Phillip Davis

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st / 3rd UGA II Philosophy Myers Hall Micah Jake Nichols
2013 2nd / 4th UGA II Inspired Writer Myers Hall Steven B. Alex Coughlin

Phillip is one of those very interesting people who you can talk to about nearly everything. He is supposed to be depressed, but he is very active and fun to be around. Although he get a bit impulsive during his isn't that fun then. You wanna jump off the balcony? Sure! He does get into trouble for his impulsivity occasionally, but that's fine. He, Danny Zimmer, Michael Cairo, and Devlin Moyer spent lots of time talking on the balcony and playing ERS. Overall, a great person to be around, even in his neurotic states.

Phillip is the most precious human being to ever walk planet Earth. Whenever Phillip walks by you can hear a collective "awh" from various women that adore him. He is all around a fab person and a great conversationalist, he can literally talk to anyone about anything for hours.

Phillip is also a Nerdfighter and has a Pizza John shirt.

  • quotes:
  • "For the love of God I will smack a ho."
  • "In the name of all things holy I will smack a ho!"