Max Hipp

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Max Hipp started TIP as a first year second year at Davidson Term 1 2013. He roomed with Joseph. He was a member of the manatees and was in the Psychology clique. On the first day of class everyone thought Max was the coolest kid ever because he told dead baby jokes and looked like Harry Potter. He became a very memorable classmate because he always had an off topic comment. Margaret Bates, the instructor, was done with his shit by day two. He was the only person in the class who was unaware that Jenny wanted to fuck him. He denies it to this day because he thought she was annoying. Max enjoyed playing the infamous game, The Card Game and trying to tickle people until they died. He was the only one who found it amusing. Max' relationtip his first year at TIP was Alie [ :^) ]. We all liked Alie because she made inappropriate jokes about the female anatomy. Max and Alie went to dances together and hung out at free time occasionally.

For his second year third year at TIP, Max went to Duke East term 1 2014 and took Bach to Rock. He decided to get new glasses and a hair cut so he no longer looked like Harry Potter. Oh well. He actually lifted, so in his third year Max had muscles and thought he was cool. He also brought his guitar which was a good decision since Max is really talented. He was in Kamal's RC group his second year and roomed with Luke Ourednik who is famous for wearing jeans with flips flops. Somehow Luke pulls it off. Max tries to be a pimp like Maggie. He very quickly earned the nickname "Olivia Pimp" from his class, because he always seemed to be making some physical contact with the two Olivias. One of them was a lesbian so don't get too outraged. Max spent most of his time with Maggie Snyder (his pimp), Joseph Cochran (his old roommate), and Haylee peters (his relationtip).Max Hipp might possibly be the coolest person ever. He's a teddy bear.

4th year he took the money class, played more guitar, and had the hots for Paige duffy