Maggie Ryals

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Some pretty 3rd year bitch who went to Wake Term One 2013, Duke East Term One 2k14, and Duke East Term One 2k15. Izzy's Chicklets/Kater tots/Juligans. From Gainsville, FL, but she likes FSU (freak).

Her 1st year can be summed up in one word: rough. She took Myths & Legends.

Her 2nd year she fell in name/soul twin love with . This concluded her being known as Maggie 2 or Other Maggie. She is known for the creation of the Mike Tyson. She was in Bach to Rock with the kids who couldn't get their lives straight. Her 2nd year she was basically adorable and funny and weirdly good at Smash Brothers, with an endless supply of Justin Bieber perfume and an affinity for binge watching my little pony with her flawless roommate Mai. She was really bad at lying about what she was watching, so Maggie S always found out and made fun of her.She could be found watching slasher movies with Andrew Toale during freetime and was (still is) the only person who could get Andrew's leather jacket off (in a tippropriate way). In her second year, she was given the newer relic The Sass Hat, which would be passed down her 3rd year to another 3rd year to right the order

Her 3rd year can definitely be described as a whirlwind fantasy. She was in Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics aka the cult class. (known for their flags, one of which was stolen by PCult in a fake rivalry they created). She ran a 3rd years girls rag on the 2nd floor of Pegram. Her roommate was the infamous Blazemistress/Alie akins, who received the pink stilettos, making their room lucky number 214, with both of it's members receiving big relics. She became best friends with the lovable Skippy V aka Duco van der Beek. On the last night, she gave The Sass Hat to Ashley Williamson and herself received Svusch's fairy wings. She was known around campus as the girl with the camera, as she always carried around her Nikon D3300 to try and record every day spent at TiP the term. She got pretty damn close. About half of the slideshow pictures ended up being pictures she had taken, stolen off of her facebook by staff members.

Her 4th year: currently unwritten