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ERS stands for Egyptian Rat Slap, a game played by Appalachian State University Tipsters, University of Kansas Tipsters Texas A&M Tipsters and UGA TiPsters Hannah "HK" Thomas, Michael "Magic Mike"/"Ryan" McAtee, Daniel "Danny" Zimmer, Sam Snyder, Joseph St. Pierre, Phillip Davis, and others, with an intensity that the word "religious" would fail to capture. Fisher Boyd is an honorary mention. The Balcony served as the ERS arena, for indeed it was gladiatorial in scope. ERS was also an extremely popular game at Austin College and was often played during free time. It was a game where staff could mingle casually with TIPsters. A legendary ERS tournament was held at Appalachian State term II 2016 that transformed the lives of many.

The Rules

Every player is dealt an equal number of cards. Player 1 slaps a card (ALWAYS SLAP OUT SO YOU CAN'T SEE YOUR CARD) into the pot, followed naturally by the next person, etc., etc. Whenever there is a double (i.e., a 2 followed by a 2) or a sandwich (i.e., a 2 followed by a 6 followed by a 2), the first person to slap the pile gets the whole pot up to that point. If someone puts down a face card, the next player has so many chances, depending on which face card, to put down another face card. If they fail to do so, the person who first put down the face card gets the pot. A jack yields 1 chance, a queen 2, a king 3, and an ace 4. Most TiPster games of ERS play without the joker, but in certain games, the Joker burns the entire pot.


Brysen White was also known as "Iron Palms" because he slapped so friggin' hard that anyone caught beneath his onslaught faced the risk of breaking a finger. He was also the best ERS player among any of them before he had to "retire" from the game due to a terrible accident involving shaving cream and a Jack-10. He did, however, relapse on multiple occasions, and he briefly raised up an apprentice to fill his shoes.