Caroline Coleman

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Caroline Coleman
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Wake Forest, Duke East
Attended 2016, 2017
Course(s) Rhetoric & Persuation: Words That Matter
RAG(s) Marissa, Nicole/Kate
Roommate(s) Fisher, Annie
Social Media

All you need to know

Literally just a huge gay classics nerd. Tell her that Scissor-o or whoever is lame. (just kidding Caroline, I love him, please don't hurt me.) She will probably revive Latin. Also, she's cool for allowing Jordan Freeman and Katherine to read her suggestive Latin poetry (translated.) A Central member of Connor Fan Club from intense hallway conversation.

Wake Forest Term 2 2016

It seems that every 1st year at Wake Forest was boring. Caroline was no exception (but she's totally cool now.) Caroline was just coming off her emo phase and the possible reuniting of MCR sent her back down the spiral of emo-ness. She was still obsessed with a girlfriend who we won't name here. But Caroline was quiet. Check out the description of her next year to find out about her current personality.

Duke East Term 2 2017

Caroline took the class Rhetoric and Persuasion: Words that Matter, where she was given an outlet to share her extensive knowledge of classics and history. So much so, she became known as the girl with the kink for Latin history. She was also known for leaving with Fisher Boyd to go see the Falsettos movie, what a theater nerd.