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Llama mamma.jpg
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2005, 2006
Course(s) PILF, Bach to Rock
RAG(s) Alex's, Sid's
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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AC/DC is a very cool TIPster who some have nicknamed Tyler. He was the 2007 Llama Mama. He owns several AC/DC shirts and his known for his flowing blonde locks and general awesomeness. He frequently was seen on the quad, frisbee in hand, and occasionally wearing obscenely short shorts.

When the Llama (pronounced Ya-ma, for you non-Easters who didn't know) was kidnapped by Daag, AC/DC was also known to raid some of the RC's rooms.

Term History

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC
2004 1st Davidson II Philosophy Akers Eric
2005 2nd Duke East II PILF Alspaugh Alex
2006 3rd Duke East II Bach to Rock Pegram Sid
2007 4th Duke East II Abnormal Psychology Bassett Mike
Preceded by:
Eric Mefford
Llama Mama Succeeded by:
Kyle "Badass" Jones