Jordan Freeman

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Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate RelationTIP
2016 1st Wake Forest I Myths & Legends Collins Marissa Ainsley doesn't do
2017 2nd Duke East II Words That Matter Basset Sam's RAG Fisher Boyd relationTIPs
2018 3rd Duke East II Big Screen, Little Screen Alspaugh Emma Jocelyn

Jordan Freeman
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Wake Forest, Duke East
Attended 2016, 2017
Course(s) Myths & Legends, Rhetoric & Persuasion: Words That Matter
RAG(s) Marissa's, Sam's RAG
Roommate(s) Ainsley, Fisher Boyd
Social Media


Jordan Freeman was, most recently, a second year at Duke East Term 2 2017. At first, she was introverted and "straight." After attending Tip for 2 years, Jordan will most likely introduce herself to you and is very much bisexual. Jordan is known for her speech on Exstententialism in Rick & Morty, her love for Obama and Star Wars, her dramatic reading of suggestive Latin poetry, and being a bicycle. If you need a non-TIPropriate Sex Talk that your parents were too awkward to give you, you're questioning your sexuality (It's TIP), or you wanna play cards, Jordan is here for you. But she doesn't want to hear about your dreams.

Also, Jordan and Fisher Boyd won the pudding competition and basically carried the second years to their victory in Pudding and second place over all. Jordan now hates pudding though.

Wake Forest Term 2 2017

As mentioned above, this year Jordan was not the most extroverted. But let the record show, that she was totally out of the closet. She took Myths & Legends. From this class, Jordan would like to shout out (because I might not see ya'll next year) Sarah for losing in their rap battle, Mckenzie who is her collaborator on Corny Rhymes 2017, Quinlin who she misses, Eric for being eccentric, Meeegan for having a lit nickname (made by Jordan), Gretchen for tracing a unicorn off the internet, her TA for having nerd socks, and her instructor for most likely being high, like wtf Crockpot.

Duke East Term 2 2017

This was Jordan's better year. She realized Tip is a magical place and Duke East Term 2 is literally the best. It was such a fun time. But this TIPwiki is not about to get emotional. Shoutout to 3rd and 4th years for being friends with Jordan. Even though this is sounding like a 4th year will, thanks to these 4th years and people who might not come back next year: Daniel and Kyle for being gay, Annie for being my Meme Queen child, Harrison for not being a dad (you dirty conservative and maybe my future husband before he's 17), Grace for being my therapist, Madison for being a queen, Alex for slaying my life with your amazing singing you theater nerd, Micah for accepting me, and Ruth for being Jon Stewart.


Jordan believes that it is very possible that we are on a fictional sitcom (think Truman Show), so she works to develop catch phrases to become a reoccurring character and maybe get her own spin off. Including:

  • "Hydrate or Dietrate" (became general Tip saying)
  • "Low expectations yield high results" (used for 2nd year Quadfest chant)
  • "Unlike Communism, I have a lot of class"
  • "Karl Marx is my father figure"
  • "Lookin like a snack!" (was already general social media saying)
  • "Sam is my Queen"
  • "Connor slay my life" See: Connor Fan Club
  • "Stalin, nooooo!" (written by Jordan, performed beautifully by Caroline Coleman)


  • Words That Matter Debate Tournament Winner with Zoe
  • Beat Fisher in ERS once!
  • Founder of Connor Fan Club
  • Survived Myths & Legends (with help of Mckenzie)
  • 2nd gayest at camp (curse you, Clarissa Worthington )