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Olivia Berry is a two year tipster and everyone's bae. She attended Davidson term 2 2013, and East Term 1 2014. We're gonna talk about East because I, Rose "Technically" Clipson and Olivia's bestest friend ever, did not attend Davidson Term 2 2013.

Duke East Term 1 2014

At East, Olivia was one of the original members of The Very Super Queer Room. She regularly sang mcr at the top of her lungs, and she and Rose (me hehe hey bae) have perfect harmonies on Welcome to the Black Parade. Olivia was in Bach to Rock and was generally wonderful in the class. She, Lawrence, and Rose (the latter two both in Symbols and Structure would sing the TFIOS song by Troye Sivan at breaks between classes, or she and Rose would sleep on the pavement in the sun and overheat. Olivia was great friends with Haylee peters and Max Hipp. (Olivia was greatly responsible for the name "Olivia Pimp," bestowed on Max). She had this super wonderful CHVRCHES shirt that Rose would comment on like liTERALLY EVERY DAY. Her walls were decked out in artwork by the talented and wonderful Claudia Smith and everyone was jealous. She wore this pride necklace that was bequeathed to Rose at the end of the term. (I wear it everyday. People at my school asked me if I was sick the one time I didn't wear it. I kid you not. -the interrupting Rose. The Rose who is writing this paragraph. I don't understand myself sometimes)

The members of Fall Out Boy are Olivia's sons. She has "like 38393934929 children." That is all that needs to be said. Except we're saying more because FALL OUT BOY JUST FALL OUT BOY. FOB was the start of many conversations between Olivia, Claudia, Rose, and Lawrence. This wonderful beauty of a person could often be found in Claudia and Maggie's room, Casey and Rose's room, or of course the VSQR.

Olivia is a tumblr addict, except she doesn't actually have a tumblr, so she stalks the blogs of her friends. (Such as mine. punkxdragon.tumblr.com. Shameless self promotion on my best friend's page. Love you Liv ;} ) Scarlett Johansson is qUEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Olivia is the strongest and most wonderful and beautimus and awesome human being and she will be greatly missed from tip because she can't come back until she's an RC/RA.

She had this stellar black and white dress that she wore to one of the dances (the one that she and Haylee grinded on each other at.) (That's a very poorly constructed sentence wow I'm sorry for the quality of this page Olivia). She and Claudia are the queens of winged eyeliner. Olivia is Rose's steve4life and is constantly extremely supportive and helps Rose deal with crap like 24/7. She is incredibly intelligent and equally as obsessed with FOB and MCR. She and Rose met up in march of 2015 and a huge tipunion occurred. Olivia is v loved by everyone.

BRAZILIANS (Thanks, George W. Bush) is the amount that she and Rose love each other (platonically. God. Don't be our parents and think we're dating). Anyway yeah Olivia is just in general a legendary and spectacular person to be around who will brighten your day and be extremely generous and really funny and super great. I highly recommend having an Olivia. Think of all of your favorite things and put them together and that is Olivia.

In summary, We love her more than we love Nutella.