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It's time to wake up....

Her first year at TIP was Davidson term 1 2013. She was in Rachel Maskins RC group (Rachel's Rainicorns) and took Psychology with Margaret Bates and Robert Edmiston. She roomed with who loved to read and had REd Keds. Niles also had the same bed sheets as Haylee.

Her first day of class she tried to be cool and have a conversation with the rest of the class at book pick up but everyone at TIP is awkward so nobody talked. This was funny. In class she became friends with Corbin because he was the only person she wasn't afraid of. Corbin was awkward. She later became best friends with Maggie Snyder because Maggie is a queen. She also became very close to Max Hipp because he told dead baby jokes. He did, however, attempt to kill her multiple times. But all in good fun. She sat behind Jenny who had a huge crush on Max and the TA Rob. Haylee's first year at Tip was the beginning of her overwhelming attachment to the program. Something about Tip and the Tipsters made Haylee want to be a better person.

Her second year at TiP was east term one 2014. She took criminal trial advocacy . This year, she had epic moments with Carina Masuelli, her roommate cause roomie is love, roomie is life, 8ogre . They built the best pillow fort so awesome that you will cry with jealousy because it was so awesome. She had an endless supply of candy (twizzlers 5 ever) and her hobbies include obsessing over tip and wearing socks all the time. She was best friends who with Max Hipp her second year at TIP (Duke East Term 1 2014). She loves hearing him play guitar and playing the song Holiday in Spain. Max and Haylee's tradition was to dance Iris together in a friend way of course. She was also very close to Maggie Snyder who to this day is still one of her best friends. Maggie and Haylee always found themselves in bad situations but somehow never got caught for their mild bending of the rules. Joseph Cochran was her ride or die and accompanied her in all of her shenanigans during her second year. She continued to share an unbreakable bond with Niles and left with even more passion for TIP.

It has been rumored that Haylee is a heteroflexible, but that been proven beyond reasonable doubt that it is in fact, true?

. Haylee's cow mask was given to Soren which he still proudly wields to this day. Haylee left on her last day of Tip without a single tear shed, perhaps because she knew her time at Tip wasn't over just yet.

Haylee's legacy isn't in what she did at TIP, the relic she held, or the riot she was in. It is in the way she wanted to make every green lanyard feel like they were a part of something wonderful because... well... they are. Her legacy is survived by her younger sister Emma Peters who is arguably more diplomatic and more patient than Haylee ever could be. But Haylee's journey didn't end when she left Duke East in 2016. Her journey will end when the last tipster she ever touches leaves the campus. And with her little sister thriving at tip, her younger tip friends still going strong, and her intentions to return as an RC still very much alive, who knows when her journey really will end?

If you ask me (literally me, Haylee) I say hopefully not soon.

To my old friends reading this, thank you and I miss you. To my little tipster children making me proud, you are loved deeply. To my future RAG (hopefully you don't find this) but if you do I promise to answer your questions. and to my sweet little sister who convinced me to update my tip wiki page, you have no idea how much you mean to me. Wear your fedora proudly. Remember, TIP is what you make it. It is in the people, not the relics or riots or traditions. It's about how it makes you feel and the fact that a group of stranger nerds can come together and somehow become a family in 3 weeks and unbreakable after 4 years. TIP doesn't end after your last American Pie. It ends when you decide to forget how that last American Pie made you feel. Don't try and block out the emotion and don't try to deny how much TIP means to you, it won't work trust me! Cry, laugh, scream at the moon! And never forget that TIP is forever in some way shape or form.

“I, Haylee Peters, of sentimental mind and minuscule body lovingly leave Max an Iris and a trip to Spain, Niles my overwhelming love 8,000 goldfish, Mirium a clock, Grey a kiss from old Ronnie and a plane ticket to Atlanta, Netra my memories of Don, Joseph every memory I made at TIP even though you were most of them, Maggie Snyder my dignity and Alaska, Jess my love, Hux unending hugs, Eric my passion for learning everything, Mai my camp bible, Maggie Rylas our 2nd year selfies, Alie a lifetime supply of Scrimmy fanfiction, Søren my burning building, and everyone a tank you for making this my home and for teaching me who I am. My TIP journey has been the single greatest and most loving time of my life. Everyone I’ve met along the way deserves unlimited happiness and joy! See you very soon Duke East!” -Haylee Peters (2016)

In conclusion she is just a perfect human being.



She shall live on forever.