Devlin Moyer

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2010 1st App State I Design Challenges White Hall Duncan Michael Gibbs
2011 2nd App State I America and the World White Hall Andrew Eduardo...
2012 3rd UGA II Cryptography Myers Hall Kevin Cameron Guthrie
2013 4th UGA II Pharmacology Myers Hall Steven B. Sterling James

I don't feel that I am capable of typing my own page, so to all my friends who read this: type something!

Early Life

One theory is that Devlin came about as the result of a licentious affair between the Japanese thunder deity Ajisukitakohikone and a Galapagos Turtle, and that this balance of literally god-given strength and sluggish speed resulted in his being gifted with the mental powers of a seasoned Buddhist monk. Another is that he was born in the Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia on November 17, 1996

Tip Life

Devlin tried to introduce Diplomacy to the lobby at Myers with some friends, and did some games successfully. Devlin has been known to be quite intellectual, as well as quite athiest. He is oftentimes found outside of Snelling Dining Commons early after breakfast doing the daily crossword with his fellow colleagues. The puzzle of which, he steals from the USA Today paper and returns, crossword-less. In later years, he would try to give the rest of the newspaper away to someone after he had tore out the bottom half of the travel page containing the crossword and Michael Ryan McAtee had read the stocks for the day.

During his Fourth year, Devlin also introduced Panzemic, the game that is more fun to read to the bad translating than it is to play. Alyssa Whitley was frequently seen watching over his shoulder as they played, or doing other strange things such as sharing armchairs.