
  • Trystyn (wrote everything depressing and a diss track to the English language.)
  • Olivia (has a deeply moving performance poem/cough.)
  • Megan (from Houston, Texas, baby, and the only one with any remnant of actual sanity.)

Inside Jokes

  • Beyoncé is banned
  • Where are you going? Where have you been?
  • My Strange Addiction
  • Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?
  • “I now pronounce you Josh and Josh. You may now kiss the Josh.”
  • The Coffee Shop=actual heaven
  • Mafia, the Picnic, and various others
  • Balloons
  • Olivia’s cough
  • Never knowing what was happening, ever
  • “Her eyes were like two brown circles with black dots in the center.”
  • Olive Garden
  • “We see the unlimited stick. It is infinite, it is all.”
  • Victorium Cagnum
  • The Dabbit
  • “Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your McOrder?”
  • Community of Repressed Emos…
  • No disclaimers. Absolutely none.
  • Lexie. Lexie. LEXIE.
  • Lexi with no e.
  • Hello?
  • Pen names
  • Macie’s pen
  • Kaitlyn and the desks
  • Macie with an -ie
  • The Office (Parks and Rec is better)
  • Despacito?
  • A beautiful, beautiful hawk.
  • Grey in general tbh
  • Meaningful Ambiguity
  • Billy Collins
  • Destiny’s Child.
  • Pastie
  • Crime scene descriptions
  • The cheerleader
  • Kaitlyn’s socks
  • “No. Never. I quit.” - Josh
  • Olivia and distractions
  • Mock workshop overall
  • (almost a year later and I just remembered in the middle of Publix) trying to decode Josh’s tattoo
  • This was a freewrite. Thank you.
  • No, really. Josh hates us.

CREATIVE WRITING ASSEMBLE! We read and we write! Why? Because it’s on the course description.

2016 Term 2

Class Members

  • Meg (instructor)
  • Megan (TA)
  • Jackson H.
  • Kendall
  • Siddharth
  • Madison
  • Dylan
  • Olivia
  • Anna
  • Walker
  • Linden
  • Ainsley
  • Zoe
  • Lucy
  • Chloe
  • Alex
  • Tomas

Inside Jokes

  • Melodious Milkville
  • the Blackbird gang that strikes fear into the hearts of innocent MM citizens

2016 Term 1

"Class Members"

  • Meg (Instructor)
  • Megan (TA)
  • Lily
  • Liz
  • Sam
  • Anacat
  • Lahari
  • Annie
  • Matthew
  • Joy
  • Heather
  • Paige
  • Catherine
  • Zoi
  • Zoë
  • Justine
  • Madeline
  • Hannah

"Inside Jokes"

  • Green Trains
  • The Subsequent Ban on Green Trains and other forms of specifically-colored transportation (chartresuse canoes, pink motorcycles, etc.)
  • TipVale
  • Thirteen Ways of...
  • Dandelion Puff
  • Squid
  • Jellyfish
  • Tip UN
  • Meese Cult
  • Meese Cult Resistance
  • Blackbird
  • Weasel
  • Lobster
  • The Land Of Snog
  • Bees?
  • Hannah's Morbid Stories

2015 Term 1

Class Members

  • Shining Phoenix (Chloe, teacher who loved the game Werewolf)
  • Mild Tortoise (Camily, TA who somehow didn't go insane from stress)
  • Sassy Crab (Carson, the creator of nicknames)
  • Chattering Parrot (Agastya, lovable know-it-all)
  • Ecstatic Donkey (Sunny, enjoys laughing and saying "OH MY GOOOOOOD")
  • Golden Leopard (Rory, has blue eyes)
  • Leaping Bullfrog (JJ, has a godly voice)
  • Smiling Jackal (Claire, survivor of Austrailia)
  • Happy Monkey (Vicky, likes hugs and bursting into tears)
  • Baby Tiger (Julia, known for writing relatively happy stories with extremely dark twists)
  • Blind Crane (Nacho, has awesome hair and singing skills)
  • Silent Chamelion (Evie, rad af)
  • Mysterious Penguin (Ayla, good at finger smiling and watching children sleep)
  • Mountain Goat (Robert, lover of multiple animes)
  • Awkard Platypus (Sydney, soon-to-be professional ketchup artist)
  • Fighting Lobster(Eli, not-so-secretly a dinosaur)
  • Beyoncé (Honorary)

Inside Jokes

  • Village of Bakers
  • the B-word (the ban of Beyoncé)
  • BAEthoven
  • JJ killing off his main characters
  • Agastya's ego
  • finger smiling
  • Carson's face drawing (the guy with the big "nose")
  • the Australian(s)<- Claire survived it all
  • Blue Eyes
  • JJ's Podcast [1]
  • JJ, the magazine
  • everyone loves Nacho
  • yaaas cat
  • pick up lines
  • finish the heart

Final Presentation

The audience was Big Data, and EPS for a few minutes (just long enough for Sydney to read her story in front of Joel!). Most of the RC's that people wanted to come came to see the whole production. Overall, it was kind of awkward, and many had the urge to raise their hands to workshop their colleagues' works. Also, it was revealed that JJ kills off the dog and mother (who smells like pancakes) in his story.

Thoughts on the class

It was extremely fun, we learned so much in a short time. Reading the short stories were awesome, The Lottery and A Rose For Emily evoking a lot of creepy feelings. We did a lot of projects too, like the sonnets, the magazine, our portfolio, workshop, etc. We had lots of breaks where some people begged to go outside. Elbow tag was the best game ever (except if you were tired and didn't like to run). Overall, class was never boring, there were great song request, and somehow, 14 brilliant brains learned to work together.

If you have an inside joke or just any thoughts about this class please add it.

I could tell our favourite, awkward platypus wrote this before I even checked. Poor Eli, his secret is revealed to the world. You should really think more of other's privacy. And possibly consider posting your ketchup art online. It would garner much attention, I'm sure. Another thing- where's term 2 for this class? Where's Term 2 2015 in general? Oh, and this video is still amazing. I didn't expect it from JJ either.

2013 Term 2

The Collective Collective <--pretty much the most awesome group of writers you'll find