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(the Llama Mamas of the original Llama, not of the Term One Llama)

At the end of term, the Llama Mama, who was a fourth-year, passed the Llama on to his/her favorite third year to bring back and spread the joy to future TIPgenerations.

Llama mamas:

1999: Geoff Geis
2000: April Goldman
2001: Miriam Goldberg
2002: Lauren Edelman
2003: Tyler Evans
2004: Maggie Bashford
2005: Kathleen Mayer
2006: Eric Mefford
2007: Tyler "AC/DC"
2008: Kyle Jones
2009: Colin Groundwater
2010: Alli Schloeman
2011: George Saussy
2012: Emily Bergquist
2013: Ellison Hersch
2014: Mia Weathers-Fowler
2015: Colin Bronack
2016: Greg Svirnovskiy
2017: Daniela Garcia
2018: Kate Adkins
2019: Fisher Boyd

In a completely unrelated instance, at University of Kansas Term 2 in 2007, RC Amour Wolfe was known as the Mama Llama by her group, the Lovely Lady Llamas, in a reference to the children's book "Are You My Mama Llama?"

In 2008, at the end of Term II at East, the Llama Mama, Kyle Jones, announced that he would be passing on the Llama not during the closing ceremony, as previous Llama Mamas had done, but in secret. The Llama Mama for '09 was figured out during Term II in 2009 (or beforehand because people found out and didn't stay quiet about it).

In 2009, in lieu of the Swine Flu closure, in the final American Pie circle after staff stole the Llama, Colin Groundwater passed on the Llama to Alli Schloeman in dramatic fashion, complete with an epic speech.