The Fab Four

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This is quite possibly the closest group of four tipsters in the history of tip. Their names in alphabetical order (as to not question level of importance) are Joseph Cochran, Max Hipp, Haylee peters, and Maggie Snyder. It all started at Davidson term one 2013, the year they all met. The first two to meet were Max and Joseph, because they were roommates. The next day, Haylee, Maggie, and Max met on the first day of class. These three members of the four all took psychology that year, and a lot of bonding went on between them in class rather than outside (the incident). Joseph on the other hand didn't meet Haylee or Maggie until the middle of the term when Max introduced them. Maggie spent far more time with Haylee than she did with Max or Joseph that term so Joseph and Maggie were never really that good of friends the first year. By the end of the term Max, Haylee, and Joseph, had become close.

The next year, the four all went to east term one to reunite. This term is where the magic happened. Their second term together they all spent every waking moment they could together. But because they all took separate classes, there was less time than before, but it was just as meaningful. These friends were always seen together and some assumed that there were relationtips going on within the four. This did not happen until the end of the first week when Joseph and Haylee went to the first dance together but were so awkward about it decided to end it and stay friends. The next week, Max asked Haylee and she said yes. This relationtip was far more meaningful than the previous. By the end of the term the four had decided to talk every Wednesday for the rest of time. To this day they share a special bond that every group of tipsters share. The only difference is that there is four of them, and they shall never part.

The time between Duke East 2014 and Duke East 2015 entailed many interesting adventures for these four beautiful friends. On Labor Day weekend Maggie Snyder came down to stay with Haylee peters in Georgia. The weekend was full of wonderful friendship moments that included Joseph Cochran and Max Hipp coming down and spending the whole day with them. The Fab Four was once again united and spent the entire day eating brownies out of the pan because why not and listening to Max play guitar. Haylee of course cried because she's way to emotional and Joseph, Max, and Maggie got the chance to meet one of Haylee's real life friends. Who knew Haylee had friends outside of TIP? They also spent time at the lake, rode on a golf cart, and all sorts of things before Max and Joseph's painful departure which left Haylee and Maggie in tears.

The group has been actively involved in a group message where they complain about not being at TIP, laugh at Max's photoshop pictures, wonder about Joseph's life outside of TIP because he never talks about it, talk crap about Maggie's weird preppy friends, and plan for next summer. They also (mainly Haylee because she has emotional issues) get emotional about the fact that this summer will be Max and Joseph's last year. That's ok though because their friendship is eternal and will not be broken even if two members depart from TIP.

Lucky for the four, they were all accepted to Duke East Term 1 2015. Haylee will be taking Revolution and Terror because she likes politics a little too much, Joseph will be taking Game Theory because he is way too smart, Maggie will be in Political Cultures and Counter Cultures because she wants to debate it up and is gonna be a boss at it, and Maximus will be taking Great Minds and Big $$$ because he wants all the $$$.