Myers Hall

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Myers Hall is where second, third, and fourth year TiPsters stay while at UGA. It is 4 stories of amazingness (plus a basement, wherein Phillip Davis's shoe was inexplicably located on the last morning. The basement is a place of mystery and contraband). The architecture of Myers is very modern but still classy, and if you can get past the card scanners you're good to go. There is also talk of the Oglethorpe Extension Project, which will improve all the dorms to include bunk beds, a bathroom, and some other stuff. The air conditioning is very good. You can also get onto the roof from the fourth floor, however this is a thing to be done only on the last night, generally only by fourth years, and by none who are weak of heart.

The Lobby

The lobby was more of a gathering place than the balcony, and most everything other than ERS was played down here. There were lots of people in the lobby at all times (except during on hall times) and there were lots of games going on as a consequence. Devlin Moyer tried to introduce Tiplomacy to the lobby, with some successful games. also tried to introduce to the lobby and the balcony, with little success. There is still hope for our returning years for adding these games to the fun times at the lobby.

The Alcove/The Balcony

The second floor of Myers Hall includes two balconies, on each of which are located four chairs and a circular table. The balcony is a place of memories for many, as some people spent almost every waking moment of their free time hanging out there. There was almost always a game of ERS going on there, or some other card game. You knew the Apocalypse was coming when you found the balcony empty. or you were early, one of the two. (It's always packed on the last night.)