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East Term II 2006

Quite possibly the most "interesting" class ever. Was taught at East II 2006 by Anu Kirk (aka Sid Luscious) and Adam Tober (aka "The Emo/Scene Kid" (although he wasn't really (at all))) - also known as "the guys with the tattoos", the judges at the lip synch, and "oh my God, those are your teachers?".

It was determined here that Prince, Michael Angelo, and Bach - but mostly Prince - are the best guitarists ever. And Duran Duran kicks major ass.

Class Members:

  • Eric Mefford, Tyler Mefford, Alexis Chaney, Maria Hall, AC/DC, Thor Tobiassen, Bobby Prengle, (aka the girl with pink hair), Erin P. Kelly, Emily Sharp, Mary Morris, Savannah Lloyd, Billy McCormick, Lara Kessler/Adrienne Pearson, Adrienne Pearson/Lara Kessler, Katie Martinez, Kat Hines, Austin Neely (though there is some debate as to whether or not he was actually IN the class), Ben Morrell, Sarah Lowe

They will continue busting fugues, writing sonatas (preferably for box fans and chalkboards), rioting, putting bananas in pianos, and just being flat out hardcore. When it doubt, listen to Brian Eno.

Later on at East Term 1 2008, the class was brought back by TA Annie Searcy and Teacher Christy. However it was no-longer what it had been rumoured to have been in the past and resulted in roughly two weeks wasted on remote classical music and one week attempting to make the course fit its title.

Originally titled "A History of 20th Century Music", the class was first taught at East II in 1999 with a TA. The class was taught again during East II in 2000 by Anu Kirk and Adam Tober. Taught a third time during East II in 2001 by Anu Kirk and Adam Tober.

It is rumored that Anu only teaches during East II because that's when he had the most fun as a TIP student. His B2R classes were taught in the same classroom he had his first class in the 1880s.

East Term II 2010

In 2010, East Term II, the class was taught by Liz Heppard and Peter Sloan as the TA. The class may or may not have included quacking at Liz, banging on desks, having inspiring Ultimate speeches recited by Peter before games to "The Final Countdown", being vaguely reminded of things that happened last night, comparing Peter's hair and Male Pattern Baldness, discussing dreams of talking mountain dew bottles, being INDIE INDIE INDIE (let's not forget triangles) and tacking 'bro' onto and into as many words and names as possible (ShostaBROvich, anyone?).

East Term II 2011

Bach to Rock was taught again in East Term 2, 2011 by Josh Foy and TA Page Stephens. The lucky TiPsters who got to experience walking to the far-away lands of Biddle for what may or may not have been the best BtR class in the world were: Ben Grace Ryan Julia Brendon Vanessa Michael Lindsey Alexandra Lindsay Patrick Mary Sean Carolyn Gentry Katie Kersey Ana Sue Anne

This class was a tip-perience that taught us amazing tipsters about composition(like composing mushrooms, Julia) to teach us the history of 20th century music, to teach us about music theory. we all gained so much from this class and truth be old others were jealous of us. why? because every day was a jam session, we had no test and if we did then it was for fun to laugh at almost. we has the good life because our research projects were about swing dancing and led zeppelin and there was more music then words on our power pints. the big project we had completed was getting the lit licences class to write a short opera(they did it in about 4 hours!!!) and we composed the score of music to go along with it. and the amazing thing about ti was that we wrote all of this music by ourselves, we did not use computers we only went down to the practice rooms and brought our instruments with us and jammed up a writing session. we did however perform our final sections called the family recceit in the talent show as we were the final performers. there are so many things to say about this class but the one thing that stick with my mind is... "ha. ha. ha. mewwsic humor" ~grace gelpi ; and on the third day, josh said "let there be light" so he taught us 12 tone scales.

East Term II 2012

Instructor - Josh Foy

TA - Julie Dale

Class - Henry Saussy, Jesse Shadowen (Batman), Allie Mills, Abby Weaver, Tyler Tinari, John Robertson, Kyle Cohen, Lucy Wimmer, Hannah Whitney, Jared LaVohn, Katie Lee, Finn O'Connor, Malcolm Landrieu, Max Sowatzka, Tommy Bui, Annika Mukherjee and Hayley Cooper

What if a bird came and RUINED IT!?, Hot dog and/in a biscuit!, Put the instruments down., POUAH!, flames flames flames flames flames flames flames, TAMTOUMB, BATMAN!, SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH JAZZ, creative way to incorporate the seal joke into classwork, JUSTICE!, beatitude, block chord, Charlie the Unicorn song, Snort before playing, ERMAHGERD, Incestuous necrophiliac teenager..., *insert White County, GA joke here*, "The aliens were doing experiments on me.", Flat-footed monkeys!

East Term II 2015

Instructor - Josh Foy

TA - Ciara Middleton

Class- 4th years: Emily, Kyle, Rhian, Ashley, Chris, Daniel, Rachel. 3rd years: Prow, Carl, Nick, Jennifer, Maggie S. 2nd years: Cormac, Ethan, Alex, Abney, Bridget, Maggie P, Ruby.

Counter counter, LOL, good treble! puns in general.

East Term I 2013

Instructor - Scott Lee

TA - Elena Avalos-Boch


Ariel, Skippy (Harry), Dillon (AKA Stripes/Kearsley), Danny, Ally, Yoon, Jeffery, Noah, Conrad, Katie, Timofey, Steven, Christina, Eliana, Megan

I feel like Dov also needs to be mentioned. Dov is special. Did he even work at TiP? He wasn't at the orientation. OH JEEZ WE LET A CREEPER IN THE CLASS

Inside Jokes:

Scott writing "Take on Me," Christina's truck full of illegal prostitutes, Jelly Roll Morton, Yoon and Boulez (Yoolez), counting "Likes", all the creepy ballets and operas, Reddit, stalking Scott, Eric Clapton, what is music?, Jeffery's candy, Conrad and Eliana (screw you all, I still feel bad) and so many more that I can't think of right now

East Term I 2014

Instructor - Scott Lee (Not to be confused with the handsome and dashing Lee-Scott)

TA - Elena Avalos-Boch

Class (With the superlatives from the term book):

Nathan - most likely to be Benjamin Britten

Max - least likely to "give you up"

Jacey - most likely to compose turkey music

Carina Masuelli - most likely to have Fun. (in her basement)

Maggie Ryals - most likely to "SCOTT?!"

Kathryn - most likely to have the voice of an angel

Rachel - most likely to drink maple syrup

Olivia Berry - most likely to mention Lemon Gerard

Hope - most likely to be from the beach state

Laney - most likely to be Queen Bey

Jack - most likely to compose 4'33"

Sofia - most likely to run away and join a Russian ballet troupe

Aron - most likely to sniff a scarf

Olivia J. - most likely to hear beautiful things

Olivia Bennett - most likely to agree with Olivia Berry about Lemon Gerard

Noah Joyce - most likely to Panic!

Michael-Ellen - most likely to be a Disney Princess

Austen - most likely to start a riot

Elena - most likely to keep it profesh

Scott - most likely to wwsd

Inside Jokes:

hashtag scelena (which later turned into hashtag eleven), profesh, salome, emotionless deer robot scarf love, trombone glissando's (get your trombone in it's case god), jeopardy, wwsd (what would scott/salome do?), it was pretty epic especially the second composition project

East Term I 2015

Instructor: Josh Foy; very ticklish TA: Sassy Max

Fourth years: Michael, Karena, Max, Trevor, Drew, Katie, Sylvia Third years: Kellee, Paige, Kaliegh, Matthew, Netra, Kieran, Morgan Second years: Sachin, Noah, Jack

East Term II 2016

Instructor: Josh Foy (JBoy JFoy) TA: James Hughes (Huges, JMoney)


Carolina- Most likely to be Ebony D'arkness Dementia Raven Way

Sophie- Most likely to make the "best" pun ever

Ben- Most likely to tap his way into your heart

Jo- Most likely to start an international kazü kült

Hank- Most likely to be the gangster of love

Justin- ;)

Jason- Most likely to be a secret beast

Grace- Most likely to be an amazing person

Zane- Most likely to cross a scalar and a vector

Eve- Most likely to be the cutest person "eve"r

Praise- Most likely to be a lowkey savage

Julia- Most likely to be a stay at home dad

Elise- Most likely to accidentally compose a masterpiece

Lizzy-Grace- Most likely to be a popstar

Adelaide- Most likely to support that message

Caetana- Most likely to giggle at everything

Isabel- Most likely to compose an anime theme song

Jacob- Most likely to be dank TSwift™

David- Most likely to swing those eighth notes

Josh (Instructor)- Most likely to be a musical conspiracy theorist

James (TA)- Most likely to have a beautiful :)

Final Count: 68 Puns, 127 Snorts

Inside jokes: salami, yüng kazü, j$, jboi jfoy, j2$, dabeed, Steven, *goat noise*, "we're all whoopie cushions", professional button pushing, delete your account jason [[1]]