The Collective Collective

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The Collective Collective at The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC

The Collective Collective was the Davidson 2013 Term II Creative Writing class. They were originally going to be called "The Collective" but then changed it because it sounded too cult like (though if you asked any member of The Collective Collective, most would tell you it still was a cult). Common activities of the class was putting ungodly amounts of salt and pepper into each other's food and drinks when they weren't looking, making horrible dead baby jokes, calling random things "a platypus" (this was a class inside joke, they even had one on their class shirts), telling other tipsters that "green is not a creative color," pulling leaves off of the "weed tree" (note: not actual marijuana), watching YouTube videos and dancing during breaks, playing with the Jell-O in Vail, discussing Soviet Russia and Joseph Stalin/"Stallion," and writing slightly off-kilter poetry about chicken nuggets and My Little Pony.




  • Teacher: Ms. Candace Wiley
  • TA: Ms. Meghan Modafferi (who could do the worm)