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Founded in 1864, the main campus of the University of Kansas (KU) sits atop Mount Oread in the hills of northeastern Kansas overlooking the city of Lawrence. The campus has been rated one of the most attractive in the nation. Home to 28,000 students, KU is among a select group of universities recognized for excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education and the highest achievements in research. Interesting. For more information, please visit the University of Kansas website.

The Duke TIP at Kansas program offers a diverse curriculum of humanities, mathematics, and science courses, as well as several one-of-a-kind courses developed with KU’s strongest academic departments.

Its courses, at least as of 2009, are more focused on mathematics and science than humanities.

Duke TIP began running programs at KU in the mid 1990's, and since then, the campus has expanded to bring in between 140 and 150 students per term. Until the 2006 opening of the Texas A&M campus, KU was the TIP campus with the farthest west location, and as such, was the TIP campus of choice by a large percentage of West Coast TIPsters.

Beginning in 2009, the TIP at Kansas program will only take 7th and 8th grade students.

Features of Kansas

Dorms: At one time it was at a different dorm, but for the past 2 or more years, it has been at Oliver Hall. In 2009, it was at Lewis Hall, and in 2010, Templin. In 2012, Lewis Hall
. In 2013 GSP Campus Features:

  • The Fountain
  • Potter Lake
  • Mass Street
  • Watson Library
  • The Student Union
  • The Jayhawk Bookstore

Class Buildings:

  • Fraser
  • Hayworth
  • Eaton
  • Learned
  • Blake]
  • 2007- Wescoe
  • Murphy

Courses at Kansas

2014 Term 1 Is it just me or does it seem like they are trying to hide/cover up this term at Kansas? 2013 Term 1

  • Theatre Arts
  • Design Challeges in Engineering and Physics
  • Architecture
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Choosing Sides: Debate and Persuasion
  • Medical Science A
  • Medical Scinece B
  • What Are The Odds?: Probability and Statistics

Term I: June 11-July 1

  • Ancient Beliefs: Comparative Mythology
  • Intro to Medical Science
  • Film Criticism and Analysis
  • International Relations
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mathematical Thought: Problem Solving and Proof
  • Writing with Power
  • Architecture

Term II Courses: July 9-29

  • Ancient Beliefs: Comparative Mythology
  • Intro to Medical Science
  • Psychology
  • Politics and Practice
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Shaping the Future: Product Design for the New Millennium
  • Writing with Power
  • Architecture

Term I Courses 2012: June 10-30

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Design Challenges: Physics and Engineering
  • Introduction to Med Science
  • Myths and Legends
  • Programming for the Web
  • Psychology

Term II Courses 2012: July 8-28

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Creative Writing: Express Yourself
  • Introduction to Med Science
  • Programming for the Web
  • Psychology
  • Theater Arts


  • There has been only one known person kicked out of KU. Term 2 2009 Marissa Jensen got kicked out of the camp that year. Rumors state that she was in possession of heroin or pot and some say that she locked her roommate in the closet. The real reason is known only by a few TiPsters and TiP Staff. Marissa returned to Texas A&M Term 2 2010.
  • At 2010 Term 1, there was someone kicked out for fighting, and another for a certain sexual encounter in the basement of Templin.
  • One girl left early Term II 2012 on the third Monday. People were told it because of medical reasons, but no one really knows except her roommates and RC.
  • One girl left the second week of Term I 2014 at KU. She left because she had broncitus.
  • Tip Baby, look it up


If you want to add your own testimony, by all means do so! Leave your name and year at the bottom if you'd like.


As a Kansas Term II, '03 and '04 participant, I feel the need to say this. Sure, Kansas University has the longest walk to class of any TIP campus. And it must be mentioned that Kansas does not, in fact, have The Llama or do the Time Warp. But the fact remains that it is an insult to Marsha the Stir-fry cook's memory to claim we didn't one-up the East kids in at least one regard: food. Also, when was anything so funny as the Shoe Lace Speech put forth by the breakdancing OSC Novotny, summer 2004? TIPsters were made, of course, to climb the twenty flights of stairs to their tenth floor dorms in complete silence, after being sternly admonished for failure to wear shoelaces. "And you can go upstairs," Novotny said in that much-mocked speech, "and complain about it to your roommate until you're blue in the face -- but you'll like it!" Under the threat of Action Reports, and nearly exploding with unexpressed laughter, we made that ascent. The next day, I began making nooses out of the shoelaces of TIPsters. We wore our shoelaces out of fear, and we succumbed to the tyranny of the breakdancer, but not without complaint. We knew better than to disobey completely, lest we meet the fate of poor Thomas the Martyr of '03. One must remember the continued struggle of that year's fourth year Andrew Blumberg and his cult, The Minion of Bueno. The quirky Astronomy class of '03, with Bruno the Brazilian punk rocker mustn't be overlooked. "I wanna be sedated" will never fade from the sidewalks of Kansas University. And though the chalk has long since been washed from said sidewalks, the memory of the interference of Mark Harvey's Politics in Practice class resetting our planetary chalk scale endures. "Hey," I shouted, "you screwed up Uranus!" And it was true that had knocked poor Jeffrey off of his counting path. Such events skewed the relative planetary positions. Thus is the power of a TIPster. The t-shirts of '03, too, made an impression. "I know more about your PNS than you do," claimed the Medical Science kids. "Where's your sexy button?" asked Psychology and Stan, Stan the Russian Man. In short, there were few sucky things about KU, if you knew where you should be looking.

- Jessie "Skippy" Tanner:


My word. I had no idea such a page existed. I probably have the most to contribute to the TIPWiki about KU seeing as I date back to 2001, but wow. Believe it or not there was indeed a kind, gentle, understanding OCS prior to Ivan the Terrible about whom I will go into greater detail later. Suffice it to say my trips at KU boasted biscuits & gravy, the corn maze, Mrs. E's, the yeah guys, and much much more. KU was not a bad place at all.

- The Bueno Master:


Actually, I go back further than either of you. And Jessie--no disrespect--but Kansas used to have those traditions like East did. No, we never cared about a Llama, but we did dance the Time Warp, Blister in the Sun, American Pie, and we could never end the evening without It's the End of the World as We Know It. They were forgotten by a rather lackadaisical residential staff in 2002 (despite my attempts to insist upon them and despite protests of the students that year. But what do I know? I'm just an instructor.) Our attempts to bring them back were then crushed by the OSC in 2003, and many other activities were limited such as the Talent Show and Fourth Year Speeches and Wills. Some of us are trying to bring them back, but some of the RC staff still acts like the kids don't care about this stuff. I'm fighting an uphill battle. But no, Kansas, is an amazing place...much less prone to cliques than some of the other campuses...and the food is the best among all of them. I love every TIP location where I've taught, but Kansas holds a special place for me and for many.

- Mark Harvey:


I love Duke TIP! But most importantly, I love Kansas. So who cares that it's the only one I've been to? I have no need to go anywhere else. And we're starting to get some traditions. We had casino day, which was alot of fun. And we got to dye Lee's hair purple. That was fun too (although it wasn't as bright as I hoped it would be).We are 100% pure, not from Duke East concentrate. And what I just said doesn't make any sense.

Oh, and WE have air conditioning. Boo ya.



I'm not much of a writer, but I must say that TIP was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Period. Maybe I'll add more later, but as for now, props to Andrew, Justin, Dhwani, Hannah, and Kyle, for being ultimately cool people.

-Chaz (with a Z)


I went to KU my first year, Term II, as well as ASU Term I, first through fourth year. Because I am not rich, I was only able to attend one term my second, third, and fourth year, and due to certain planned activities, I ended up back at ASU. The best thing about KU was, it was like love-flavored Tang. And the people were like water. Instant friendship, it was great. I took Astronomy, by the way.

-Ariana Suprin


TiP at KU would have been my most fun year at TiP had it not been for a surprisingly friendly few folks I met at East the following year. However, in my experience, East had more cliques, more drama, more llamas (what is this llama nonsense anyway? Do you realize you're practically worshipping a pinata? And fighting over it like three-year-olds? Give me a break), no air conditioning, worse heat waves, food that was infinitely worse, worse laundry machines, and more infighting amongst TiPsters for stupid reasons. The following comment does not occur at Kansas: "She can't carry the Llama! She doesn't have 'The TiPster spirit (TM)'!" The downside of KU is that it has less campuswide cohesion (being, you know, bigger), longer walks, and Novotny and Ivan the Terrible. The downside of campuswide cohesion is that anyone who has not attended a cohesive campus for the past (insert number of years you've been eligible for TiP here) is shunned because said "newcomer" can "never understand." I really, really liked Kansas, despite living through 10-story stair walks to breakfast, Novotny, and Novotny. The people were friendly, and the teachers were such marvelous people as Ralin Moe and Mark Harvey.Sarah, King of France

Tip at KU was fun made many friends there and it had its ups and downs but hey that the point of Tip right. JW Walden @


I went to KU term 1, 2011 as a first year. I took architecture and rather enjoyed it. Lewis is one of the best dorms I have stayed in in my years at TiP (because Mrs. E's ((the place where the food is)) was right under it.) The people I metI know better than people I have known my entire life. We have stuck together for three years and will be fourth years in 2014. I cannot express how much I love the people from KU or how many memories just writing this brings back.

Long Live the KUnion!

--Jay Olvera


I went to KU, Term 1 as a 1st year. I plan on attending again in the upcoming year, and can't wait! We may not have llama but we have spirit! I love Lawrence and the KU campus! We in Audrey's RC group went to Mass. Street and had a great time! During my year we stayed at GSP building because the other place's cafeteria was being remodeled and we can't have TIPsters without food( what dorm room stock piles?) Of course being a mile away from the Theatre Arts building sucked, but the food was good. I found my best friends at TIP and I love KU and Duke!

--Allie ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I went to KU my first year (2014) and I really want to go back :).... I won't really miss the mile-long walks and the shower lines but I'll miss EVERYTHING else. I was in Skylar's RC group and I was in Med-Sci B (which was waaaaaay better than Med-Sci A, sorry sasha). Skylar was the BEST RC...and i'm glad she didn't call me tilapia. SKALEX never happened, but SKAKEAL will happen one day. I think my favorite RC group night was watching Sharknado because it was the cheesiest movie ever made and my blanket still has a salsa stain on it. But, I also loved going to Mass Street...the steep hill was terrible though :). The dorms were super nice and it was awesome being Lauren's roommate and receiving the B.R.A (best roommate award). I didn't expect to make friends and be really close to them but I did and I will reaaaaalllly miss all of you guys. I'll miss the KARDASHIAN/JENNER family (which hopefully will have a TIPwiki page about soon. I was Kanye, Sarah Shamai was Kim, Maya Shah was Northwest, Amie Woolard was Kris, David Park was Bruce, Lauren Rothgeb was the chihuahua, Joshna Susai was Kendall, Cynthia Hemies (sorry, that's probably spelled wrong) was Kylie, and Sam Godfrey was Khloe. Anyways, TIP was hands down one of the best experiences of my life and I'm so glad I chose to go.

                                                                                                                                        - Mahi (mahimahi)

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