Joseph Cochran

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Joseph's first year at TIP was at New College. Not much is known about his first year since he made his real friends his second and third years.

Joseph's second year at TIP was Davidson Term 1 2013. There he roomed with Max Hipp and was known for wearing a white grey striped fedora. Joseph took Mathematics Problem Solving, which was one of the hardest classes at Davidson, but since Joseph is basically a genius he excelled. Joseph was pretty awkward until he finally broke out of his shell and became "socialized!" One of his more famous social encounters was when he and some other members of the Haylee peters Fan Club made her a poptart and beef jerky sandwich. It was disgusting, but cute. Joseph, or JCock, came back to TIP for his third year at Duke East Term 1 2014. There, he became an official member of The Fab Four, roomed with Nicholas, who he didn't become very close with, and took Spy 101. Joseph was a little awkward, but mostly adorable and sassy. In response to almost every statement, Joseph would say 'This is True.' Maggie and Haylee took a million videos at tip, but he always stared at the camera and didn't know what to do. He is the only 15-year-old boy in the history of time whose sexual urges are basically nonexistent. Joseph was loved by all. Joseph is the definition of a-dork-able. You will never meet anyone as caring and sweet as Joseph. He and Haylee peters have plans for world domination, but that information is to be kept secret until the world is ready for them.