Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics

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East Term 1 2015 and 2019

"Revolution makes me hungry!; aderall.. aderall.. aderall!!!!"


Revolution and Terror was taught by Eric Oakley and his TA Matt Armstrong. Eric was known to own at least 17 coke shirts from Target, giggle evilly, and own The Clockwork Hat (new relic). Matt was known to speak in many different accents, ask Earth shattering questions, and play frisbee with the class. The class was known across the campus for being the cult class and chanting "USA" very loudly. The class also carried a flag to lunch everyday, which changed depending on what they were doing in class (the Loyalist flag, United Colonies Flag, United States Flag, USSR Flag, Serbian Flag). Their flag was stolen once by the P Cult class due to a "rivalry" between the two that no one in the Rev/T class was aware of.

The class was very close and considered themselves a family("fam," as Ashley Williamson would have put it). The class was full of inside jokes (Pimping Howes, Skippy V jokes, Trap Queens, that guy Shannon knows, etc). But in the end, the class learned a lot. They learned that uniting the Carolinas is always a bad idea, Eric's rough sketches will make him rich one day, to always pay attention or else Matt will make a knocking noise in your ear, Jack always has a secret plan that's not so hard to find out, always smile because Maggie's probably taking a picture, and that nothing interesting happened in Delaware.

Where are they now? Probably establishing a communist moon colony, eating breakfast at Timofey's, and dancing Rasputin into the sunset.

East Term 1 2019

Professor Cheryl Dong lead this class and she likes to listen to gangster rap on the side. Our TA Molly was "planning" ON working at shire pharmasuticules and would be put to use in the Tipster Revolution. May memories came with this class such as the rachet bus, burning down the gaseboo, aderall aderall aderall, Andrew, and all the laughs and memories.

Notable tipsters included: Small Dog Summer thought iykyk Josphine: famous tik toker George: the best at group projects Josh: loved steamed baby carrots Greyson: founder of Greyson's playground

Where is there class now? I'd like to think still planning the tipster revolution???? xoxo your local tipster

Their Legacy

This class would spawn numerous legendary figures in the following years, including:

- Shannon Rogers (Thomas Hat 2016) - Maggie Ryals (Fairy Wings 2016) - Ro Harvey (Book of Dev 2016) - Ashley Williamson (Sass Hat 2016) - Will Meynardie (Pimp Robe 2016) - Haylee Peters (Clockwork Hat 2016) - Miriam Shams-Rainey (Clockwork Hat 2017)

all of whom are still admired in the history books today.