Grace Robbins

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Grace Robbins attended Davidson College in 2013, Term 2. She was roommates with another Grace, and was also a member of Kara's RC group with other lovely girls (such as Olivia Berry, who like Grace did not believe in Instagram and Dru Ricci with whom she watched Bad Lip Reading often) who all agreed boys were bad and Minions were life (All Hail Dave!).

Grace was also a member of The Collective Collective, the Creative Writing Class (where many dance breaks, YouTube videos, and very amazing writers congregated). It is also important to note her RC group performed the highly hilarious TipSync version of "I Knew You Were Trouble" featuring the very talented Olivia Berry as the screaming goat. Surprisingly, their performance did not win, though it was definitely the best.

She took about a million pictures of her time at Davidson, and misses everyone. She did not attend another Duke TIP summer studies program, so this will always be the most special one.