The Sass Hat

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This hat (a black and white pinstriped fedora) is an older Term 1 Duke East relic, predating many of its traditional brethren. The hat started with CSC (Caitlin Cafiero) when she was a fourth year. She gave it to Olivia J., who was a third year when she left and in turn she gave it to Maggie Ryals when she left. (noted that Maggie was only a second year, so she will have the hat third and then pass it down to other third year to right the order.) The hat is given to someone who is extremely sassy and also comes with the title Sass Master. Like other relics, it is to be worn at events (Dances, Talent Show, etc.) Interestingly, the hat has a habit of switching from being held by third and fourth years, this goes along with the tradition that the hat, being sassy, need not follow silly rules like what year you can be to hold it.

(The original owner of this hat is in fact, not a dude.)

Year Holder
2013 Caitlin Cafiero
2014 Olivia Jarbeau
2015 Maggie Ryals
2016 Ashley Williamson
2017 Carter Langbert
2018 Samuel Dobson
2019 Megan Vaz
2020 Jack Heidrick