Fisher Boyd

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Fisher Boyd
Campus(es) Wake Forest, Duke East
Attended 2016, 2017, 2018, 1019
Course(s) Speculative Fiction, Celluloid Visions, Revolution and Terror, Dictators Kings and Ceos
RAG(s) Sam's RAG, Tanisha's Rag
Roommate(s) Caroline Coleman, Jordan
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A "past" emo who was, most recently a second year at Duke East Term 2 2017. She was a first year at Wake Forest. Fisher is known for constantly posting about the Great Comet or Falsettos, leaving camp for the Falsettos movie with Caroline Coleman, being weirdly good at ERS, and breaking hearts. She is friendlier than she appears.

Carried the second years with her roommate Jordan Freeman during Quadfest.

Wake Forest 2016

Fisher appeared to be a stone cold gal who would beat you in cards and steal your heart. There's little we know about Wake Forest Fisher. We know she was interested in Fall Out Boy, Dan and Phil, and Hamilton. But wasn't half of Tip? Perhaps she'll always be a mystery to us... At least there's one thing we've figure out about Fisher. She's not straight.

Duke East 2017

Fisher attended Duke East T2 2017, where she took Celluloid Visions. Her most favorite production was a mockumentary on the life of RC Conner. She was also a critical member to his fan club. She also obsessively played ERS. One famous moment was Fisher ditching her evening activities to watch Falsettos in theater. Despite this, Fisher made a lasting impact through her coming in swift at Quad Fest.

Duke East 2018

Someone fill this out because I can't.

Duke East 2019

Fisher is a hoe and this year's llama mama. She took Dickings and CEOs as a class and was a major proponent of the red plan in solving the land crisis of ancient rome. A chaotic king at heart she longs to rule the world with a wild yet tender heart. Also she wants to freak Derek.