The Clockwork Hat

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The Clockwork Hat is a Duke East Term 1 relic. It was started in Term 1 of 2015. It is the first academic relic ever at East and was started by the most legendary teacher, Eric Oakley. Eric saw the need for a relic like this and was inspired by his Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics 2015 class to make it so. Eric also saw that his hat was wearing down and felt like this would be the perfect time to pass it on and get a new one. Also, this hat was continually passed around the class for the duration of the term, making it a clear choice for Eric's creation of a relic.

At the conclusion of Term 1 2015, Eric bestowed this relic upon Haylee Peters and left her a written set of requirements for the hat. Eric wrote... The Clockwork Hat is the first academic relic to circulate at TIP. I present it to, and hope that it shall continue to pass to, the rising fourth-year student who demonstrates the greatest commitment to learning, shrewd understanding of material, or strategic performance in a course at TIP. The hat may be passed to any student in any course, so long as its recipient meets the requirements above. Unofficially, the Clockwork Hat has come to represent a TiPster who is particularly curious, enthusiastic about new learning experiences, and is willing to ask questions and give their all to both the academic and social sides of TIP. People with this relic tend to have lots of character and be very involved in the TIP community, partially because they are so curious and enthusiastic that they can't help but get themselves involved in things. Holders of this relic are referred to as Clockwork Gods or Goddesses after a nickname commonly used for Eric, the relic's creator.

Holders Of The Hat

Year Holder
2016 Haylee Peters
2017 Miriam Shams-Rainey
2019 Lily Smith
2020 Tyler Ard